By now all of you regular readers know where I stand on "climate change".  In my opinion, it's not happening because of cow farts, farming, ranching, logging or even hypocritical billionaire fussbudgets like John Ketchup Kerrey or billious flatulating blowhards like Greta Thunberg or der Hochklaus von Blohschwab Freiherr von Bomburst und Bloviation releasing methane and other greenhouse gases every time they lecture the rest of us on YouTube. (A case might be made that "climate change" might be affected when the Chinese decide they're going to build concrete dams the size of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and artificial lakes the size of Lake Michigan and turn all of Tibet into a weather modification facility, but that's another matter for a different blog on a different day).

It's happening rather because mankind started playing around with planetary-sized systems - including the weather - in an insane attempt to engineer and ultimately - yes - to weaponize them. It really began during World War Two when there were serious proposals among the Allies to create tsunamis and earthquakes to hit Japan just prior to an Allied invasion. Another big surge in weather manipulation came after the war with principally the USA sponsoring numerous projects for cloud seeding (to cause rain in droughts) and even to try to damp the strength of hurricanes. The ability to damp storms implies, ipso facto as I already mentioned, the ability to weaponize them, provided one can learn how to steer them, a proposition not as difficult as it might seem when one has a few gigantic ionospheric heaters laying around that are able to create and move low pressure systems.  And as for loading energy into storms, just dump enough particulate metals into the atmosphere, turn on your ionospheric heater, pump out a few gigawatts, create some dipole plasma conditions near your low pressure system, and voila, instant thunderstorm with appropriately large lightning displays. Stir it a bit are you can whip up a nice hurricane or tornado. A little tweaking of the jet stream and off you go.

With every great power jumping on the weather modification technology bandwagon the possibility emerges that weather systems are no longer entirely natural phenomena (as per the dictum of Elana Freeland who has written copiously on the subject of weather modification), and the possibility also emerges that the particular manipulations by particular countries are being effected in unpredictable ways by the manipulations of other countries. Weather is a complex phenomena of interlocked systems, andwhen one is deliberately trying to engineer them, and someone else is deliberately trying to engineer them, the result might be engineered to the extent that technology and a human motivation for doing so were involved, but the result was nonetheless not anticipated or planned by anyone employing the technologies.  (A list of countries that have their own ionospheric heaters is rather amazing, being restricted to facilities in Norway (run by the European Union), the USA, Russia, and Japan, while countries having radar arrays strongly suspected of being able to fill weather modification roles is naturally wider, inclusive of China, Brazil, India, the Ukraine, France, Germany, other words, the "usual suspects".)

My point is that the talk about weather problems, from the 1970s focus on "coming ice ages" through the "global warming" hysteria throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, to the "language change" from "global cooling" and "global warming" to the much more ambiguous and "safer" phrase "climate change" began to be a narrative first explicitly voiced in the (fake?) Report from Iron Mountain and then expanded only after the technologies for weather modification were developed and deployed. Weather modification the one technology and human activity that the "climate change" advocates never discuss, because the standard narrative concerning farming, cow farts, and so on, was in my opinion deliberately designed to cloak the weaponization and use of such technologies. The real giveaway came when they came up with "weather derivatives." Financializing the weather, like creating "pandemic bonds", is a handy thing to have around if you're used to making money from insider trading, and can control nasty weather or create disease outbreaks, target enemies with it, and make money on top of it all.

So with that lengthy context in mind, ponder this story found and shared by T.M., because now NASA (Never A Straight Answer) wants to throw its hat into the ring of weather modification:

NASA combines efforts to find climate solutions to severe weather

Note that the narrative is still functioning here: "climate change" is to blame for all the strange severe weather (but not, mind you, one mention of weather modification technologies or other technologies that, in my opinion, have strong potential geophysical and perhaps even interplanetary impact, like CERN's large hadron collider).

There's a telltale little sentence in this article that, predictably, my eyes read with more than just a bit of jaundiced skepticism:

The past nine years have been the warmest since modern record-keeping began and 2024 could be even warmer, according to NASA officials who are working to slow the effects of climate change.

NASA leadership spoke Thursday at a news conference highlighting recent extreme weather events and potential climate solutions. Those include efforts to cool communities as temperatures climb and finding ways to pinpoint greenhouse gas emissions by mapping the release of methane.

Of course, little will be done to "map" the methane being released by the likes of Ketchup Kerrey, Thunberg, Blohschwab & Assoc. but at least the narrative is still intact... it's all cow farts and too many of us deplorables. We've heard all that before.

