November 16, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

In case you think that bizarre materials engineering projects are the sole and exclusive brief of American or Chinese black projects, this one is being reported from France:

Let's speculate a bit here. Ever since the appearance of Eric Drexler's Engines of Creation, outlining the perils and promise of nanotechnology, materials engineering on a molecule-by-molecule, and even an atom-by-atom level, was at first the plaything of theorists, but is now, as the article illustrates, the stuff of reality.

The idea that nanoengineers are designing explosives with their new toy should give us pause. Imagine the possibilities, speculate, let the mind roam free, pretend you're a research scientist for DARPA reading this article...

... Imagine the ability to engineer a material with enough explosive brissance to initiate thermonuclear explosion, i.e., a hydrogen bomb. Indeed, as I've detailed in various books, but especially The Philosophers' Stone, this was indeed a sought-after goal both of the American and Soviet thermonuclear programs of the late 1950s, namely, a hydrogen bomb that wouldn't require one of those nasty, dirty atomic bombs to set it off, whence cometh all that nasty dirty fallout. One could have a clean hydrogen bomb, a clean big bang.

Enter nano-technology and engineering on the molecular scale. Of course, there are all sorts of nasty reasons that such a material could never be engineered, and we needn't go into them here. What is interesting is that the USA and USSR pursued such a project anyway, notwithstanding those "nasty reasons" when the prospects for success were even less, and the techniques and materials engineering technologies much less than they are now.

Imagine nano-engineering a super-dense material at cryogenic temperatures, and then suddenly subjecting it to a sudden increase of heat...and...well, bang. Indeed, such an idea was patented, as I point out in my various books on Nazi technology, in 1938, by the physicist Nowak.

The French have doubtless more up their classified sleeve than what is revealed in the article, and I strongly suspect that imaginations are already running wild in the black laboratories of the world on the possibilities...