Amid record cold this weekend (I woke up today to blog, to find all my pipes frozen!), and with the Amairikuhn lamestream propatainment media continuing to promote the climate change narrative and Baal Gates wanting to "dim the sun" (Really, haven't you busybody billionaires done enough damage?), there's a story emerging in Poland that the media has missed (article and story courtesy of V.T. with our thanks):

Polish Police Arrest Pro-Duda MPs Inside Presidential Palace As Constitutional Crisis Unfolds

This story interests me because there are recognizable parallels to what is happening in the USSA, the weaponization of political institutions against political opponents that the entrenched globaloney class does not like; in Poland's case, this is opposition between one national (and nationalist) party and one internationalist party:

There's a bizarre but potentially serious constitutional crisis unfolding in Poland currently, after former Polish interior minister Mariusz Kaminski and his deputy Maciej Wonsik were arrested over allegations of abuse of power. A court has also sought to bar them from office for at least five years, a ruling which they have ignored.

The whole thing is set against the backdrop of a high-drama showdown between Poland’s new government of pro-EU Prime Minister Donald Tusk (only in office for a month now) and the now opposition Law and Justice party (PiS). Kaminski and Wonsik were actually arrested inside the presidential palace of President Andrzej Duda, ally of the previous right-wing government.

PiS is calling the pair "political prisoners" after a court sentenced them to two years in prison for abuse of power stemming from their stint leading an anti-corruption office in 2007. Their enemies have further charged that they've 'subverted democracy'. President Duda, however, had pardoned them for the crime back in 2015 - a pardon which he says remains valid and can't be nulled by the court's decision.

But Tusk has called the standoff "unbelievable" - also as angry PiS supporters gathered outside the presidential palace as the arrests unfolded. Tusk's "Civic Platform" party considers it an "equality before the law" situation for which no political official should be immune.

The other side says that pro-EU bureaucrats are wasting no time in using all the powers of the state to declare open season on anti-Brussels political enemies, however.  (Italicized emphasis added)

Who knew that Poland was an echo chamber for the political rhetoric being voiced in the USSA? If the "Civic Platform" party suddenly indicts President Duda an absurd number of times, then we'll know for sure.

On a more serious note, however, it's important to observe what's happening here (or rather, there). There's no doubt that Mr. Kaminski is correct, and that certain Polish and EU bureaucrats are trying to fasten a new dictatorship down on that country and indeed on the continent, as nutty and lunactic policy after nutty and lunatic policy come out of Brussels.  Just witness the farmers' protests in the Netherlands and Germany, or the protests against the bureaucrats in France which we might call "Merdisme".   This name is most definitely not the name of the movement nor motivations behind the protests.  It is, rather, the name for the policies, decisions, and corrupt people and institutions pushing it. It's another name for the demons of Davos and their program.  In Poland's case, what intrigues me is that it is ironic that this is happening precisely in Poland, whose apparatchiks - one would think - should have learned the lessons from their clash with Solidarity in the late 1970s and 1980s.  Indeed, I did a special webinar in the members' area of this website on what the Poles did to loosen the grip of the Communist dictatorship on the country, and how they did it.  Poland, you'll recall, was the country that really began to unravel the post-war Communist order in eastern Europe, a revolt that eventually relegated the Warsaw pact to history, and which ultimately spread to the Soviet Union and ended the Communist state, spreading like wildfire to Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Romania and the execution of the Ceausescus.

In Poland's case back then there were two factors that worked behind the  scenes and in their favor. One, of course, was the Reagan administration. The other was Polish Pope John-Paul II, who during the height of the crisis let it be known in Warsaw and Moscow that he would personally fly back to Poland and lead the protests himself, and suffer whatever consequences the Communist apparatchiks and bullies decided to resort to.  It was the moral capital of the Papacy versus all the guns, tanks, bullets, and missiles that the Communist bloc could muster.

Now it would appear that the EU  - in the latest version of "but it was never really properly applied there and we know how to do it properly and better and can make it work" - has decided through its lackeys in Warsaw to "try it again."  I am bold to suggest that the reason the globaloonies in Warsaw and Brussels are willing to try it again are that the calculus has changed: there is a bumbling, senescent, completely corrupt, evil, and bought and paid for (by China and the Ukraine) man in the White House whose track record is there for all to see.  And for another, they now have a pope in the Vatican who is not even recognizably Roman Catholic; a "pope according to our wants" if I my cite the Alta Vendita of the 19th century secret society revolutionary Piccolo Tigre.

