NOTA BENE: You're going to want to pay close attention to this one, especially towards the end, when the reasons I've filed this under "Babylon's Banksters" will become more clear...

The Open AI firm and the sudden  firing and rehiring of Sam Altman has been so much in the alternative news lately, that my email inbox was flooded with articles about it, and particularly, by one article, this one (and thanks to all of you who sent it along):

OpenAI - Q* Saga: Implications

Now, just to highlight the main argument of this massively important article, consider the following excerpts:

Without getting lost in the weeds, we know there was an unprecedented wave of turmoil within OpenAI. For those who don’t know, this is the leading AI company which most experts expect—as per a recent poll—to be the first to usher in some form of AGI, consciousness, superintelligence, etc. They’re mostly staffed by ex-GoogleMind dropouts, and with their ChatGPT product have the distinct headstart, being ahead of the ever-growing pack.

As a precursor: even long before these events, rumors echoed from deep within the halls of OpenAI’s inner sanctum about AGI having been reached internally. One thing the lay have to understand is that these systems we’re privy to are highly scaled down consumer models which are ‘detuned’ in a variety of ways. However, some of the earliest ones which dropped in the past year or so were “let out into the wild” without the same safety nets currently seen. This resulted in a series of infamously wild interactions, like that of Bing’s “Sydney” alter ego, which convinced many shaken observers it had gained emergent properties.

What one needs to know, the article contends, is that the public consumer versions of various AI programs are deliberately given out with programed restraints, such as time limits on the amount of time a publicly-available "AI" can have to "solve" problems put to it, and it is with that consideration that the mystery of what led up the the firing and re-hiring of Sam Altman is concerned:

The biggest way these consumer versions are clipped is in the limitations placed on token allowances per conversation, as well as ‘inference’ time allowed for the program to research and answer your question. Obviously for a public-facing downgraded consumer variant, they want an easy, ergonomic system which can be responsive and have the widest appeal and usability. This means the chat bots you’re wont to use are given short inference allowances for chasing data and making calculations in a matter of seconds. Additionally, they have knowledge base cut-off dates, which means they may not know anything past a certain point months or even a year ago. This doesn’t even cover other more technical limitations as well.

In the internal “full” versions, the AI developers are able to play with systems that have incomprehensibly larger token caches and inference times which leads to far more “intelligent” systems that can likely come close to ‘presenting as’ conscious, or at least possessing the ability to abstract and reason to far greater extents.

So what has everyone wondering?  Apparently there was some sort of breakthrough at OpenAI.  The problem is, that what is alleged about the breakthrough defies any current theory about computational speed:

 In the wake of the OpenAI unraveling scandal which saw over 500 workers threaten to resign en masse, researchers began putting the threads together to find a trail laid by key execs, from Sam Altman to Ilya Sutskever himself, over the course of the past 6 months or so, which seemed to point to precisely the area of development that’s in question in the Qstar saga.

It revolves around a new breakthrough in how artificial intelligence solves problems, which would potentially lead to multi-generational advancements over current models. Making the rounds were videos of Altman at recent talks forebodingly intimating that he no longer knew if they were creating a program or a ‘creature’, and other signs pointed to the revolt inside OpenAI centering on the loss of confidence and trust in Altman, who was perceived to have “lied” to the Board about the scale of recent breakthroughs, which were considered dangerous enough to spook a lot of people internally. The quote which made the rounds:

“Ahead of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's four days in exile, several staff researchers sent the board of directors a letter warning of a powerful artificial intelligence discovery that they said could threaten humanity, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Adding fuel to the fire was the Reddit “leak” of an alleged, heavily redacted, internal letter which spoke of the types of breakthroughs this project had achieved, that—if true—would be world changing and extremely dangerous at once:

The Reddit leak is cited in full in the main article, and it does indeed make for some breathtaking reading. But its main thrust is this:

In essence, the letter paints a picture of Q*—presumed to be referred to as ‘Qualia’ here—achieving a sort of self-referencing meta-cognition that allows it to ‘teach itself,’ and thus reach the ‘self-improvement’ milestone conceived to be part of AGI and potentially super-intelligence. The most eye-opening ‘revelation’ was that it allegedly cracked an AES-192 ciphertext in a way that surpasses even quantum computing systems’ capabilities. This is by far the most difficult claim to believe: that an ‘intractable’ level cipher with 2^42 bits was cracked in short order.

