October 25, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about DARPA's (The Defense Advance Research Project Agency's) latest mind control neuro-linguistic programming project.  Now it may seem that DARPA is one thing, and what I am going to talk about here is quite another, but we need to know something about DARPA first, before the article that I am going to link here makes sense. First, you need to know that DARPA is kind of the American version of the Kammlerstab of SS General Hans Kammler. In short, it's a think tank and "coordinating" body, that is to say, it seeks out and recruits top scientists in various fields, for the express purpose of researching the necessary technology trees to get to a certain point of development of whatever it is that it wants to develop.

Secondly, DARPA views it's role, in part, to create a climate of research, i.e., to create enough interest in the wider society to research a particular area, like neuro-linguistic programming,, studying the feedback loops of the human brain as it receives messages and stimuli, and once knowing how it organizes its neural pathways, being able to program a certin type of response. In this role of creating a climate of research, a critical mass of interest in a certain area, DARPA both monitors the research being done in the private field, and often covertly sponsors it.

Now we are in a position to look at this article:

Neuroscientists unlock shared brain codes

Just in case it didn't sink in, read those last two paragraphs again:

"When someone looks at the world, visual images are encoded into patterns of brain activity that capture all of the subtleties that make it possible to recognize an unlimited variety of objects, animals, and actions.

"'Although the goal of this work was to find the common code, these methods can now be used to see how brain codes vary across individuals because of differences in visual experience due to training, such as that for air traffic controllers or radiologists, to cultural background, or to factors such as genetics and clinical disorders,' he said. "

Now, you'll recall, this is almost exactly what what I reported DARPA to be working on yesterday. Of course, there is no evidence of a DARPA hand in the Dartmouth research at all(not that we would expect it). But it is nonetheless true that the Dartmouth study would be of interest to DARPA, so rest assured, they have noticed the study too, and that, to my mind, raises the prospect that they have a hidden hand in some of this "private" and "university" research.

And let's be perfectly clear: this is alchemy in the classic sense: the transformation of mankind, and his consciousness, no matter how much the scientists choose to dress up what they're doing in technical jargon, it was, is, and remains, alchemy.