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April 18, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

We keep advancing,  in fits and starts, to a "brave new world" in which science fiction continues to edge closer and closer to reality. Consider this latest development:

Beam me up... Quantum Teleporter Breakthrough

Careful reading of the article will disclose that the real breakthrough here was to be able to transmit larger amounts of entangled information than before, and notably, this research is being sponsored by...the University of Tokyo. Granted, the headline of the article is more than a bit disingenuous, for it has nothing whatsoever to do with molecular de- and re-materialization, but rather, with the ability to transfer large amounts of information without the information becoming scrambled in the process.

It is, in other words, a step toward the day that quantum computing itself will become more and more the reality of how information is processed in computers; it will be comparable to the leap in information processing that occurred when desktop computers began to become a practical reality, reducing computers that used to fill entire rooms of buildings into units that could sit on your desk. The enormous amounts of data storage and processing power that quantum computing potential represents would be a similar breakthrough.

What I find interesting is, of course, once again the Japanese connection, given the recent cirumctsances. Everyone, of course, is interested in quantum computing, so there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that the Japanese would be too. But the fact that Japan has been quietly sponsoring so much avante garde research - including water-powered cars - does give one pause. Should Japan make the breakthroughs that make quantum computing possible, that country would thus position itself once again at the head of the development of information processing technologies. That, plus its other research into alternative energy and technologies, should speak for itself.