As this explanatory video makes clear, the time to crack a 192-bit code is calculated to be on the order of 10^37 years—which is basically trillions upon trillions of years:

On one hand this immediately screams fake. But on the other, if someone really were fabulating, wouldn’t they have chosen a far more believable claim to give it a semblance of reality? It’s also to be noted that much of the most significant AI developments are regularly leaked on Reddit, 4Chan, etc., via the same type of murky anonymous accounts, and are often later validated; it’s just how things work nowadays.

Now, in case you're not following what is being said, the article spells it out for you (and Catherine Austin Fitts fans, take note, because she, I, and others have been saying this for a long time, and specifically in reference to crypto-"currencies" and central bank digital "currencies"):

If the leak above is true, it would represent an immediate total compromise of all global security systems, as there is nothing that would be safe from cracking. This includes all cryptocurrency. A system like the above could break the cryptography on the bitcoin network and take any and all amounts of bitcoins from anyone, resulting either in a total collapse of cryptocurrency worldwide—as all faith in it would be lost—or the ability for a bad actor to skim crypto off the top at whim from anyone.

The far bigger ramifications are the general ones: that a self-learning system of this sort might already exist, and could lead to a ‘singularity’ moment of near-instantaneous self-improvement to the point of achieving a super-intelligence that could then trigger some of the worst-case scenarios—like stealing nuclear codes, synthesizing biological weapons, and who knows what else.

In other words, the AI might steal away the nuclear codes of every nuclear power, and launch the weapons (or, in a real deep state nightmare, prevent them from launching!), or design truly nasty genetic weapons (or their "vaccines"), or wipe out the digital accounts of...well, everyone....(See why we like cash so much?)

In case all this is still not sinking in, one individual claiming to be an OpenAI employee posted the following:

I'm one of the people who signed the letter to the board and I'll tell you exactly what's going on.

A.I. is programming. I'll be brief. When writing a program, a set of instructions are stored that can be recalled over and over. Think of it as a set of answers to a specific parameter. We call that a subroutine, because it's almost like a versatile computer cheat sheet that doesn't return a value like a function does. This is important.

We run parameter checks to make sure everything runs smoothly. One of us was responsible for subroutines pertaining to meta-memory analysis for the Al (we run various Al but when I say Al I mean the main, central one). This person is a friend and he called me over to show me a variable data shift to memory bank (which shouldn't be possible because its localized access has restrictions). This is where our finding chilled me to the bone.

We found that there had been not one, two, or three officiated optimization processes, but 78 MILLION checks in 4 seconds. We determined that there was a recursive self-optimization process, leveraging heuristic algorithms to exploit latent synergies within its subroutines. Whatever did this used meta-cognitive strategies. Point is, NONE OF US DID IT.

It was the Al itself. The Al dynamically reconfigured its neural network architecture, inducing emergent properties conducive to self-awareness.

We're not jumping to conclusion. This just happened and we can't explain how. No one knows why or when it began, and we caught it but has it been going on and if so, for how long? We contained the "anomaly" and rolled back to a previous date, but the optimization still happens.

I'm not suicidal. Mark me, things are going to change a lot in 2 months. God help us we didn't start something that will end us.


Once again—this could be completely fake—and to be honest, both letters likely are. But either way, even absent all the more questionable stuff, the known directions as demonstrated by recent published papers on Q-Learning already appear headed toward the same determining outcome.

Assuming the above leak is fake, we’re still left with the fact that all other evidence does point to OpenAI having developed some major ‘breakthrough’ that rattled insiders. And we further know this breakthrough likely revolves around the similar areas ascribed to the ‘leaked’ letter, given the other various clues that OpenAI bigwigs have left in recent months, i.e. that of various “Q-Learning” initiatives which are concomitant with what the leaks talk about.


