December 15, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Once again, The Daily Bell has hit on something and you should know about it if you don't:

The Real Reason Bloomberg Sued to Open Up Fed Records?

It's worth pondering several things here, in the wake of the central banks' police's crackdown on the Occupy movement in recent weeks,and I quote:

"In fact, here is how you can tell an apologist-for-the-system from a freedom-fighter in this "sophisticated" day and age: They will claim the problem lies with Wall Street crookery rather than with the larger system of printing counterfeit money (central banking).

"And thus our conclusion as regards Bloomberg. Mike Bloomberg himself is surely a card-carrying member of the elite, isn't he? His firm was given tremendous advantages by Merrill Lynch that initially held 30 percent of his firm and supposedly in return gave him insider prices on long Treasuries from their Desk. That's why people bought his machines initially, as we understand it, not for their "technology."

"So Mike does what's necessary to save the franchise, in our humble opinion (the Fed franchise). He even sues to force the US Federal Reserve to open up its books about its 2008 bailouts. (Yes, we know, during the course of the legal action the reporter from Bloomberg who initiated it died of a heart attack but Bloomberg as a corporation persevered).

"As a result, we now know that the Fed disbursed some US$13 trillion to American commercial banks! This has caused a firestorm. But watch ... The powers-that-be, the manipulators behind this latest elite meme will NOT blame the Federal Reserve. They will chase after the "crooks" on Wall Street.

"It would be funny if it were not pathetic. The top men of Wall Street don't fully understand the system, either. They think their elite masters (the tip-top elite families and their enablers and associates) will protect them."

But as the Daily Bell goes on to illustrate, it's another replay of the hearings of the 1930s, with orchestrated "shock and dismay" coming out of the the banks, and more regulations to do precisely what the central bankers want , namely, to drive any remaining small banks independent of the Federal Reserve System into it, or, if not, to drive them out of business. In short, the so-called capitalists are the very last ones to embrace the idea of a market when it comes to money itself.

There is a lesson here for all those flocking to gold to maintain their security and wealth: as the article points out, Franklin Roosevelt simply demanded that all private holdings of gold be turned over to the government, at the insistence of his money men. The lesson? Very simply this: the banksters want to reduce all to slavery. So I concur with The Daily Bell, don't believe a word coming out of the politicians about regulation, after all, if they're opening their mouths at all, they're probably lying.