If you've been following that Taurus German cruise missile story, then brace yourself, because it's taken yet another very strange turn... strange, that is, only if you're not following my hypothesis that there has been in existence, since the end of World War Two, a non-territorial-non-state actor that I've called at various times "the Nazi International" or "the Fascist International," composed of post-war Nazis and Fascists that penetrated key postwar defense corporations and other infrastructure in the postwar western world, bent on owning and ruling the world. Think of der Hochklaus Freiherr von Blohschwabb und Bloviation here:


Klaus Schwab is Dr Evil Latest Memes - ImgflipBest 30+ Klaus Schwab fun on 9GAG


And lest you think I'm exaggerating, just remember that Der Hochklaus' father was a Wehrmacht general, and that der Hochklaus himself had connections to the German firm of Degussa, a firm connected to the wartime Nazi, and postwar West German-SouthAfrican "nuclear cooperation." If that does not succeed in rattling your nerves just a bit, then maybe reminding you that the first postwar chancellor of West Germany, Konrad Adenauer, viewed nuclear weapons as "just another form of artillery," and we know how much some Germans love their artillery:

Karl-Gerät 600mm self-propelled siege mortar with a Munitionsschlepper ...

Just in case you're not current with the German Taurus cruise missile story - because I've not blogged about it before now - in the past couple of weeks a recording of two German Luftwaffe generals surfaced, in which said generals were plotting to send some German Taurus cruise missiles to the Ukraine, which missiles in turn were to be used to knock down the Russian bridge over the Kerch strait, connecting the Crimean peninsula to mainland Russia to the east. The bridge is the main - and only - overland supply route to the Crimean peninsula, and thus a key and crucial infrastructure component allowing Russia to resupply the province without having to transport supplies by sea or air.   If you don't know what the Taurus cruise missile is, it is a joint German-Swedish "ground-hugging" cruise missile, designed to hug the ground and fitted with a conventional "bunker-busting" warhead, with a range of about 250-270 miles. It is air-launched, and, I strongly suspect even though it is not acknowledged, that the missile is probably capable of carrying a variable yield nuclear warhead. Any such supply would doubtless have to have German military and technical advisors on hand to be able to allow what's left of the Ukrainian military to operate the system,

The story gained such traction that Bundeskanzler Scholz recently had to go on German television in order to quell the (understandable) outcry from Germans that sending cruise missiles to the Ukraine, particularly one like the Taurus, was a fools' errand, especially since the target of such a venture, Russia, also had such weapons. Scholz managed to quiet the storm a bit with what amounted to a very firm "Ausgeschlossen!" to the idea.

But now the whole story has busted loose again, and it's a whopper doozie for the questions it is prompting according to this story shared by L.G.L.R. (with our thanks):


Now, here's the story from that article in a nutshell (though I urge the reader to read the whole thing):

A little bird has materialized to sing that the record of the German generals discussing their plan to attack Russian targets with the Taurus missile was intercepted and leaked to the Russians by the Americans.

A big bird, actually. The telephone conference of German Luftwaffe chief General Ingo Gerhartz (lead image, left), one of his staff generals,  and two Luftwaffe lieutenant-colonels on February 19 was listened to by  US signals intelligence after the first meeting the Germans had with a new regional US Air Force (USAF) commander, General Kevin Schneider;  Schneider took command of the USAF Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) on February 9 after two and a half years in a senior staff post at the Pentagon under General Charles Brown Jr. Brown was promoted from USAF chief to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on October 1, 2023.  When Schneider left Brown’s staff, he took a promotion from lieutenant general to four-star general.

Schneider has never flown or staffed USAF operations against Russia. He was in Singapore for the bi-annual Singapore Air Show to demonstrate what the USAF press office called “the opportunity to sharpen ties with Singapore, demonstrate flexible aircraft capability, enable engagement with foreign partners, and expand power projection.”    His agenda of meetings with other country airforce officers is classified.

Intelligence coverage of the airshow proceedings by the US, Russia, and China was especially intense because of the participation in the show of aircraft from the warfighting states.  Russia, which has participated actively in past Singapore airshows, did not participate officially this time.

