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December 31, 2010 By Joseph P. Farrell

OK...some people have asked me repeatedly what I think about 9/11, and most of those comments have been coming from Facebook, but since my reply is rather long I thought I'd finally post here what I think about it, by way of citing a letter I wrote to my cousin Douglas Martin (Marty) Farrell here. Mind you, this is my opinion. I certainly do not hold my view dogmatically nor would I argue that others trying to figure it out are not entitled to their own opinions.  Anyway, here's what I wrote to my cousin:

Well, truth to tell my own take has always been that there is an "op within an op within an op", i.e., three, not two, levels, and hence, three players, and I will try to synopsize who I think the players at each level are and why. I emphasize that this is pure speculation on my part, but I hope at least a rationally argued one. We may also view this "op within an op within an op" scenario as a Venn diagram with three circles, an outer one, a middle one, and an interior one, with the members of the innermost being aware of the other two levels, but they not of it, then the middle layer being aware of the outer layer, and then finally, the outer layer which is oblivious to the manipulation and existence of the other two. It may dimly be aware of the existence of the middle layer, but not I would imagine of the innermost. For reasons I shall get into, I believe the middle layer became aware of the existence of the innermost at the moment of the collapse of the Twin Towers. The nature of that collapse, and the fact that it could NOT have been any kind of controlled demotion (conventional [demolitions charged, thermite] or unconventional [chain-molecule fuel air bomb]) was a message sent by "someone" to "our" elite, imo. On this view, the significant evidence is not the airplanes (or lack thereof), but the physics signature of the collapse of the towers themselves. Finally, this "op within an op within an op" scenario takes, or rather, accepts for the sake of argument, the standard line of the 9/11 truthers that there was an element (the middle circle) of home-grown participation in and organization of the operation. But THAT element was penetrated, used, and manipulated by the innermost element to send a message, who in turn sent a message to the middle layer. Thus stated, we have the following elements, players, and motivations:

1) The Outer Layer; comprising fanatical Muslims flying planes into buildings to strike a blow against the "Great Satan." Perforce, such an operation requires financing, covert and secure communications, and thus some connection howsoever tenuous to some intelligence service capable of carrying out such an operation. There are any number of candidates here, though the most obvious would be Saudi Arabian, Pakistani, Iranian, Iraqi, or even Egyptian intelligence; but those groups are ruled out by the next layer:

2) The Middle Layer, comprising – as the "standard 9/11 Truther" scenario would have it – the participation of elements of the Anglo-American elite and their intelligence connections. Certainly the various intelligence alphabet soup agencies of the USA and UK would be capable of coordinating such an operation. The purpose was to orchestrate a crisis that would allow the projection of American and British power into the Middle East and Central Asia to secure those energy reserves. The game plan was, in other words, always what it had been: use everyone else's oil and natural gas first, then our own. At this level, all the "terrorist" activity on 9/11 is relevant to the case, as were subsequent events. But, to the surprise of the conspirators at this level, there was quickly evident another player whom they had not banked upon:

3) The Inner Layer, the Hidden "Third Force": This level reveals itself in two ways:

a) The USA was, as is now well-known, specifically warned by the intelligence services of three nations that something major would likely happen on American soil in that week; we were warned by:

i) the Israeli Mossad;

ii) The Russian FIS (successor to the KGB); and,

iii) The German BKA and BND;

b) the physics signatures of the collapse of the Twin Towers, none of which, taken as a whole, amount to demolition charges of any sort, or airplane fuel, for none of these things can account for:

i) the lack of rubble from two 500,000 ton towers;

ii) the fact that paper did not burn while cars on the ground – some of which were far from the towers, did. The distance of these cars in any case was too great for their burning to be caused by ambient heat from the fires, which in any case were far above the ground. No kind of demolitions theory can or is able to account for this fact. In addition, many of these vehicles show completely anomalous types of burning, with some of a vehicle totally toasted, while the rest of it is completely intact. In my mind, this is a signature of ignition via a resonance effect rather than ambient heat causing the fires. Thus, the conclusion is:

iii) the anomalous collapse of the Twin Towers must have been caused by a very advanced directed energy technology of the scalar-torsion sort I describe in my books. I can reach no other conclusion regarding the Towers, and only the towers.

