February 27, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

OK... has anyone noticed something funny going on with pyramids the last  - oh, say - twenty to thirty years? First we have the Chinese government, which does not even like to talk about its big earthen pyramids, and from the way they react when questioned about them, one gets the impression that they wish they just weren't there. Then, there's Zani Hawass, walling off the Giza plateau so that no one can gain entry without his express knowledge and permission. Supposedly this was to protect the site from vandals and other crazies and, from that vantage point, it makes a lot of sense. Then there was the discovery of a  pyramid where there shouldn't have been one, lurking beneath a suspiciously symmetrical "hill" in Bosnia, rather like the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan lurked beneath a "hill" until a Mexican archaeologist admitted the "hill" was too symmetrical and decided to dig it up. The Bosnian pyramid, we are told, is either a complete fraud or its very very old (some are saying around 15,000 BC). And in Russia... well, in Russia they're building pyramids all over the country. Why? We don't know, except that they are and it apparently comes with the approval of the highest levels of government.

Boiling it all down to a few neat and tidy bullet points we have this:

  • Russia is building them
  • China isn't talking about them
  • Egypt is walling them off
  • The Bosnians are digging them up

Viewed in that way, it definitely appears that at least someone in the world - namely Russia, China, and Egypt - know something about them that no one else knows, and they're busily trying to capitalize on whatever it is. I'm reminded once again of Eando Binder, about whose book The Puzzle of the Space Pyramids I wrote a few weeks back, only this time the puzzle isn't in outer space on far off planets, it's right here on planet Earth and the bizarre behaviors of governments in association with them. In the case of the Bosnian pyramid, even the U.N. got in on the act in an attempt to designate the area as some sort of a "World Historical Site."

What interests me is that the uprisings in Egypt occurred, of course, in the land most associated with pyramids in the popular imagination. There have always been those - my friend Chris Dunn among them - who have noted through the years that the Great Pyramid in particular seems, at certain times and conditions, to evoke the strangest sorts of states of consciousness in people in close proximity with it. Napoleon had his "vision" inside the King's Chamber, emerged shaken and disturbed, and never completely talked about his experience. Well, I certainly am not saying that the uprisings there had something to do with the Giza plateau... but I wouldn't discount it either, at least, not completely. After all, the ones who have made the most extensive scientific investigations of pyramids are the Russians. I have long argued that pyramids somehow directly manipulate the physical medium itself, and consciousness, as well. Someone needs to write a book about all this.... hmmm....