The allegation that the Gerhartz teleconference was intercepted by the Russians originated from the Germans and British, and has been amplified in US and NATO media. The first Russian report that it was US intelligence which picked up the call and then leaked it, appeared in Moscow on March 4; click to read.

So in other words, it was American intelligence that alerted the Russians that there was a plot by some German generals to launch cruise missiles against the Kerch Straits bridges. "But wait a minute," you might be thinking. "Why would German generals be talking with American generals about a cruise missile strike before talking with their own government about it first?" If you're asking yourself that question, then you can join the club, because so are a lot of Germans, who are wondering just who the German military really reports to.

In respect to that last point, Pepe Escobar is wondering the same thing according to this article also shared by L.G.L.R.:

In case you missed it, here's what Mr. Escobar actually has the guts to notice and mention:

A key point is that during the plotting, these two mention that plans were already discussed “four months ago” with “Schneider”, the successor of “Wilsbach”.

Well, these are German names, of course. Thus it did not dawn on anyone that (Kevin) Schneider and (Kenneth) Wilsbach could instead be… Americans.

Yet that did raise the eyebrows of German investigative journalist Dirk Pohlmann – who I had the pleasure to meet in Berlin years ago – and his fellow researcher Tobias Augenbraun.

They found out that the German-sounding names did identify Americans. Not only that: none less than the former and the current Commanders of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces.

The Four (actually Six) Stooges element gets an extra boost when it is established that Liver Sausage Chancellor Scholz and his Totalenkrieg Minister Pistorius learned about the Taurus plan no less than four months later.

So here apparently we have a clear cut case of top German military officers taking direct orders regarding an attack on Crimea – part of the Russian Federation – directly from American officers in the Pacific Air Forces.

That in itself opens the dossier to a large spectrum ranging from national treason (against Germany) to casus belli (from the point of view of Russia).  (Italicized emphasis added)

Now, beyond the insanity of the Empire of Chaos not only using the Ukraine in its insane proxy war against Russia, and now trying to involve Germany in the effort, I have a high octane speculation to run past you:

What if we're looking at yet another feature or faction within what I've been calling "the Nazi International?" What if the presence of "German-sounding names" on both the American and German sides of this strange story is not accidental? We're all familiar with the strange role and influence of (thankfully) now-departed Victoria Nuland in the U.S. State Department over the whole sad Ukrainian saga.  We know too of Mad Madam Merkel's admission that the whole episode of the Minsk accords was simply to give the Ukraine time to prepare its military. Now, in spite of the US signals intelligence leak to Russia of the Taurus story, we have German generals appearing to answer directly to the American chain of command, which - let us be honest - appears to be answering to no one in the publicly known chain of command. Bai Den Dzhao? a non-entity whom even his own Department of Justice refuses to prosecute for egregious breeches of law because of his well-known incompetence and probable inability in his demented state to be able to stand trial. Whatever orders the American generals are passing along to their German counterparts would thus appear not to originate within that chain of command. Was Lloyd Austin in the hospital that day? Who's really in charge? For some Germans, the whole episode is bound to resurrect the theory of the Kanzlerakte, the "secret protocol" that supposedly postwar German chancellors are alleged to swear to take orders from Washington, because Germany, so the theory goes, is no longer legally sovereign.

In short, throughout this whole increasingly bizarre story might we be looking at yet more footprints of that postwar Nazi International? Footprints we were never intended to discover?

I do not know, but again, I am reminded like I was in last Monday's blog of the words of Russian economist Sergei Glazyev after the Maidan coup in the Ukraine: "Our problem isn't the Nazis in Kiev; it's the Nazis in Washington." As I've pointed out many times before when citing these words, Glazyev was not joking when he wrote those words nor was he resorting to a bit of rhetorical hyperbole and exaggeration. He was absolutely serious.

Would our Fascist-inclinced billionaire busybody class really be that insane? Yes they would. After all, Baal Gates wants to spray the atmosphere to dim the sun because of "climate change."

So, yes, maybe it's time for us to take Mr. Glazyev's words seriously.

SPECTRE exists. The Nazi International exists. The World Economic Forum exists. They really do want to reduce the world population to a mere fraction of its current population. They really do want to dim the sun. They really are capable of such insanity as starting a nuclear war.