But what about those "efforts to cool communities"?  Note that the scale and extent of those "communities" is left conveniently undefined, as are also the all-important "efforts" to keep them cool.  We've already heard from Baal Gates who wants to add "blocking out sunlight from reaching the Earth in order to help climate change" to his vitae curriculum along with "vaccinated whole populations in Africa and India" and "sponsored nano-technology bioidentity technology", so one rather suspects that NASA's entry here is entirely predictable.

After all, the Sun does have an effect on almost all weather systems all the time.

Oh, and by the way, in case you missed it, the Bai Den Dzho misadministration wants to follow Baal Gates' idea in this respect:

Still Think 'Chemtrails & Weather Modification' Are Just A 'Crazy Conspiracy Theory?' The 'Biden Cabal' Plans Of Blocking Sunlight From Hitting Our Earth Tells Us All We Need To Know  (Oh, and just incase you missed it, apparently one of the code words being employed in this effort, according to the article, is "derecho", a term for a storm with very strong straight line winds, such as hit my area just last month).

Want to control the weather? Well, in addition to being able to manipulate low pressure systems with ionospheric heaters and pumping gigawatts into the atmosphere to do it, and increasing the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere by dumping particulates into it, seeding clouds, creating dipole plasma conditions in it, and making magnetic fields several times more powerful than that of the planet and embedding them in piezoelectric rock so you can "find" the Higgs boson, you've also got to be able to manipulate the Sun itself, and if you can't quite do that, then you've got to be able to manipulate its effects here on this planet.

Thanks, NASA, for making it official that you're in the weather modification game.

Your tax dollars - at least, not the ones not going in a Pence-like trance to the Ukraine - at work folks.

See you on the flip side...

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. bassman on July 29, 2023 at 8:23 pm

    “The past nine years have been the warmest since modern record-keeping began”. Not on Earth according to fellow US government agency National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Not A Sane Agency. Not Able to See Another agency’s real world on-Earth data because the have a Narrative / Agenda for Sheep All-the-time.

  2. 1pookadahooka on July 27, 2023 at 11:36 am

    “Climate Change”- engineered by the HAARP Players and Cloud Seeders.

  3. anakephalaiosis on July 27, 2023 at 7:39 am

    The Vatican wants his Jesuit devils, to control departure to the otherworld, and he wants his Jesuit devils incorporated into money transactions, and he wants his Jesuit devils seeded into the clouds, so they can urinate on everybody.

    The Scythian revolutionary counternarrative is a rational principle, based on logic and reason, which defines man as a basic function, in the template of the Book of Genesis, which is an epistemological framework, a matrix.

    Most two-legged creatures are unfamiliar, with Identifying themselves as functions, which occurs when the hunter becomes the arrow, in an single-minded approach to the target, when the arrow hits the mark, before being unleashed.

    The Scythians are the original Protestants, who came from the east, and entered Europe as Saxons, and who fought the Assyro-Babylonian and Greco-Roman imperial succession.

    The ancient enemy is manifested in the Vatican, and which is destroyed, by redefining Elohim-Yahweh in opposition to golden calves – as logic and reason in opposition to sectarianism.

    Odin is the most deep-rooted position in Europe, and that is why I am Odin, simply because it is more effective in warfare, to become what one is, rather than to protest, against that, which one is not.

    “Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.” – Sun Tzu

  4. kalikusu on July 27, 2023 at 2:06 am

    JPF, understand your negative opinion with warning on Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM).
    Also understand your position on weather modification that an independent scientist along with Russian scientists developed in the 1990’s to steer hurricanes out of harms way but that was hijacked by the Usual Suspects as a weapon against its own people ala Hurricane Katrina.

    However, all the climate modification techs are simply Johnny-Come-Latelys because the real culprit is really the human over-population currently at 9.34 billion as per 31-Dec-2022 See:

    The subject of over-population is meaningless without knowing the service capacity for the Earth – that is the population service limit that the Earth can provide for in abundance without taking damage.

    This service limit was stated by the pure consciousness levels of Arahat Athersata in 1975 as 529 million as determined by the available land mass on Earth for human habitation. In other words subtract the area for the seas, mountains, fauna, flora, wild life, farming, …
    and see:

    The Arahat Athersata arrived at this number stating a of land can support at most 12 people without soil depletion.

    The Interpretation of the Population Table 2009 using this 12 ppl/ limit calculated 563 million. See:

    This service limit also appears on page LXIX and p.117 v.5 of Goblet of the Truth also authored by BEAM that contains the entire teaching of the Nokodemion heralds.

    This service limit is also mentioned in Talmud Jmmanuel from 2000 years ago.

    BEAM wrote an Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (5th July, 1951) with 3000 copies sent to all the governments of Earth as well as to decisive organisations, newspapers, journals and schools, and so forth, without ever receiving an answer to it and without anything being undertaken by those addressed in the letter. See:,_1951).