This brings us then to the question of who was operating at that third level, and why. First, the "who". Who is likely to have possession of such technology? The list, if you compare all the data in my books, is very very narrow:

1) Russia (having begun to investigate it almost as soon as WW2 was over). In this respect, consider only how Putin and Medvedev have quite deliberately thumbed their noses at the USA since 9/11;

2) Israel (allegations only here, and no supporting evidence of possession of the necessary arrays);

3) France; (via Gavreau's investigations of infrasound weapons under President De Gaulle);

4) Japan (possibly, though I am not aware of any array as might suggest possession of it);

5) Brazil (strong evidence for Brazil's possession of it because it is known that one of the Nazi scientists involved in the Soviet research subsequently made his way to Brazil and did the same work for them); Brazil's rather feisty and independent "energy" policy are an indicator that they have something in their possession and that they aren't playing completely by the rules of the Anglo-American corporate elite;

6) Germany (one of the few nations besides the USA and Russia to have large "HAARP-like" phased array ionospheric heaters);

7) China (perhaps, though the case is purely speculative. It would be a logical step for them to take, but their work, like the USA's, would lag behind that of other nations);

8) the Japanese Yakuza (allegations only here, without substantiation);

9) Some progeny of my so-called postwar "Nazi International" extra-territorial state. Oddly enough, the case for its possession of such technology can be made quite strong, since I argue that the Bell

a) is a device relying upon precisely the kind of physics in evidence at the Twin Towers;

b) Nazis continued to work on it after the war and successfully spirited the project away to who-knows-where after its inadvertent exposure by Peron;

c) they were intimately involved in secret projects in Brazil;

d) the fact that the Soviets were willing to allow the German scientist (Dr. Richard Hellmann) out of the Soviet Union would seem to indicate a hidden player or influence in his release. He goes to Brazil, where he works on precisely this type of physics and technology.

So, with this list in hand, we can narrow the field considerably, since we know three nations' intelligence services were involved in warning the USA: Russia, Germany, and Israel.

In my opinion, we may discount the latter, because Israel would have no reason to strike against the very nation from which it gets so much largesse. While some might argue that Israel would be a logical choice because they wanted to create the conditions for an injection of American military power into the Middle East, this makes no sense to me, for the Mossad very likely would have known of the plans of our own elite at the second level of the conspiracy to do that anyway, and any Israeli involvement, if discovered, would conceivably jeopardize that goal. I conclude therefore that Israel was not involved in the second level of operations, nor in the third, but, since it knew of at least the second level, it was "playing it safe" and hence warned this country of imminent danger.

This leaves Russia and Germany, both with powerful motives for "sending a message" to the Anglo-American elite. First, Russia: since Putin assumed power in Russia, what we have there, in my opinion, is essentially a neo-Tsarist, nationalist, government, that well-knows the role of the Anglo-American elite in installing the Bolsheviks in 1917, and in the subsequent rape of Russia. Putin, if you examine his domestic and international moves carefully, seems to have taken deliberate steps to remove that influence within Russia, to send very powerful warnings to the Rothschild wing of the Anglo-American elite (by basically having one of their known bag-men murdered), by his clear signal to Europe and America in the South Ossetia matter, and by basing Russian warships in Venezuela. However, the pattern of his moves also reveals that Russia probably did not deploy its advanced technology on 9/11 to bring down the Twin Towers, because that pattern does not exhibit direct challenges to the Anglo-American elite, nor would Russia risk a potential war.

This leaves Germany, also with powerful motives for sending a message to the same elite, and even more so, and I believe with a demonstrated willingness to use such weapons. It is my belief that during the run-up to German reunification, that the massive earthquakes that the Soviet Union experienced were artificially induced, and that they were most likely induced by the German government, and not by us. The reason I am relatively confident in this speculation is that Germany's geopolitical moves, made almost on the day that the "wall came down", was to crack-up Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and to put major pressure on Poland, which Warsaw had to knuckle under to. These moves were made by Chancellor Kohl's government, in many cases, unilaterally and over the protests from London, Paris, and Washington. Additionally, Kohl had numerous ties to "extremist right wing" groups (I'll leave you to read between the lines here), in Germany, which groups in turn played a major role in driving the German reunification. And one final note, the current chancellorin, Angela Merkal, is the only head of government in the world that I know of, that has a PhD in physics! Aint that interesting. And in my mind, that's hardly coincidental. Both German intelligence agencies – the BKA and BND (their versions of the FBI and CIA/NSA respectively) – each had their own roots in the Nazi bureaucracies that established them.