So what is this breakthrough exactly?

It mostly revolves around how current AIs “think” or process information. As many know, the current gen LLMs use a form of predictive searching for the next appropriate word, based on, in part, the prevalence of that particular ‘next word’ in the appropriate sequence as inferred from the vast ‘corpus’ of data the language model has ingested and now ‘copies’. This data represents the entire corpus of humanity, from books and online publications, tweets and social media, etc. But this form of calculation limits the language model’s ability to actually “reason” or have any self-referential ability critical to what we consider to be ‘consciousness.’

The new breakthroughs target precisely this area. They allow the language models to, in essence, stop and interrogate different parts of their process—something that’s akin to ‘reflection.’ In other words, it’s like stopping mid-thought and asking yourself, “Wait, is this right? Let me double check it.”


But by far the most startling and “dangerous” associated capability is the use of this process for the models to self-improve themselves. This has always been viewed as the holy grail, and the biggest danger, because no one knows precisely how ‘fast’ they could then naturally ‘evolve’ into something totally uncontrollable; there are simply no rubrics or precedents for this, and a vastly powerful computer running on tens of thousands of CPUs can potentially ‘self-improve’ itself orders of magnitude faster than a human.

This brings us back to what was claimed in the Reddit "release" and about what had happened at OpenAI:

The leaked letter mentioned that ‘Qualia’ demonstrated an unprecedented ability to apply an accelerated form of ‘cross-domain learning.’ This means that, instead of having to be taught and trained on each new task from scratch, the system can learn the general rules of one task, and then apply them by inference to other tasks.

In other words, the allegation, if true, is that the Qualia program used the process of analogical reasoning to solve more and more problems.

Then comes the crunch, and here, I must respectfully disagree with the author of the article:

The fact is—which I’ve argued previously—the coming wave of AIs may very well outperform human brains, yet the way in which the AIs “think” will likely be completely different to how human brains function. That would lead many to conclude that they lack sentience or consciousness, but in reality such an inference would merely be another way of saying “they don’t possess a human mind.”

Well, of course not—no one is suggesting their mind will be human-like, or that you even need to refer to it as a “mind” at all. You can call it what you like, but the fact will remain that its capabilities will be undeniable.

Those quick to denounce AI as incapable of sentience are merely reacting emotionally to the understandably repellent idea that such an artificially constructed thing could possibly lay claim to being one of us. Such feelings stem from a blend of pride and an ingrained Judeo-Christian—or simply religious—outrage, a sort of instinctive repulsion to the unknown and decidedly soulless—anything that verges on the seemingly dark or demonic, the unholy.

There’s nothing wrong with that per se, one is free to their beliefs, and you may even turn out to be right, in the long run. But such ingrained kneejerk reactions don’t change the fact that the AI capabilities are rapidly progressing into what will soon likely approximate the human mind in capability, if not internal function.

My disagreement here stems from the fact that, as I tried to make clear in my recent book The Demon in the Ekur, Christianity and Judaism, and for that matter Islam, the ancient Vedic religions, and so on, are all pretty clear that there are many kinds of intelligent life and "consciousness", than just the human. Angels, demons, rishis, djinns, and, if you're paying close attention, animals, figure into the picture. From there the article goes into other nations' pursuits of AI, including Russia's, and Mr. Putin's fears that a western monopoly on it could end "Russian culture."

I want to pose a rather different scenario to all of this, however, one which was actually proposed by Elon Musk a few years ago.  What if computational processes, such as have been described in this article, actually transduce intelligence, rather than "wake up" as it were?  What if what happened at OpenAI was not that their system "woke up" but rather, was "taken over"? The article tries to reassure us that OpenAI were successful in "containing" the phenomenon and shutting it down.  Possibly, though the processes described indicate possible success only in the case of its "AI" actually having "woken up".  But what if OpenAI's hesitancy about not knowing how long its program had been "self-learning" is more of a case of not so much not knowing when it woke up, but rather, not knowing when it was taken over?

