8 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE JUST BLINK!?!?!?”

  1. The Iranians may have an A bomb, Israeli have 300 of them, and they don’t keep their eggs in one basket.
    As soon as Iran makes the wrong step, they are gone for good, we could all say then bye, bye Iran.
    Collateral damage could reach large proportions, we share some common elements on this earth.
    But after all the fire may come from the sky and then it would be very, very messy.

  2. A few ancillary facts:

    1) Why are not the French (and the British) being held to the same high standards of what appears to be international condemnation of Iran pursuing its own national self-interest of nuclear technology, after all, it was France that provided the initial nuclear start up for Dimona (French engineers helped build Dimona in secrecy) facilities in Israel: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/israel/documents/reveal/index.html

    2) Mordechai Vanunu is a former Israeli nuclear technician who, citing his opposition to weapons of mass destruction, revealed details of Israel’s nuclear weapons program in the Negev Desert south of Dimona to the British press in 1986.  Why the British press? Why not the French press? This entire Mordechai (the name is commonly interpreted as a theophoric name referring to the god Marduk with the understanding that it means “[servant/follower/devotee] of Marduk” in Aramaic) Vanunu is distinctively suspect and reeks of a Mossad setup from the beginning re Vanunu. Why would Mordechai Vanunu be smart enough to cut loose with all these secrets on Dimona but stupid enough to allow himself to be taken down in a sex sting?

    3) Britain was in fact the original source of heavy water, the crucial ingredient that allowed Israel to transform its generic nuclear reactor in Dimona in the Negev Desert. s Mordechai Vanunu goes to the British press with his knowledge of Dimona (folks are not doing their homework)?

    4) You’ll just love this one since this seems to be a case where Israel is being pitted against Iran: Rio Tinto is the largest mining conglomerate in the world with partial shares owned by the Australians. Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia is set to surpass Canada in uranium mining and it just so happens, and even though officially denied, Iran holds a fifteen percent share in the Rössing Uranium Mine. So how does this work? Simple: British geo-political cunning.

    I’m afraid we’re about ready to get caught up in a turf war. Sort of like drunks who stumble out of the local corner tavern in 1930s Chicago neighborhood and find ourselves unwittingly right in the middle of a Chicago Outfit turf war and we’ve never even heard of Pat Marcy, Al Capone and Meyer Lansky (all by the way who worked for the City of London through their elaborate financial networks).

  3. The Mossad is hardly afraid of conflict – they scarcely flinch when assassinating anyone they consider a threat. So, are these Mossad bigwigs being honest, or just providing a foil to help polarize Israeli opinion?

    The sentiment is probably correct – Iran would not rationally want to engage in an all-out war, which would draw in the US and probably Russia and China. For the Western “roadmap” of Middle East manipulation to continue, I think it will be necessary to strengthen the more radical elements in Iran, or have another fake “revolution” and install more radical elements.

    I don’t think it is a blink, I think it is all part of the ploy, perhaps with a touch of cover-your-backside on the part of the dissenters. It is easier to play Monday Morning Quarterback if you set it up ahead of time. Down the road, you can distance yourself from the disaster by pointing to your early dissent. “I told them they were wrong, but they overruled me.” And if the war ensues or Iran does become aggressive, they can always say it was the aggressive posturing of Israel which caused that reaction.

    It strikes me as internal politics, not policy.

  4. Israel and the other Elite [which pretty much is ALL the Elite or relations]
    Jews have been trying to ‘blink’ the moat out of their eye(s)
    for a long time.

    It was so fast that everyone must have thought that
    they were winking !
    THEY all think we are facing catastrophie in 2012
    [now why would THEY think that?]
    because we were, up until a few years ago.

    [THEY don’t know that the worst danger will be a ‘no show,’ or at least
    greatly diminished. Perhaps not the best description because it
    will probably be a great show if you’re brave enough to watch!]

    The next worst one is the flip of the Sun’s EM field,
    which might also turn out to be a good thing, since it will effect our
    DIGITAL! comminications that THEY have ‘given’ us for slow genocide
    those nosey satelites……

    We will get our comm [pun intended] back with what is a lot healthier !
    THEY won’t make it because their [INSANE] physiology won’t
    be able to handle the changes. [More on that later.]

    There is a very fine difference,
    but it does exist and someone made their under(ground) bunker entrances
    go boom, or so I heard.
    For the last several decades THEY have been digging
    into the Earth’s crust like the worms they are with machinery for
    that specific purpose, perhaps started out for WW3.

    What the heck (?) I figure I might as well start giving (some of) it up,
    as I don’t think there is anything more they can do to me !
    this seems to be the only ‘place’ I can do that for a number of reasons.
    we will have the ‘good’ scientists; you know, the ones with the truth
    that get gagged.

    DO NOT think Michio Kaku, Albert Einstein, or Stephen Hawking.
    We can do without that science of mass dietraction !

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