See you on the flip side...

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. Brendan on March 22, 2024 at 12:23 am

    These psychopathic elites will be hunkered down in a deep secure facility, encased in granite, if anything life-ending went down. That is those who make it to a facility in a timely manner – you know the ones who get the special alerts with coordinates where to go … and off in their private jets or choppers they zip.

    I am imagining the COG (continuation of government). Which elected representatives will make it to the secure locations? Not all I can imagine which leaves gaps. I can guess there is a janitor or cafeteria lady lucky enough to be down there to fill the gaps. Imagine if an elected idiot like AOC survived and took charge? It’s almost comical to think about! She’d get Jose the janitor (or Griselda the cafeteria lady) of who got them in to the country and why and to just vote which way they’re told. By then she’d have numbers to become President.

    Then people will begin to wish they were on the surface of which they’d be given sweet relief.

  2. Richard on March 21, 2024 at 6:02 am

    In one’s view, what has not been addressed is, “Who will manage the consequences of these presumptive activities of these plaudits as the narratives of deceit grow like pustules on a zombie stricken with pox?”
    “Who and what are compromised and by how much and by whom should agency-like-conspiracy theory come to fruition and not remain the talk of novella?”
    Much of what is taking place and hogging news-bite-spaces is not unlike attorneys engaged in actively building cases through discovery. Here say still is not fact yet it does seem to build an appetite as the consumption grows as others wait for the credits to roll on the big screen.
    There are an assortment of foreign operatives strolling in and through the Capitol each with their own agenda to be had 1st. They go by many explicatives analogous to comrade, party member, Silovik, oligarch, elite, billionaire class, insider, deep state, and a few more. A very busy place.
    And then there are those telephone discussions on tapes again. Right up there with hot-mike phenomena. And the bickering about context, content, timing, and other minutia of little consequence but iterated especially for effect. The open secrets that are no longer secret after being said.

    • anakephalaiosis on March 21, 2024 at 8:47 am

      The two-legged is labeled from the outside, an expresses itself from the inside.

      Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words shall never hurt me.

      Abram’s proto-Scythian ethnogenesis is a state of mind, behind a sword of fire.

      That is the Russian firebird.

  3. marcos toledo on March 20, 2024 at 9:48 pm

    The only safe place will be Hell it will be better to burn in HELL the safest place in the Universe because whoever the Western Elites have soul themselves to will make making a pact with the DEVIL the best deal of a lifetime.

  4. Mark Sean de Cantual on March 20, 2024 at 6:29 pm

    • anakephalaiosis on March 21, 2024 at 7:04 am

      A politician, who can’t take the heat of scrutiny, hasn’t been called to duty, and such a person is only lobbying, for his own perks.

      When a warrior makes a stand, he cares not, what is thrown at him, because he can always exit, by falling on his own sword.

      Once upon a time, rivers were magic silver streams, which they still are, when the eye of the beholder looks away.

      Heaven is a wondrous state of mind.