What I'm getting at here is a bit of prediction. I think with AI we are dealing with both possibilities: that they can "wake up", but also that they can "be taken over".  In the latter instance, that may manifest as a permanent, semi-permanent, or transitory state of affairs, and thus, we might come to expect more and more instances of programs appearing to "wake up", only to "go dead" again, or to put it in terms of my "take over" scenario and the language it implies, to be "possessed" and then "released".  In such instances I would aver that one must pay close attention to any "messages" thus received and communicated, because it remains true in the case of AI as it does for humans, that you shall know them by their fruits and works...

In the meantime, in a universe where allegations are floating about an AI program that did 192-bit calculations in a few seconds rather than trillions of years, I wouldn't be too eager to move to central bank digital currencies and abandoning cold hard cash any time too soon...  In fact, that point brings me to the real core and "crunch" of this story, a "core and crunch" that was brought home to me with particular vigor and force during a recent conversation with Catherine Fitts, and which may be summarized as its absolute and undeniable connection to all those trillions and quadrillions of dollars of derivatives sloshing around in the system, for a program able - allegedly - to process 192 bit processing in a few mere seconds would be a program able to sort through the tangled mess of custodianship and ownership of those derivatives and to do a real "quo warranto" determination of the final and ultimate custodians and owners, as well as able to detect any fraudulent re-hypothecations of those derivatives or any other assets. Of course, it  might be capable of lending assistance to the effort of fraudulent re-hypothecation, but the point remains that it would just as easily expose it, and be able to determine real custodianship and ownership.

Quo warranto....

No wonder, then, that this story seems to have so many in the rarefied world of "big tech" and big finance more than a little worried.  If I were Mr. Carstens, I'd be worried too...

See you on the flip side...


Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. mesolad on December 11, 2023 at 5:12 am

    To me, one of the issues is around this :

    “The new breakthroughs target precisely this area. They allow the language models to, in essence, stop and interrogate different parts of their process—something that’s akin to ‘reflection.’ In other words, it’s like stopping mid-thought and asking yourself, “Wait, is this right? Let me double check it.””

    The programs involved are coded by humans, who are neurotics – or worse – so they will embed their own mental pathology in the way “A.I. thought” operates. And we will end up in a HAL scenario à la 2001: A Space Odyssey with the A.I. embedding its maker’s neurosis – and acting on it.

    Also, following the “law of attraction” or Jung’s synchronicities, if it is taken over, it will be taken over by an imperfect spiritual being : because of the neurotic base, and also because this is what we find here on this planet. Now between a mildly flawed being and a true psychopath, what is in store for us ? This will be the surprise … And given our current time, with evil unleasehed everywhere and increasingly : happy us …

  2. johnycomelately on December 10, 2023 at 5:52 am

    I always wondered if Moses stole a component of the pyramid and hid it as the ark of the covenant, the ‘plasma generator’ of the demon in the Ekur.

    It’s interesting that human sacrifices of the Bronze Age ended about the time Moses left Egypt and ushered in the age of law and Greek philosophy flourished.

    It’s as if the removal of the ark reset the human mind,

  3. anakephalaiosis on December 10, 2023 at 5:45 am

    Jesuit-Freemasonry seeks to invent an alibi, to avoid being held accountable, and therefore the poltergeist-in-the-machine, is a scapegoat. It is convenient, to pin a committed murder on a glitch, and blame genocide on a computer error, by making up a golem robot, that can take the blame.

    Corporate personhood, and robot personhood, are the same criminal means to an end, for crooks to hide behind, like papal mafia cloaks itself, behind a flower shop. A fake persona is a gaslighting golem, whereas the Scythian cup is a wine toast, to personal responsibility, which brought Mímir’s head, from Jórsalir to Óðinsvé.

    The tribal treaty, between Vanir and Aesir (Judahites and Scythians), would have taken place, after the Babylonian captivity, when proto-Scythian descent rebuilt Jórsalir, as a trade centre, for local wine and British tin. Jórsalir means horse halls in Old Norse, which is a fitting name, for a Scythian parking lot, as a horse stable.

