Babylon's Bankers


July 26, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

CERN - you remember them, they're the people playing with that large Hadron collider in Europe, trying to create black holes and find the Higgs boson, the same people that use the Hindu god Shiva, "Destroyer of Worlds" as a kind of agency mascot...yea, those people - have made some interesting discoveries concerning the role of cosmic rays in the formation of terrestrial weather systems, and it's worth having a close look at this article to see what's up:

ERN \'gags\' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment

Yes, you read that correctly, scientists are not allowed to draw the obvious conclusions from their own experiments, when such conclusions might contest the political agendas of the banksters who ultimately pay their salaries. I find this disturbing for a number of reasons, but let's talk about just two here. The first thing that disturbs me is that this means nothing less than the stifling of science, and with it, human progress, and it is a stifling that would have made a Cardinal Bellarmine (he's the one who went after Galileo folks...well, he went after Giordano Bruno too, but that's a whole other story), green with envy.  You are looking, in other words, not merely at the death of the scientific method, but at its deliberate murder. This shouldn't surprise us, since the banksters have been in the business of killing science when its results didn't quite fall within the square and compass of their Malthusian quackery. One need only think of Venice's role here, its own flirtations with early forms of Malthusian doctrine-before-Malthus, and its role in the Roman Church roasting Bruno alive for heresy (that's what they called thinking outside the box back then). Or, more recently, one may think of the convenient death of Herman Kahn after his exposure of the Malthusian quackery of the Club of Rome's reports. In short, scientists must be free to interpret and publicize the results of their experiments, or we can all shut up and go back to our caves.

But at a deeper level, what disturbs me here is the high irony of it, for as mankind develops the very technologies to modify weather on a planetary scale, and perhaps even to modify the energy output of the other major "weather creator," the Sun, perhaps the real reason for not wanting scientists to publish too many of their results is the obvious implication that might be drawn from them, namely, modify the electrodynamic properties of the earth's atmosphere, and one modifies weather itself. And modification of those electrodynamic properties of the atmosphere is possible with already-available technologies. And that implies, maybe those technologies are themselves being used to create the other end of the "global warming" crisis(or is it cooling? I always seem to get that mixed up), the "bad weather" itself, so they can then tax us all for our mere existence and alleged role in creating this "crisis."