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"In Reich Of The Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend, author and iconoclast Joseph Farrell provides intriguing answers to a series of hitherto unasked questions: Why were the Allies worried about an atom bomb attack by the Germans in 1944? Why did the Soviets threaten to use poison gas against the Germans? Why did Hitler insist in 1945 that holding Prague could win the war for the Nazis? Why did General George Patton's Third Army race to control the Skoda Works at Pilsen in Czechoslovakia instead of heading for Berlin? Why did the American army not test the uranium bomb it dropped on Hiroshima? Why did the Luftwaffe fly a non-stop round trip mission to within twenty miles of New York City in 1944?. Reich Of The Black Sun is a simply fascinating and thoughtfully engaging historical treatise that reveals the Nazis fascination with the occult, alternative physics, as well as new energy sources and weaponry. Inherently thought provoking reading, Reich Of The Black Sun draws upon a wealth of documentation and an "alternative history" discourse that is as thoughtful as it is thought provoking. Very highly recommended reading and a seminal addition to personal and academic World
War II historical studies collections." - Midwest Book Review

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  1. My Goodness–looks like a new movie is in the works called “Iron Sky” which uses many of the ideas Dr. Farrell wrote about in his books! Hope he’s getting royalties!

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