November 18, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, once again one of the readers of this site sent me a story, and I finally had time to watch it. Once again, it's our friends at RT TV in Russia that are covering an interesting story, one that somehow slipped beneath the radar screens of our own media:

Why is it, I wonder, that Afghanistan's opium production is up, and that opium is actually now being grown in the UK to meet "rising prices" for opium-based drugs, when Afghanistan's opium production is actually up, according to the UN?

Well, I don't suspect, and I'll wager that you don't either, that all this opium is being grown simply to help stabilize the prices of the world's codeine and morphine supplies...

... as I and so many other researchers have pointed out, the illegal drug market is such a huge component of the world economy that ending it would, in a certain sense, collapse the banks laundering all that money; and as I and others have also pointed out, this money is also an almost inexhaustible and endless supply of money for black projects and covert ops of all sorts. As such, it is an essential component of black projects funding...

So the bottom line is this: the increase of opium production is in my opinion not accidental, it is by deliberate design. What may also be by deliberate design is the importation of the poppy into the West...perhaps the powers that be have conclusded that their long-term ability to control the traditional poppy fields is slipping, and perhaps it is for that reason they have brought production closer to home. Less transportation cost that way, and that means, increased profits.