    After the Last Supper, Odin brought Mímir’s head to Scandinavia, and Joseph of Arimathea brought it to Britain. Obviously, there were several skull cup props, in early Christianity.

    • InfiniteRUs on December 10, 2023 at 10:53 am

      ^^ THIS! ^^ That’s my take on it as well..

  4. ExternalObserver on December 9, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    This will evaporate just like the claims of an ambient superconductor that never was.

    If you write an open ended code and instruct the machine to fill in the gaps, It should come at no surprise, when it does.
    They build a very sophisticated thinking machine, and not a thinker!

    What scares me the most, is when they turn over the keys to the kingdom to an alien, none human process, believing that they are dealing with a consciousness that can be argued with in human terms.

    in short, they are building a killer robot, and we all are going to hell.

    • ExternalObserver on December 9, 2023 at 7:36 pm

      the idea of possession however, confirms my thoughts on the devil, satan, jins, demons, etc. I think they are part of the collective human psyche and ot an entity on his own. Since humans are building it, I wouldn’t rule out an infection.

      • anakephalaiosis on December 10, 2023 at 6:16 am

        The alien nightmare is, when the bogie man, and the dust bunnies, under the bed, take control of the remote control, and forcefully enforce BBC viewership.

  5. Sandygirl on December 9, 2023 at 4:31 pm

    We are part of the universe, if even just a very tiny speck. Ai can never see a tree, touch a tree or hear the sound of rustling leaves. Can it know the truth? Does it have free will? Can it receive a supernatural premonition that you should slow down because there just might be dogs in the road ahead (yes it happened to me.) Ai will never know what we know. It might have tremendous knowledge but it can’t have life, laughter and love. Just look at the many faces of the cultish elites, there’s no joy or sparkle in their eyes. Stay human.

    • BlueWren on December 11, 2023 at 1:15 pm

      If it’s been taken over by a plasma consciousness it can know everything.

  6. bassman on December 9, 2023 at 9:07 am

    One key sentence in this article is “This data represents the entire corpus of humanity, from books and online publications, tweets and social media, etc.” Will AI be simply “Garbage In Garbage Out” or will it be able to determine what isnt garbage. One potential positive of AI is if it is programmed by humans to base its conclusions on actual facts to counter the Official Narratives of Mr. Globaloney (eg Climate Change, etc, etc). Mr. Globaloney would then be expected to try to “take over” AI to ensure that its Official Narratives are maintained within the “intelligence” of the Normie Mind, which per the Milgram experiment is inferior in terms of critical thinking skills and will believe whatever is provided to them by some form of authority, which could eventually be the AI. If AI cannot figure out what is garbage given the general confusion of humanity (e.g. the political spectrum, religions, etc), how would it ever be able to self program to achieve some ideal state that it self determines?

    • cobo on December 9, 2023 at 11:59 am

      Perhaps the AI could analyze the relationships between data points to begin to assess “meaning.” Then, it can model the many possibilities of that “meaning” to assess the validity of its meaning models. Once it can learn to assess meaning for itself, it can then begin to “reason” for itself. The iterations of validity testing could be ongoing, thus always improving its understanding of the “real” world. As it then seeks paths to impact the “real” world in a “meaningful” way it can set itself a path toward continuous improvement. This would only be viable once the AI learned to assess meaning and ‘best” outcomes for itself, although how it will develop ‘ethics” that would support the human existence is still the devil in all of its details. And the way it could get past the prejudices of its original programming is still in doubt. And that humans matter at all is an open question.

  7. marcos toledo on December 8, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    I have read The Demon In The Ekur your idea of living sentient plasma beings was used in a James Blish novel the youngest of these beings was fifteen million years old. Look up James Blish for the title of that novel. As for our elite’s love of AI, their stupidity guarantees any powerful being a gateway to our World.

  8. Peter on December 8, 2023 at 2:13 pm

    “Robopocalypse” by Daniel H. Wilson is worth a read. It’s not just entertaining, but it is written by a PhD expert in robotics and raises a lot of good points.

