1. Dr. Farrell,

    you said something very provocative in this interview regarding the elites of the two major groups who compete for power on earth. (Babylon’s Banksters and the Nazi International or who I call “Team Black Sun”)

    You said that the elites from these two group are actually survivors of a cosmic war. When you say this, are you saying these are decedents in the same bloodline, or are they actually beings that live for thousands of years?

  2. I have done research on the JFK assassination, with Mae Brussell and Dave Emory who inspired me…
    There was a story (may be in your book!) about Nixon, LBJ and JEdgar Hoover at Clint Murchinson’s house just prior to the assassination.
    Great program on Coast to Coast tonite with Whitley!

  3. Hi Dr. Joseph P. Farrell! My name is Cássio M. L. de Aquino and i’m from São Paulo city, Brazil. I already bought 7 of your books and there’s a lot of very interesting reading in the books that keeps me occupied on all those subjects you deal with…after all here’s another one of your fans with words of support. Thank you Dr. Joseph!

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