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June 4, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The last couple of days I've been commenting on the messages being sent via space announcements that the corporate elite that rules America, and its plans for unilateral global dominance ala a Brzezinksi-style vision (enunciated in the latter's The Grand Chessboard), is unraveling. I found this very intriguing, and scarcely velvet-gloved commentary, in the English language version of Russia's Pravda concerning Prime Minister Putin's Latin American visit, and thought it was worthwhile enough to share:

Russia Boosts Relations with Latin America

I hope you caught the two significant paragraphs in that article: "The tangible results of the visit of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Latin America were, in a word, massive, the first concrete step in laying the cornerstone of a new geopolitical order based on multilateral values, a New World Order which spells a clear message to the USA: either you are with us, or against us." Note the two key phrases here: a new world order based on "multilateral values," in other words, no, Mr. Brzezinski, Mr. Rockefeller, and all you nameless bureaucrats and generals and admirals and CEOs in America's military-industrial complex, you are not going to be permitted to dominate the world unilaterally. Then  the hammer is dropped: "either you are with us, or against us."  In other words, we will watch your actions and decisions carefully to determine just where you stand.

Then comes a significant paragraph:"The scope of the bilateral agreements signed was massive and indicates that Moscow has huge potential in overtaking Washington as the main trading partner for this continent, where Russia is regarded with respect and the United States of America is considered by many as a pariah, in part due to its cruel and inhumane stance against Cuba and in part because of the history of its relations with its neighbours to the south." Well, they have that right as well.

Notably, in this context, the article goes on to mention how Brazil was pressured by Washington to cancel a deal with Venezuela, a vacuum into which Russia, courtesy of Mr. Putin, stepped. This sort of behavior, we may rest assured, won't continue, for as China and Russia step up their presence in South America, Brazil, and Argentina, will eventually realize they no long need to be raped by Washington's surrogates.  Slowly the American empire is being confronted. Now, if people here would just wake up, and throw off the shackles.