January 2, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, on Dec. 28th I was on the Jeff Rense radio show, immediately after another guest of his, Dave Martin, who spoke about three likely assassinations: Josef Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev, and a former Reagan era national security adviser, Gus Weiss, who is our focus here. First, Martin's article(scroll down to the section on Gus Weiss):

Three Important Assassinations? Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev, Gus Weiss that you've read his thoughts on Gus Weiss, the Farewell Dossier, Vetrov, and so on, let's recall some other things, not mentioned by Martin, and do some dot-connecting. You may remember the other great scandal of the Reagan era, the INSLAW scandal. Briefly stated, INSLAW was a company founded by Bill Hamilton to develop a database software for the Department of Justice, then under Attorney General Ed Meese. To make a very long story very short, Hamilton eventually brought suit against the DOJ for stealing his software, named PROMIS, and hired investigative journalist Danny Casolaro, to investigate. Casolaro did so, and began uncovering evidence that suggested that PROMIS was modified by the CIA and other intelligence agencies to contain a "back door" that would allow them to spy on other countries to whom they sold the software, which eventually included Egypt, among others. These modifications were, according to Casolaro, carried out by Wackenhut and other contractors. As Casolaro pressed his investigations, he discovered links to the Mossad, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a host of bizarre characters. Then he told family members he was going to meet with someone in the then Senior Senate Robert Byrd's staff, which would blow open the whole case.

Casolaro never returned from that meeting alive. He was found dead in his motel room in Martinsburg, WV, in a bathtub full of watery blood, with several cuts on his wrists, the latest in a series of deaths connected with the INSLAW Affair. His family to this day believes Casolaro was murdered, in spite of a ruling that it was a suicide.

Ok...back to Gus Weiss. Notably, Weiss was apparently involved in the modification of software on the KGB's "shopping list,' which modifications were made and duly exported to the Soviet Union, to disastrous interference of with the Soviet infrastructure, including, as you read, the explosive rupture of a trans-Siberian gas pipeline. As Martin points out, some aspects of the Farewell Dossier are still classified.

Now to my mind, Weiss and the software modification are part and parcel of the INSLAW affair, and in fact, dovetail quite neatly into it. What interests me is that Martin makes it clear that this whole operation was done by a select few within the intelligence community, bypassing those who would have objected.

In short, we are looking once again at tangible evidence that "rogue factions" can arise within American intelligence, fashion policy and technology according to their own agendas, and actually execute it. All this raises the specter of badly compromised operating systems within the USA, and that, once again, puts "the Drone affair" into a very interesting light. Perhaps the Cold War scam has come home to roost in our own backyard.