But, like Russia, once again, Germany itself has only flexed its muscles in such a way as to avoid any direct challenges. Thus, the pattern of Germany's geopolitical maneuvers since the reunification and since 9/11 does not support the thesis that Germany was the third player, even though Germany has sent combat troops to Afghanistan (in my estimation, a token effort, since I believe they have quietly and covertly opposed the USA at almost every step in Iraq since prior to the first gulf war. After all, it was Germany that sold Hussein all his chemical, biological, and nuclear technology). So, overall, I have to reject Germany as the hidden player, though I suspect they were intimately involved at the deepest level in some fashion. That's my intuition talking, nothing more.

So we are left with two very unlikely candidates: the Japanese yakuza, within its very strong imperialist and fascist revanchist political philosophy, and some version of my Nazi International extra-territorial state, with, in my mind, an all but proven track record of the postwar investigation of precisely the technologies to bring down the Towers. Radical and wild and woolly as I think this scenario sounds, it does in my mind rationalize the rather odd signs of "panic" that "our" elite has shown since 9/11, for consider the almost frenzied rush into Afghanistan and Iraq (whose true and ultimate purpose, I think, involved much more than oil, and I hint about that ultimate purpose in my books repeatedly). Realizing that they were faced with an extra-territorial state with possession of extraordinarily sophisticated scalar-torsion technology that had been successfully weaponized, they launched a "war on terror" with radical Islam as the fall guy, when in fact, the real target is something completely different and much more frightening. The behavior of the financial elite during the bailout crisis is another signal, at least to me, that someone has the gun to their heads, they acted like people being blackmailed by some hidden "protection racket" by insisting on "no oversight" back in 2008. The only people in the historical record that wielded such financial and technological clout that I can think of were, in fact, the postwar Nazis.

There is a final, even weirder, consideration, and that's Ian Fleming and his James Bond novels/films. Many people have always considered that he was "leaking information in the guise of fiction." Well, consider the movie You Only Live Twice, where you have the following elements clearly displayed:

1) An international conspiracy that is extra-territorial, called SPECTRE (Society for the Promotion of Extortion, Criminality, Terrorism, Revenge...);

2) That society has a secret space program and is using it to interfere with Russian and American space launches (shades of the recent collision of an American and Russian satellites in orbit above the earth), and to bring the two nations to the brink of war;

3) That society has a heavy presence of Japanese criminal underground; and finally,

4) It is headed by an obviously German fellow named Ernst Stavro Blohfeld (played by Donald Pleasance, and thus, plump, middle aged, and almost Bormann-esque in appearance)

So if one grants the proposition that Fleming is "leaking information", then the conclusion is obvious as to what he's trying to say. And I believe this to be the case because in effect this is what my own research has been able to verify, in that, I have been able to argue points 1,2, and 4 are most likely true, and that would seem to indicate that point 3 is as well.

So my "op within an op within an op" scenario is basically that someone, with probable access to hidden space technologies, and with all but certain access to weaponized versions of scalar-torsion technologies, brought the Twin Towers down. That "someone" is some sort of rogue extra-territorial organization, with deep and historical connections to the radical Islamic underworld, and that leaves me with, guess who, the Nazis. Thus, I believe the second level of that 9/11 conspiracy, our own home-grown elitists, were once again played the fools by the outer and innermost rings of it, in a sort of "squeeze from below squeeze from above" methodology, a methodology that elite has used itself numerous times.

By using that specific methodology against the very people that use it themselves, the message was sent: we know your game, and lookie lookie what we can do, what we have possession of. We can literally turn your centers and instrumentalities of power to dust before your very eyes. We are deeply penetrated into your own covert agencies and plans, and the game is now afoot.

Consider also the Masonic symbolism of what was struck in that way: the Twin Towers, the twin masonic pillars of Jachin and Boaz, sitting in the heart of the Anglo-American elite's financial district. Richard's analysis of the esoteric symbolism at is as far as I'm concerned right on target, as is his analysis of why radical Islam would be involved. I think, too, he might be willing to entertain my particular "twist" on his scenario, in that one has not only radical Muslims, but worse, unreconstructed Nazis involved with it, after all, the historical connections between the two run very deep. The Muslims do not have access to such technologies, whereas the Nazis were investigating them with a vengeance since at least 1933!

 So, that's it in a nutshell...  Hope it helps clarify my thoughts on the matter..."

And that, indeed, is my take for now, though people should be aware that I have not investigated 9/11 nor the truthers movement in any detail. My thoughts are formed from impressions I've gathered of other arguments, but not on detailed examinations of them.