    In this letter BEAM named “over-population” as the central reason for damage to the Earth including its atmosphere, fauna, flora.

    Contact Report 827 block 13 states: “in the last 50 years alone, 72.13 percent of all known natural life-forms have been wiped out by Earth-humans through their machinations and interventions in free nature and its fauna and flora.” and block 17: “the Earth is already 60 per cent damaged in its ability to exist and in its condition to such an extent that one must already speak of a decay.”

    Contact Report 544 from Sept 1, 2012 stated:
    Billy: But the over-population causes damage, and indeed increasingly, because it is growing ceaselessly and through that, with all the trappings of terrible things, which are created from it, ever more natural disasters appear. In this regard, you told me privately recently that, by means of the climate change caused by humanity, the world’s oceans heat up quite enormously and thereby the so-called global conveyor belt, which drives the water through all the world’s oceans, could break down.

    Ptaah: That is right, because if the global conveyor belt – which, as the enormous current, runs through the oceans and constantly mixes their water – breaks down, then the movement of the oceans will cease, which then means that the majority of all life on Earth will be extinguished. At the present time it is already very bad, because the oceans have warmed to an alarming degree, and indeed in the last 17.9 years, with a thermal energy, which must be computed as the equivalent of two (2) billion Hiroshima atom bombs. Through the fault of the Earth humanity, the Earth is now already in the midst of this destructive process, whereby the oceans, and the global conveyor belt, increasingly heat up increasingly dangerously.

    Contact Report 838 from 10-Mar-2023 states:
    “This – so it will probably be – can hardly be stopped anymore, because Earth’s humanity does not want to be taught the truth. Fundamentally, however, through the enormous and completely irresponsible overexploitation of Earth’s resources, as well as the destruction of fertile land, mountains, moors, waters, oceans, rainforests and other forests, as well as the atmosphere and air, etc., the end of Earth’s humanity will inevitably be unavoidable.“


    The Arahat Athersata stated in 1975 the only correct way to resolve the over-population problem was vai a global cycling 7-year birth-stop followed by a year when births would be allowed until population levels came down below the service limit to 500 million and kept there. More details are provided in the book Arahat Athersata.

    So, the Earth is operating at 19 times its service capacity.

    JPF, for how long do you think the Earth can manage this feat before irreversible catastrophe?

    More articles om over-population can be found here:

    and here:

    • kalikusu on August 2, 2023 at 10:40 pm

      The 529 million number references in the Arahat Athersata and Talund Jmmanuel:

      Arahat Athersata p.354 v.115
      “This is exactly what the Earth human being has provoked, even though around 2000 years ago the very precise number of the human life forms had been mentioned which can be nourished by the earthly nature, namely 529 million human beings.”

      Talmud Jmmanuel p.220 v.24
      This Earth can support and nourish five hundred and twenty-nine times a thousand times a thousand (529 million) human beings of all human species, but if the human species do not follow the laws, in two times a thousand years, there will be ten times and more human beings, and the Earth will not support and nourish them unto all of its ends; therefore, hunger will then reign (the Earth will then no longer be able to nourish the human beings everywhere; consequently, great famines will appear).

      Also from Contact Report 838:

      Apparently, however, they also have no idea that the great extinction of species will repeat itself, but this time somewhat differently from far back in times past. Then it was the animals, the creatures and millions of other living beings, but this time it will be the Earth-humans themselves, whose species will be so wiped out that they will almost perish and hardly exist anymore. And this time the whole thing is not a natural process of the evolution of the planet and its nature, but a disaster conjured up by the Earth-humans themselves, as a result of massive overpopulation, as well as all the machinations of immense destruction, annihilation and extermination that inevitably result from it, with regard to everything that the planet itself, its atmosphere, air and climate, as well as nature, its water, as well as the fauna and flora, fundamentally need in order to be able to guarantee life and its existence. Through the exploitation and destruction of the planet Earth itself, as this comes about through the desire of the irresponsible overpopulation, as well as through their needs and necessities and the degenerate desires for all completely unnecessary luxury, it is not surprising that everything degenerates and is now inevitably brought to an inglorious end.”

      CR838: See

  5. marcos toledo on July 26, 2023 at 7:37 pm

    God help us the lunatics from the asylum are running the World they intend to create a Snowball Earth to save the Planet does the film Snowpiecer ring a bell?

  6. FiatLux on July 26, 2023 at 7:36 pm

    Blocking out the sun means reducing crop yields; pinpointing methane emissions means targeting farmers and ranchers for closure. How convenient for those heavily invested in factory-grown and lab-made “food”!

