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February 19, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was really interesting:

World\'s First Skyscraper was Monument to Intimidation

If the archaeologists are correct and this structure really is 11,000 years old, then what we're looking at is, perhaps, a threefold mystery. For one thing, it might turn out to be yet another site on the "earth" grid, and judging from the astronomical alignments and peculiarities of the site, it fulfills at least one of the conditions for such earth grid sites.

But for another thing - notice that date: 11,000 years old. It this is correct, we're looking at something old enough that, as the article linked points out, was built at the time humanity was supposedly just transitioning from being hunter-gatherers to agricultural. Such a tower near the ancient ruins of Jericho, however, is another little monkey wrench thrown into the works of that academic model. This date would place it around 9,000 BC, that is to say, roughly during the same time period as the date proposed by Dr. Robert Schoch and John Anthony West for the (re-)dating of the Sphinx. The fact that we're looking at such an old tower of course reminds one of the story of the Tower of Babel, which occurs in the Biblical version of th story in close temporal priximity to the Flood, which most revisionist researchers date to ca. 10,500 BC.

Any way one slices it, this is an intriguing story and it raises many questions, not the least of which are the reasons archaeologists think the tower was built, namely, it was nothing but a construction projust whose sheer scale and size was designed to being about communal living and socialization. In other words, it was a project that was designed to aid that transition from being hunter-gatherers to agriculturally-based communities.

My bet? My bet is not only "wait for more data," but also, "Look closer." The tower is a tall hollow tube, meaning, that it will have a certain acoustic resonance. That places the structure into a very different category indeed...