December 21, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Phys.org is reporting something very significant:

Shooting for the moon -- to mine it

I hope you caught the central story here, one very possibly explaining the sudden interest  of the various world space powers in going to the Moon. Naveen Jain, the founder of the company Moon Express, Inc., whose purpose is to robotically mine the Moon, puts it country simple:

"The MoonEx project came about because we started thinking: There are a tremendous amount of resources that are available on the moon, and the moon has never been explored from the perspective of an entrepreneur. Every 6 inches of moon has been mapped. But no one has combined the data together and realized (that) these resources are right here.

"Q: What kinds of resources?

"A: . Today, 80 percent of these come from , which now has a policy not to export them. That means we're held hostage. We know we can get these elements on the moon."

There are a number of important consequences to any successful commercial development of the Moon. The first of these is, in my opinion, and notwithstanding current treaty obligations, that the idea of real estate property will soon become applicable to the Moon, and that international law and conventions and treaties concerning the Moon will have to be revised accordingly, and that in itself posts a problem:

What about the possibility that "someone" might actually already be there? They might object. After all, it was back during the Apollo period that author George Leonard first proposed the idea that someone was already there, and already mining the Moon, in a little book called Someone Else is On the Moon. The book was the usual amalgam of NASA photos, alleged whistleblower testimony, and drawings, and on the whole, unconvincing, but it did at least raise the hypothetical and legal problem.

There is another implication as well. In Babylon's Banksters I noted that the inevitable problem faced by a global financial elite working within the context of a closed energy and financial system was thateventually, it would have to "expand the bottle", i.e., expand the field of economic action, or perish, and the only two ways to do that were much further and deeper commercialization of the world's oceans, or outer space. Enter Mr. Jain: the Moon offers precisely such a rich repository for the expansion of the sphere of commerce off world.

And that means, inevitably, that the Western financial Elites well know that they are again in a space race, one which they, and not the other space powers - Russia, China, Japan, even India and Brazil - must win.

Merry Christmas from Newt Gingrich, Evelyn de Rothschild, Zbigniew Brzezinski as well as Dr. Farrell