In short, the calculus of institutions has changed, because neither the USSA of Bai Den Dhzao nor the Papacy of Francis has any moral capital left to spend.  IN both cases their long history of betrayals, crimes, and coverups has come home to roost. To use the popular expression, they are both "bought and paid for".

Nevertheless, it won't work... To be sure, the calculus has changed because Mr. Globaloney has made sure that the institutions that were the problem in the late 1980s are now throroughly in his hands. But he has lost the two most important institutions of them all: trust, and the people over which he would rule. There are enough Poles alive now to remember what it was like in the waning days of the Jeruzelski regime, and it's their children and grandchildren now. And with most of the world facing elections this year, Mr. Globalooney must now "run the table" if he hopes to put his agenda back on track and on schedule.

Will he try?  Most definitely. Will he cheat? He always does?  Will he succeed everywhere? Probably not...

... See you on the flip  side...


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. Richard on January 16, 2024 at 8:52 pm

    In one’s view, there’s not only chaos within the Polish politique simmering but also chaos from an infiltration from loose international sources [no revelation there given that idiotic open nonsense of sovereignty at the checkpoints and borders].

    One Polish television media broadcasting company has already bit the dust by not catering to the whims of restrictive media presentation the new regime heavily suggests or is not according to the powers that seek position in Poland. So much for tell-tale objectivity as it gets reduced. It seems that freedom of expression was Not their cup-of-tea for getting news as news is. Watch for new media source(s) to emerge way beyond the internet of news and that slowly, at first, tip the scales of objectivity off their stand..

  2. anakephalaiosis on January 16, 2024 at 8:00 am

    1. National socialism is a political branch of the Roman Catholic Church, designed, to be a controlled opposition, with the intent, to herd those, who are not convinced by the church itself.

    2. Today, the political use of the runic alphabet has become a backlash, because, when clearly defined, the runes reveal a potent ideology, that is poisonous, to the Roman Catholic Church.

    3. Originally, the proto-runes were attached to the sundial, in the 7th century BC, and later they became attached to an alphabet, in the 1st century BC, when Scythians briefly entered Roman military.

    4. The Romans got their alphabet from the Etruscans, who were resettled Trojan refugees, and the Scythians got their alphabet from the Romans, and made a woodcut version, the runes.

    5. The distinct ideology, contained within the runes, can be traced back to Elijah, whose ravens are Odin’s ravens, and, who was forced, to invent an alternative to the patriarch blessing.

    6. The patriarch blessing, as transfer of power, had become a liability, because it only works in close-knit groups, not in bigger societies, and therefore an exam, based on a curriculum, was needed.

    7. The Crimean rapprochement, in the early 7th century BC, was a political necessity, during the Scythio-Assyrian war, which reforged the zodiac tribe, by finding common ground in Elijah’s curriculum.

    8. It means, that the founding document of Europe, was agreed upon, in Crimea, and brought into Europe, by the Scythians as Saxons, which supercedes the Roman Catholic Church.

    9. Today, the Roman Catholic Church is constantly producing new political branches, through its Jesuit-Freemasonic control grid, which is threatened by Elijah’s curriculum.

    10. In Poland, the Roman Catholic Church is dealt with, by simply stating, that the runic sundial curriculum is the original Magna Carta of Europe, as stipulated by Elijah, whose Adon is Odin.


    • anakephalaiosis on January 16, 2024 at 9:54 am

      BTW, I never use the word “religion”, instead I define two parallel, coexisting positions:

      1. A political necessity, that is guided by principles, induced, and underpinned, by secular thinking.

      2. A fabulous flora of fantasy fiction, that, at any given time, makes up the bulk of storytelling.

      When mixing a cocktail out of those two positions, the result is a mismatch, that becomes labeled “religion”, which is endorsed by autism.

      Autism will respond aggressively, when Occam’s Razor is used, in such a fashion, because autism is a comfort zone, far away from the battlefield.

      The argument, against Occam’s Razor, is, that unrestrained logic is dangerous, which is true, and it must therefore be accompanied, by reasonable restraint.