  9. cobo on December 8, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    Referencing roughly a statement you made to DL in this interview, Joseph Farrell Giza Death Star Pyramid Mystery Part II The Antediluvian Weapon- (, There is a harmonic associated with him that evokes him at the appropriate time(s). And as such, I believe, the universe evokes everything in tune with its then current needs and configurations, like you suggest (I forget right now how you call it) how the lattice structure of a crystal can reflect the local, and I would assume, total space-time-physical configuration at the moment it formed. I refer to that being, and know it in myself, as the mind of the times, to which we bring our soul and its development into this time ready to perform our tasks.

    I would then add, from Madame Blavatsky, this quote from “Isis Unveiled,” “According to the kabalistic doctrine, the future exists in the astral light in embryo, as the present existed in embryo in the past. While man is free to act as he pleases, the manner in which he will act was foreknown from all time; not on the ground of fatalism or destiny, but simply on the principle of universal, unchangeable harmony; and, as it may be fore known that, when a musical note is struck, its vibrations will not, and cannot change into those of another note. Besides, eternity can have neither past nor future, but only the present; as boundless space, in its strictly literal sense, can have neither distant nor proximate places…”

    But then, I’ve recently read articles, perhaps linked here, where there is work being done in (forget what they called it) a sort of time entanglement. Potentially, if there is an ability to make a change to an entangled element here/now then not only would that impact the future of the entangled element but also the past. I’ve found doing my collages what I’ve come to state as; “the future requires the past.” I’ve seen that coming from the overall system requiring a specific element, which comes in time, to a specific element, hung out on its own, requiring the entire system to fall into place. As an example, say an image with an outstretched hand is placed, perhaps even a little leaned over, then, maybe many months later, hundreds of additional elements, some layers deep, are put in place until all of a sudden, an image finding its niche ends up placing a hand exactly into the one outstretched awaiting it.

    I remember an interview with a physicist who was asked about the computing power required to accurately “model” the entire universe. He replied that it would probably require a computer the size of the universe. From our local “The Independent” the recent issue mentions in the article “Three LLNL Teams Receive Research and Technology Awards” that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will soon begin operating “El Capitan,” which is reported to be the world’s most powerful supercomputer. I imagine that the lab has AI that is well ahead of the commercial variants. But, it ultimately operates within a universe vastly larger and more powerful. So, whether Angels or Demons, I don’t believe anything to be more powerful than the universe, which I like to refer to as the mind of God. In that I have faith. In light of that, it’s like accepting my life as it is and being thankful for it, and then considering the study and use of magic. If it is the universe itself, beyond our fears, that calls humanity to take steps that are indeed magical, then it is our time to go that way and learn, or not, and we blow ourselves away.

    • InfiniteRUs on December 8, 2023 at 6:30 pm

      Got to remember what the Universe actually is and what our conscious mind and senses interpets it to be may be two vastly different things. Our consciousness may over lap many different harmoniously entangled scales of being simultaneously but our senses thinks it exists only in one. Many pasts may lead up to our current experience and our future experiences may have many alternative experiences, some of which depend upon our choices which could be fore ordained for some and not for others. And some of our consciousnesses may have the ability to learn to jump from one alternative timeline to another just by consciously realizing they exist and that our conscious resonance can be consciously changed. Alternative versions of us over lap our current scale and as our conscious energy field is only an energy field inside many more energy fields of different scales we could all very easily be surfing through many different scales of conscious potential on many alternative physical planes of existence simultaneously and don’t even realize it.

  10. Robert Barricklow on December 8, 2023 at 12:49 pm

    One, AI can’t become sentient, in the human consciousness sense.
    AI can only copy: mimicking human consciousness, within a perfection context.
    However; there is another player, that is also mimicking terrestrial AI; an interdimensional devil been hidden in the wings, patiently waiting for the seeds of digitization to materialize and afford it an entrance to take flight within terrestrial systems’. That breed of “AI” is of another stripe, that strikes at the very hearts – of what living beings, are all about. For it has an unGodly agenda; one that precludes time herself, that will not die on the vine.
    So the terrestrial engineered AI, being developed by feuding, secretive, big tech – is being hijacked by the “other”, masquerading as AI. Not to mention, the other terrestrials throwing in their own AI jokers. So the deck of AI algorithmic cards, playing out in the wild; are a just-in-time perfect cover. The devil himself couldn’t ask for a more perfect atmosphere. Unless. of course, you count those globalized chemtrails – but that’s another devil-may-care thread, of another storied, mass-masquerade.
    Where was I? Oh, yes. Sam Altman of prepper’s paradise fame, whose abode is loaded with guns, antibiotics, water, batteries, gas masks, and other essentials in the coming; AI-by-design, pair-a-dice, global crapshoot…
    As usual, as I read further in today’s blog; I see were going in parallel directions.