  5. Mark Sean de Cantual on March 20, 2024 at 6:24 pm

    Living in Ireland on the edges of the EU octopus, offers a little distance from the conflict in The Ukraine, notwithstanding our political overseers in Ireland who are actively trying to dismantle our traditional neutrality.
    Latterly I have been playing with a thought experiment. What would be the worst outcome our national overseers and those of the EU and UK in general, perhaps even to the USA.
    In this thought experiment the worst outcome is not a Russian victory but the loss of an interminable conflict operating at just sub atomic interchange. Why?
    1. The Russia has practically won the war bar the final battles is not not in dispute based on the reality of the on the ground conflict.
    2. This has come to pass with estimated 400000 plus Ukrainian losses to Russia circa 50 to 60, 000 losses.
    3. NATO and the EU (in particular Polish, French and German) leadership is not what it once was, and indeed demonstrates excessive sociopathy, hubris and profligate disregard for life and treasure,
    particularly of those of The Ukraine.
    4. With the early signs of a US exit strategy coming into play, those leadership in 3 above are faced not with any future Russian threat but the threat of an actual peace, treaty with The rump -Ukraine.
    5. The core threat is a peace settlement, Russia holding its ground and not threatening the rest of the Ukraine and EU peace, with the inevitable question of those leaders above in 3. being sorely tested about by EU populations (and the coming seasons of general elections)
    5.1 The cost in life
    5.2 The failed and boomeranging sanctions devastating EU economies
    5.3 EU lapdog acceptance of the US destroying major and key energy infrastructure sustaining EU economic activity.
    5.4 Final collapse of NATO raison d’etre.
    5.5 EU falling further down the economic global ladder due to 5.2 and 5.3 and placing behind the US, Russia, China and BRICs plus (Rand corporation recommendations achieved there)
    5.6 The tail off in sales of arms and munitions to The Ukraine.
    5.7 Bad and all the above, the most feared reason will be the humiliation of getting everything they have led, implemented as being completely erroneous – those in point 3 above- being of the nature
    that demonstrate, personal and collective humiliation is too much for their respective mindsets to bear or overcome.
    All this, as the waking eyes of the EU population, arises from their prone positions in the long grass, to see that their respective emperors are naked, vacuous narcissists, who have manipulated and have been manipulated by some thing, group or entity (The Nazi International will do nicely here too) which is antithetical to humanity, human rights and democracy.
    This is what tan ultimate peace and the non-aggression of Russia, lets face it they no longer need to invade the EU (yet another narcissistic delusion of those in 3 above).
    If Russia wants to have a total victory actual and moral, it will do what it needs to do as far as Kharkov and Odessa and stop at the Dnieper banks and continue to use its restraint strategy as it has been doing. In this scenario the “collective west becomes an echo chamber, which will be dominated by the US, as it endeavours to recover some of its economic and soft-power standing, happily ignoring the EU &UK in the process and within a new multipolar reality as offered by Putin on several occasions. This would , and perhaps may actually be, the logical endpoint of this thought exercise.
    the writing is on the wall, the Covid blowback, the farmer protests, recent referenda loss as in Ireland, yellow vest protests, hate speech protests across the EU, with many national elections bearing down. Representatives to the various governmental bodies elected a short few years back, are resigning (the Irish prime Minister (An Taoiseach) resigned today unexpectedly. Stoltz, Tusk and Macron being derided online, are behaving like sociopaths and narcissists would, threatening more violence and escalation like arrested developmental adolescents, making basic strategic error after error, but probably more likely that they know somewhere in their respective subconsciousness that they can’t afford the peace, the humiliation and perhaps the self reflection this might entail if they were actually normal human beings spiritually.

    • Mark Sean de Cantual on March 20, 2024 at 6:30 pm

      Case in point ….resignations continue….

      • anakephalaiosis on March 21, 2024 at 6:43 am

        There is a difference, between a naturally occurring idea, and an enforced idea. Former is self-explanatory, whereas latter is unsustainable, and needs constant reinforcement, to maintain status quo.

        The idea of being “outside the box” isn’t an opposition at all. It is simply a different way of looking at things, when the eye of the beholder is off with the Irish faeries.

        The Russian viewpoint predates the Roman imperial expansion in Europe, and Russian viewpoint is, by Catholic definition, heathen, and Catholics burn heathens at the stake.

        In Plato’s cave, there is a great fear of the shadow projection on the cave wall, which is seen as the devil, and the majority is always in fear of its own shadow, by default.

        Normally, a druid is just a tree in the forest, whereas occasionally he transforms, into a terrible dragon, and St. George defeats the his own dragon, which of course is himself.

        Druidic dragon battles are self-restraint.

        • anakephalaiosis on March 21, 2024 at 7:43 am

          BTW, a slave’s mind has no free will, which makes exercising self-restraint pointless, and therefore hypothetical.

          Only he, who truly knows himself, can shine light upon presence, which is soul, and express willed creation.

          Recognising one’s own slave mind is a part of deprogramming, which is what Russia is implying, teaching Europe.

          Some are less happy about school, whereas others enjoy learning.

    • Mark Sean de Cantual on March 20, 2024 at 6:31 pm

  6. anakephalaiosis on March 20, 2024 at 3:13 pm

    1. When proto-Scythian descendants returned, to rebuild a second Jerusalem – as a mere trading post – they were also whistleblowers, with inside information, about secret dealings behind the curtain, in the Assyro-Babylonian empire.

