January 12, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, the mystery of the dead birds is solved, thanks to the redoubtable government officials of Sonoma county. Check this out:


Mystery solved, it was all just a bunch of extraordinarily stupid birds flying in front of a truck. Uh huh...  I believe that, don't you? When was the last time you traveled down a highway, ran smack dab into a flock of stubborn birds that waited until the last minute and...SPLAT!? Compounding this difficulty, if this were the explanation, then there are an awful lot of flocks of birds running into trucks around the world, and apparently doing it at high altitude, too, altitudes too low for your standard 747 or Airbus, but, well....too high for your standard semi-truck... uh huh. This explanation really works well, don't you think? Apparently we're being asked to believe now that birds all over the world have been struck by some sort of mass hysteria and are flying into trucks, or, in an example of some sort of Stoic bird-Buddhism, are sitting serenly waiting for a semi-truck to come along and splatter them right into the next incarnation.

But of course, objectors will say, the article only explains the dead birds in Sonoma county. You exaggerate. Do I? No I don't, for as an explanation of the general phenomenon it fails utterly. For one thing, it doesn't explain all the dead fish, nor does it explain the other accounts of dead birds.

The sheer nonsense of it as an explanation gives me pause, for it is almost as if we're being invited to scrutinize the story all over again by someone drawing attention to it with a nonsensical explanation, as if, in other words, it was all some sort of bizarre ornithological psy-op.  If so, then we're chin to chin once again with the possibility that the original story was the result of a technology, and a psy-op.  If not, we can all pack our bags and return to our lives, confident of the fact that the dead birds and fish were all the victims of heavenly and oceanic semi-trucks.