    • kalikusu on July 27, 2023 at 2:14 am

      Contact Report 251 mentions:

      “These contrarian screamers are therefore to blame for the fact that for a long time to come mass animal breeding and mass animal transports and mass animal cruelties in the numbers of billions will burden life, because the truth is that the solution to plant-animal protein production and a fully-fledged meat substitute product could have been produced by genetic engineering and put on the market as food a long time ago, if the feeble-minded contrarian criers had not prevented this for decades. Through their fault, many billions of animals will have to suffer unspeakably until the mouths of the idiotic screamers are finally forcibly shut and they are silenced. Only then will the evils of mass animal breeding and all the tortures, etc. that occur for animals of all kinds come to an end.”


      • kalikusu on July 27, 2023 at 2:30 pm

        Forgot to past the following that preceeds the section above in CR251:

        “…because this development is just as pre-programmed as the fact that in the near future the breeding of animals can be renounced, because through genetic engineering a way is finally found which makes it possible for plants to produce animal protein, which the human needs. Finally the scientists recognise that this is actually possible through genetic manipulation, and the time for this realisation will come very soon, even if the actualisation takes place much later, which is due to the cries of the anti-gene manipulation ones, who are weak-headed and uncomprehending in the face of genetic engineering and genetic manipulation.”

        • anakephalaiosis on July 28, 2023 at 2:54 am

          When hunting devils, one turns over the rocks, that they are hiding behind. Thus they try to hide behind space rocks, that are out of reach, and claim origin across the galaxy, that can’t be verified.

          The choice of words, in the expression “contrarian screamer”, reveals hysteria, which is a typical devilish trait. When one is born evil, then one tries to hide it, by spinning tales, by gaslighting.

          A liar might go as far, as justifying his lies as protection, against consequences of previous lies, which is a bad circle, that destroys everything it touches, because deception is poisonous.

          Truth is contrary to lie, as light drives away shadow.

          • kalikusu on August 2, 2023 at 2:21 am

            Please read :

            The future of the Earth looks bad, because mankind
            will do everything evil and question its own continued existence …
            13th/14th May 1949, Eduard Meier, Niederflachs 1253, Bülach, Kt. Zürich


            All of BEAMS predictions from 1949 when he was 12 years-old have come true.

            The devils are in the details in plain sight.

  7. catsmeow23 on July 26, 2023 at 4:30 pm

    Interesting all this talk today on Giza about these phenomena – I was just reading a dissident Australian anaesthesiologist, Dr Paul Oosterhuis, who has a sense of humor. He said we’re not supposed to call them “chemtrails,” but SAIs – Stratospheric Aerosol Injections, and they’ve been discussed on video at the CFR in Manhattan (as in endorsed to a degree). One of Oosterhuis’ readers posted the video –

  8. Steve.Jinks on July 26, 2023 at 2:51 pm

    As someone who, as a university grad student on the East Coast, was assigned to interview scientists at NASA Goddard, who worked for James Hanson, I can tell you that climate change, aka global warming, aka extreme weather, was likely invented at NASA in Manhattan, where Goddard had an office. Now, NOAA is the agency responsible for climate, so why was NASA involved at all?

  9. catsmeow23 on July 26, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    No discussion either of what Ethical Skeptic has pointed out – the huge and rapid amount of warming of surface ocean temps, which he says is being caused by heat from the Earth’s core and therefore cannot have been caused by humans. As you hint, all these changes are multifactorial, so it’s dumb to imply there’s one cause. But $37 trillion is riding on that (the We Mean Business coalition).

  10. antimason on July 26, 2023 at 1:26 pm

    The plans for what’s happening had been layed in Us Air force document Weather as a force multiplier.Owning the weather in 2025, which was written in 1996.
    All the journalists and writers who mentioned it were burned at the stake by MSM.

  11. Robert Barricklow on July 26, 2023 at 11:35 am

    Great writing!
    Loved your descriptions; especially the newly coined “Pence-like trance”,
    I’m stealing that one.
    Going to copy much of this, as it aptly describes the 20th-Worst Century’s weather.

  12. gord on July 26, 2023 at 10:31 am

    “It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather will control the world” – Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (May 27, 1962)

    full video:

  13. anakephalaiosis on July 26, 2023 at 6:03 am

    Returning, to the Bronze Age epistemology, one finds Elohim-Yahweh, in opposition to golden calves, which is logic and reason, in opposition to sectarianism.

    In the Von Braun/Rosin affidavit, there is a series of scare spins, that are intended, to herd goyim, into sectarian egregores of collective identities.

    The six million cloud manipulation has nothing to do with the weather, and everything to do with magico-religious manipulation of the uninitiated masses.

    The Vatican, that promotes itself as gatekeeper of afterlife, wants cloud control as well, together with programmable Jesuit-in-a-box money.

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