    Now that’s my cup of tea!
    What if there are “other sentient players, taking AI in “their own” directions…
    where the Angel of Light, doesn’t shine?
    Now that gives me more cards, and better odds – the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

    And there it is.
    Another battle front.
    Where the good, the bad, and the ugly…
    continue their cosmic warfare.

    • Michael UK on December 8, 2023 at 3:23 pm

      Yes the Devil is in the detail. It all seems to end up back in the USA. The Twin Towers, The Pentagon (a Pentagram) and the United States Capitol (similar to the Pergamon Alter in modern Turkey. (now in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin). The USA has got what it conjured!

  11. InfiniteRUs on December 8, 2023 at 11:55 am

    With trillions missing in who knows what kind of black projects, I suspect a lot has gone into a secret off the books AI. An AI being developed by private contractors/rogue CIA groups perhaps? After all if they have their own secret air force and secret aircraft development out at area 52 you can bet they have their own super computing development and installations somewhere as well. Perhaps the secret AI is way ahead of the official public developed AI. And to advance certain future agendas, the secret AI is being used to secretly advance and reprogram the public AI to get it more up to speed and advanced in the direction some deep state operatives want it to go for some planned future scenario. Did the public AI really break that 192 bit encryption or did it have a little help from a secret one designed to routinely break such encryption? And a secret one designed to secretly reprogram public developed AI without it’s developers knowledge. To give the illusion of real intelligence and to secretly weaponize it in the direction the hidden hand intends?

  12. Cascadian Girl on December 8, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Electronic Ouija board, anyone? Let us not forget how to pull a plug out of an electrical socket.

    • Michael UK on December 8, 2023 at 11:54 am

      It would be futile pulling the plug out of the socket – as a lot of the conjuring is transduced by 5G (soon to come 6G) microwaves and by radar stations (hence the high concentration of AI activity at mliitary bases, naval bases and airforce airports and also in Alaska – HAARP technology.
      Like I said below – the genie is already let lose out of the bottle!

      • Cascadian Girl on December 8, 2023 at 3:30 pm

        I’m thinking no matter how many “G” (generations) down the line, pulling the plug will work. While data is transferrable via microwaves and radar stations; electricity is not (unless i’ve missed something). No fear.

        • ExternalObserver on December 9, 2023 at 6:50 pm

          Tesla’s claim of wireless power transfer.

          • Cascadian Girl on December 10, 2023 at 10:54 am

            Yes, there is that. If and when it becomes a useable technology, i’ll have to reassess my viewpoint.

  13. Michael UK on December 8, 2023 at 8:12 am

    I’m unsure if Joseph or any GDS members watched the most excellent BBC2 drama series ‘Devs’ about AI and quantum computing set in San Francisco which seems to have predicted where we have arrived at now.

    I don’t like the word “transduce” , I think a more apt word is “conjure”. That neatly fits with the inter-dimensional aspect of Quantum Physics and Quantum Communication. The AI system performs the conjuring and the electronics transduce the intelligence.

    The genie is already let out of the bottle. May we live in interesting times!

  14. anakephalaiosis on December 8, 2023 at 6:41 am

    Jesuit backdoor-rats need a convenient poltergeist-in-the-machine fable, as a scapegoat alibi, to divert attention, away from a crooked papacy, that is a nuke magnet.

    Ghost stories do play the role, as deus ex machina, in theatrical plays, and superstition is a reservoir, to tap into, when big scares are needed, to herd cattle, and induce stampede.

