May 14, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few years back Art Bell reported that scientists had finally found "proof" of extraterrestrial DNA in human DNA, in the so-called "junk DNA," a bit of non-coding DNA - or so we're told - in the human genome. The story quickly gained a life of its own and began being reported in all the alternative outlets, one of the most thorough recountings of the story appearing here:

Junk DNA Was Created by Alien Programmers

Then the story began to unravel. For one thing, the professor alleged to have been the guiding hand behind the discover, Dr. Sam Chang, turned out to be fictitious, at least, as far as the Human Genome Project was concerned:

Professor SamChang and Junk DNA

What lends an eerie twist to the whole story, however, is that Dr. Paul Davies, in 2004, published a short article in New Scientist suggesting an ET connection to junk DNA:

Off the Planet: Shifting the Problem into Outer Space

Alien Message May be in our DNA

OK... granted, the story of Chang is full of holes, but let's speculate a bit here. I've blogged recently on the curious fact that various royal houses of Europe seem to be of interest to geneticists, and more recently, posted a short blog about the findings that King Tut of Egypt seems to fit genetically into haplogroups common to Western Euyrope (Italy, the Iberian peninsula, and, of all places, western Britian and Ireland), so we have yet another royal who is for whatever reason of interest to geneticists.

So exactly what are they looking for? Well...thoughts certainly cross my mind, but one of them is connected with the Sumerian and Egyptian(Manetho) kings' lists, both of which make clear that "kingship was lowered from heaven", and both make clear that there are three layers of groups of kings on earth: "gods, demigods," and "just plain ole human." Given the other stories associated with these regions and their suggestive nature, perhaps they are, indeed, quietly looking for Dr. Davies "message in the DNA."

But if so, I can construe reasons both for why they would disclose it, and choose to keep any such findings to themselves. In any case, something disturbing hovers over this whole story... a genome scientist whom no one has heard of, a Russian cryptographer who allegedly decodes the code, and then the story is called into question. This is a "non-story" story that I suspect we've not heard the last of.

Oh yea, and one last parting thought...without ET DNA, what would they have to compare junk DNA to in order to reach the conclusion of the original story? Sort of sounds like the Bin Laden episode to me...