cosmic war


April 6, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

My friends at Red Ice Creations radio recently interviewed Richard Dolan, a Ufologist and ET proponent whose research I have a great deal of respect for. The interview is here:

Richard Dolan on the Breakaway Civilization on Red Ice Creations

I find Dolan's reasoning compelling, namely, that the very size of classified black budgets, coupled with the prolonged period or their existence and utilization to carry out exotic research, has given rise to a "breakaway" civilization of people with access to exotic technologies, and even to a group of people with a vastly different world view.

This view is essentially the same as the view I have been arguing with respect to the postwar Nazi International and their presumed continuance of exotic research in a variety of host countries. Dolan's particular perspective is that a similiar occurrence happened in the USA after World War Two and beginning in earnest in the 1950s. Like me, Dolan believes that the amount of time, money, and manpower devoted to such research could very conceivably have led to that breakaway civilization establishing more or less a permanent presence in outer space.

This raises a disturbing possibility that others and I have broached on various interviews, namely, that there may be more than one such breakaway civilization. If Dolan is right, there is one that we may call, for want of a better term, the Anglo-American Intelligence-Military complex. And if I am right, there is at least one other that we may call the Nazi or Fascist International. Assuming both to be in more or less continual existence, and even assuming some sort of detente once existed between them, then it is possible these two (and possibly more) groups are already in covert conflict in space.

The concept of a breakaway civilization as Dolan has outlined the case here is a fascinating one, and deserves the kind of thought and detailed analysis he brings to it.