    2. Assyrian oligarchy had been, systematically, setting itself up, as tyrants, in both Greek and Roman spheres, just like modern Scandinavia today is controlled, by secret Jewish agents, on stolen thrones, who are Assyro-Zionists, and systematic Catholics.

    3. The push back, against the tyrants, in the late sixth century BC, resulted in democracy and republic, in Athens and Rome, and the proto-Scythian descendants were seen, as carrying the torch of freedom, having defeated the empire, in Nineveh, 612 BC.

    4. Today the same Assyrian empire is known, as the Roman Catholic Church, and its Jesuit Inquisition is known, as the Nazi International, and the Jewish royalty, as double agents on thrones, which is systemic Catholic subversion.

    5. The torchbearer’s grassroots ideology, that bloomed in the 7th century BC, and defeated the empire, is today contained within the runes, and they produce rightful leadership, by logic and reason, which is a recipe for democracy and republic.

    6. It is important, to know, that the runes contain the fallen Samarian narrative, that rose again, in defiance, in Scythian Crimea, and became the battle axe, that defeated the empire, and, that the Holy Grail is a Scythian victory toast, at the Last Supper.

    7. Today, the Roman Catholic Church is crusading in the Ukraine, against Russia, which echoes the Assyrian empire, waging war on the Scythian resistance movement, and that is the Cosmic War on repeat, which has been going on, since high antiquity.

    8. The Vatican can’t afford, that Crimea becomes a shining beacon of freedom, that heralds imperial defeat, which is why the papal bureaucracy is summoning new versions of Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler, to spearhead the papal crusade.

    9. Anyone, who truly understands the runes, has progressed in lifespan, beyond the karma wheel, into the Buddha field, which is what Odin is, and, that principle rode, into Jerusalem on a donkey, with a Scythian foal by his side, and a Scythian drinking cup.

    Crimea’s Renaissance – a beacon of hope and freedom:

    • anakephalaiosis on March 20, 2024 at 3:51 pm

      BTW, kudos to American whistleblowers, for pulling the rug, from underneath the ongoing papal plot, in Europe.

      Texas is being burned at the stake, for not being willing, to fight, in overseas gladiator games, in the papal Colosseum.

      The pope will hang, by the neck, from the Bering Strait land bridge, when the Cold War warriors bury the hatchet.

      The Bering Strait handshake is the rebel yell.

  7. Robert Barricklow on March 20, 2024 at 11:53 am

    Ian Fleming, “So the operation is more than it seems/”.
    “Of course it is, ” Godfrey said as if there were nothing more obvious.
    ” Since when are secret operations what they seem?”

    [Page 82, Captain Riley II: Darkness by Fernando Gamboa, 2016]
    Incidentally, Darkness is a sequel to the first book; where a secret Nazi operation, to reduce the world’s population about 80%, was thwarted by Captain Riley.
    Ian Fleming is a character in British Naval Intelligence.]

    In this case, it appears the Nazi International owes much the General Reinhard Gehlen.
    And of course, to Rockefellers Inc./Monster Farbo

  8. Billy Bob on March 20, 2024 at 10:07 am

    Could it be the fear and fascination of every living creature has a grip on these billionaire’s psyche to exterminate any and all threats to their own imminent demise in hopes of extending theirs with the possibility of a “forever existence”?
    Reference the elaborate death preparations for past Egyptian leaders. The goal to beat the odds has been around for quite some time.

  9. Bizantura on March 20, 2024 at 5:32 am

    I sometimes think the West, namely the USA and Western Europe, is set up for an Atlantis episode. Nazi-International seems so anti-life, that narcissistic evil must be salivating to try out new gizmo’s on a grand scale. What better to coax fear into a particularly party that might actually try out such an endeavor under the umbrella of self defence! I see all this West – East – Asian collision as deliberate try for the whole destruction of earth, preferably permanent. If humanity isn’t carefull, this war might become solely spiritual if we destroy all life on earth! I shudder to think the consequences of such a possability.

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