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November 14, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Some of the heavy trans-uranic elements have finally been named, and it's good to know there's a group out there that does the naming:

Three new elements named, including one for Copernicus

So there we have it: elements 110, 111, and 112, will be called Darmstadtium (after the city in Germany, Darmstadt, where it was first isolated and discovered), Roengenium, and Copernicum, respectively.

Darmstadt of course, figures heavily into the story of well-known UFO-seer, Bob Lazar. Lazar, in case you don't know, touched off something of a controversy within the halls of UFOlogy, not entirely bereft of controversy themselves, when he came forward years ago to claim he had been part of a team back-engineering captured alien flying saucers at a super-secret research base in Area 51 at Papoose lake, an installation he calls "S-4".  Lazar claimed to have worked at Los Alamos NAtional laboratories, being personally recruited by Dr. Edward Teller, before going to the super-secret project at S-4.

There at S-4,. Lazar claims to have encountered element 115, which was used to power the alien saucer he was helping to back engineer. According to a version of the story, he and friend John Lear actually managed to get possession of the element for a period of time of a few minutes. Then, in subsequent interviews, Lazar claimed to have been contacted by the high energy laboratory in Darmstadt to come work there, doubtless for his alleged experience working with the super-heavy elements.

While it is true that element 115 was in fact subsequently "officially" discovered at Darmstadt, and while it is true that these elements constitute an island of stability with relatively longer half lives than others, I remain intensely skeptical that the claim to have collected any sample of the material for a number of minutes is true, given the short half-lives of these elements.

But in any case, I have a suggestion for the committee that names elements, just for kicks: why not name it Lazarium, and element 116, Learium?