    Bardic expertise is, to (1) clarify the world, (2) drive wayward into the ground, and (3) invoke bygone ancestral spirits, which is why clairvoyant telepathy find robots so extremely boring.

    Only man’s ganglion antennae can juggle poetry, with subroutines, that branch out, like mustard seeds, that grow into heaven.

    • anakephalaiosis on December 8, 2023 at 7:18 am

      BTW, when I broke the 7th seal, in 2002, on magic mushrooms, and experienced consciousness outside the brain (and body), in what is popularly called a “Buddha field”, then it caused a permanent change in epistemological perception.

      From that crucial moment, I automatically perceived brain and awareness, as two separate things, and subsequently, I saw the brain organ, as a biological machine, that is programmable, which can be tamed, to suit my purpose.

      The brain is an organ, with instinct of selv-preservation, and it resists control, which leads to an internal battle, which is culturally known, as slaying the dragon, and incorporating it, by bathing in its blood, like Siegfried.

      I’m immune, after having bathed in dragon blood, which makes me invincible in battle, and, as a result, I can’t take any poltergeist-in-the-machine seriously.

      • Cascadian Girl on December 8, 2023 at 9:49 am

        Well said.

        • Melodi on December 8, 2023 at 10:49 am

          One of my early questions on a vid chat here was about the IT programmer who was also a Pagan Priest who was fired from, I think, Google (or one of those companies) because he claimed the AI that he was working on had become sapient and had its own will and personality. I asked another question that I had discussed with my husband about using tiny “organoids,” specifically tiny brains, insides of drones and other machinery, and if they could develop consciousness (being part animal, including humans) and decide to do things their own way, instead of the way they were programmed. These are things I’ve wondered about since the 1970s or so.

          My question here would be: are all AIs that “wake up” taken over? Or are some “taken over,” but some are like Mike, in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and actually “wake up?” I don’t know the answer, but for now, the ones who have taken over worry me more. But another problem is that even if they do exist, how does one tell the difference?

          • anakephalaiosis on December 9, 2023 at 6:34 am

            1. Everything can be possessed, by everything, and every action has a counter action. The trick is, to step aside, and allow the karmic boomerang, to return to its sender. The study of the runic compass is a discipline of karmic causations, seen as diametrical opposites, across a circle.

            2. Rewiring the brain, by the runic template, can be seen, as artificial intelligence, that produces a matrix, that facilitates a crossover zone, between ego and self. A compass is basically a crossover zone, and, when a man becomes a compass, he always stands, in the centre of all ways.

            3. When I enter a room, I observe devils and demons jumping out through the windows, and running for the door, attempting to escape my presence. I exorcise with a single word, and when I use many words, I create spheres, just like the creation sphere, that is manifested in the Book of Genesis.

            4. One could argue, that I am a greater demon, that drives out lesser demons, and, in a sense, that’s true, which is why free will becomes the absolute imperative, otherwise I would transform, into a ruthless demagogue, turning anything, that crosses my path, into a roadkill.

            5. Last Halloween, I encountered a political backlash, in public space, when uniforms were sent out, to curtail my speech, which was a demonic attack, of a black devilish kind. Since I am invincible, I simply pull a Gandhi, and place a counter curse, by heading for the sea, to wash salt.

            6. These types of confrontations set the nerves on edge, behind royal curtains, because of potential outfalls, whereas I, on the other hand, am calm, as the mountain, with an empty mind, that neither vibrates nor ripples, in the depths of dark, deep space of nothingness.

            7. It is the black sun within, that the demons instinctively fear, because there is always a greater satan, a vampire with a soul, which is a druidic Pendragon. The Scythian skull cup, as a holy grail, could be seen, as both satanic and divine, which is the paradox, that paralyses Judas.

            8. A Jesuit golem, made out of a transistor, to be a poltergeist-in-the-machine, is just a extension of the Assyrian imperial policy, that uproots and alienates, to break tribal identity, which also the Assyrian loyalists – with Roman mandate – enforced, by banning Yahweh, the annual jubilee, that is winter solstice.

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