      That is why, Elohim and Yahweh are identified, as the dual principle of logic and reason, which balances the scales, in Bronze Age politics.

      This knowledge will render the Vatican utterly superfluous, and throw the pope, into the dustbin of history, which will encourage Slavic Poles.

  3. bluelectricstorm on January 16, 2024 at 1:57 am

    I consider it all theater to keep our eyes and attention away from this killer electromagnetic control grid which represents international military rule. Certainly not law.

  4. marcos toledo on January 15, 2024 at 7:09 pm

    When will our elites growup it seems never since they have been trying to infantize us for centuries? But that brings up the question why do they what to stay childlike to begin with go figure.

    • bluelectricstorm on January 16, 2024 at 1:54 am

      Perhaps they are never required, or not programmed, to ever reach “the age of reason”?
      Perhaps reaching the “age of reason” links the soul with a conscience. Perhaps they have no souls and cannot link to a conscience. ?

      • anakephalaiosis on January 16, 2024 at 8:42 am

        The bottomless pit is sadism, based on jealousy, comparing itself to the better man, seeking his destruction, by any means, so, that a lesser man can stand tall. In response, skull cups gained popularity, in the 7th century BC, which remains a living memory, in the Scandinavian toast.

    • anakephalaiosis on January 15, 2024 at 12:49 pm

      A Polish lady told me once, that Auschwitz is a very beautiful place, which of course broke the spell, because things are what they are, and Mississippi keeps on rolling.

      The Poles are caught, in a political zero-sum game, forced to choose, between tradition and revolution, between Catholic crusade and moral debauchery, between plague and pestilence.

      That is why Doctor Who, today, has broken into the Vatican library, to solve the problem, by reading forbidden books, like Harry Potter, doing an Expelliarmus on Voldemort.

      There is no need to deprogram a newborn baby, because it hasn’t yet been indoctrinated.

  5. anakephalaiosis on January 15, 2024 at 9:14 am

    1. Constantinople became de facto the new Troy, because the Bosporus, and the Dardanelles, are closely connected through the Marmara Sea, and Constantine sought allegiance, with the Scythian sphere, through Crimea, in the Black Sea.

    2. Constantine dismembered the Praetorian Guard in Rome, that later assembled in secret, and emerged as the Vatican, promoting Judeo-Christianity, as the the “divine right of kings” doctrine, which is rebooting the Assyrian empire.

    3. When Constantinople fell, like Troy before, refugees settled in Crimea, which makes Russia de facto a new Constantinople, or Troy, in opposition to the Vatican, that carries on the legacy, from the tyrant river culture of the Assyrian empire.

    4. The fall of the Warsaw Pact, and the fall of NATO, are chess moves, between east and west factions of a broken up Roman Empire, which echoes the conflict, between ethnostate and empire, in the Scythio-Assyrian war, in the 7th century BC.

    5. Controling Crimea is the crux of the matter, because (1) Crimea was the power locus, that defeated the Assyrian empire, and (2) became the symbol of the reunited twelve tribes, and is (3) the source of politics, that produced the original Scythio-Christianity.

    6. Historically, Poland is caught, between the Slavic sphere and the Roman Catholic Church, and the Ukraine is supposed to become another Poland, with subservient Slavs under the Vatican thumb, like enslaved redskins in the New World.

    7. As a resistance, Black Elk’s Six Grandfathers point, towards the idea of the compass, that produced Abram’s Genesis, and Elijah’s revision, by the 32-point compass, which morphed into Odin’s template for rightful leadership, an Adon.

    The runes are a Swiss pocket knife, with a lot of functions, that can rewire the brain, as an epistemological DIY tool.


    • anakephalaiosis on January 15, 2024 at 9:38 am

      BTW, sometimes it is beneficial, to solve local issues, by projecting wildly abroad, which, in this case, is promoting a Bering Strait land bridge, to provoke the Vatican.

      It is just like, when the swapping of the tin trade, from Jerusalem to Crimea, took the pressure off Jerusalem, and removed her, from the Assyrian cross hairs.

      Seen, from the European perspective, we are most happy, about a rapprochement in the Bering Strait, so we don’t have to be fought over, like children in divorce cases.

      Everybody wants to be redskins these days.


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