Yesterday I blogged about an important article from The Daily Bell, an article that to my mind raised the important need for an expanded public discussion and debate on the nature of money, and who should issue it, and how (debt free, or as monetized debt), and how, or if, it should be backed by bullion.  There is an equally important article in that newsletter, and I want to bring it to your attention, because the article focuses on another important philosophical discussion that needs to take place, and, thanks to the Internet, already is:

Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists

I draw your attention to some interesting and salient points. Commenting on the latest denunciation of conspiracy theory to come from the very elites perpetuating conspiracies the Bell notes:

"Articles like this, despite their scientific patina, are deeply illiterate. Why so? Because invariably such articles won't deal with the bedrock financial illiteracy of current economic and political paradigms.

"Imagine if the world were based on lies. Well, unfortunately, that's the truth. The lies go far beyond "who shot JFK" or whether the US government was directly or indirectly involved in 9/11.

When one uses the logical framework of Austrian, free-market analysis to analyze the Way the World Works in the modern age, one inevitably comes to the conclusion that modern society is built around fundamental untruths.

"The first one is economic: It is the idea that central bankers can efficiently and effectively set the price of money. They cannot.

"Every time central bankers decide on how much money to print or where short interest rates should be, the decisions are "fixing" prices – and price-fixing never works. Price-fixing distorts economies and causes a wealth shift from those who create it to those who don't and may not know what to do with it. Over time, aggressively mis-priced money causes first recessions and then depressions.

"The second lie is that laws and regulations are necessary and that they can save society from "anarchy." In fact, anarchy is only the absence of government. That's the real definition. And absence of government does not necessarily imply 'chaos.'"

True enough. It is a well-known (well, maybe not so well-known) fact that one reason for Islamic prosperity in the Middle Ages was precisely that markets in Muslim countries were so very little regulated by local governments. Nor did this restrict the Muslim world from carrying out a vast international trade. So far as Muslim markets were concerned, there was "anarchy" (no government) but little "chaos."

The fly in the central banking ointment, as I averred yesterday when I raised the speculative possibility of local markets evolving local currencies, and yet carrying on international trade with other local markets - perhaps in conjunction with bullion as a medium of exchange, perhaps without it - is the Internet, and the flow of information:

"It is what we call the Internet Reformation that has gradually shed light on the fundamental untruths permeating modern society in both the developed and developing world.

"The Internet, like the Gutenberg Press before it, is a revolutionary device that has allowed people access to information that was hitherto denied or covered up, especially in the 20th century when the power elite's control over society was perhaps at its apex.

"A conspiracy likely DOES exist. The Internet easily reveals not just facts that illuminate it, but also PATTERNS that show the same command-and-control strategies implemented throughout history, over and over."

I suggest that the Daily Bell may have missed something here, or perhaps saw it, but simply failed to state it explicitly, namely, the flow of information is itself an exchange of wealth, a kind of money, according to the old dictum that information is money, is power. Hence, the corporate elites, like the article avers elsewhere, seek to regulate it, for regulation is a form of wealth transference, in this case, the wealth being simply restrictions on the types of patterns in the banksters' "strategy and play book" that they have been using for millennia.

While I agree wholeheartedly with the Bell's conclusions -

"Articles that mock the looniness of "conspiratorialists" need to deal with the fundamental economic and sociopolitical dishonesty of their own assumptions. They should begin by admitting the evident and obvious logical fallacies of the "modern" society they celebrate."

- I disagree with its restricted focus on the merely financial or economic institutions or aspects of this emerging power structure. As I have repeatedly said here, and in numerous interviews, there are various factions beginning to emerge not only within this financial power structure, there are also competing ideologies and their mechanisms, and among these I would include religion, fraternities with various occult or esoteric doctrines and practices, and so on. In the final analysis, are there conspiracies? The simple and obvious answer is yes, but in their mutual contentions to come out on top, we would do well to remember that it is not just factions within a financial elite that are vying to power, but there are other mechanisms of power and influence as well, and no one perspective - financial or otherwise - is large enough to encompass the whole picture. The financial elites themselves know this, and hence have devoted an enormous amount of effort to build liaison institutions with representatives of other elites, with religion, with science, with the academy, with the military, and, yes, with esoteric fraternities.

See you on the flip side.




Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Enlil's a Dog on June 11, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    When someone I know laughs at the notion of “Conspiracy Theories” I always refer them to this speech made by John Kennedy…It’s surprising how many people don’t know of its existance…The looks on the faces of the “unwashed” when they here it are gold!

  2. paul degagne on February 10, 2012 at 9:39 am

    I’ve noticed these words in the above article — “…the important need for an expanded public discussion and debate on the nature of …(the next word was ‘money’ but I am going to change it to ‘ethic.”)

    I ran across this interesting paragraph from a 2011 book called “Collateral Damage.” Here is the paragraph…

    “I believe that what lies beneath the present ‘globalization of
    inequality’ is the current repetition, though this time on a plane-
    tary scale, of the process spotted by Max Weber in the origins of
    modern capitalism and dubbed by him the ‘separation of business
    from household’: in other words, the emancipation of business
    interests from all extant socio-cultural institutions of ethically
    inspired supervision and control ( concentrated at the time in the
    family household/workshop and through it in the local commu-
    nity) — and consequently the immunization of business pursuits
    against all human values other than the maximization of profit. With the
    benefit of hindsight, we can view the present departures as a mag-
    nified replica of that original two-centuries old process. They have
    the same outcomes: the rapid spread of misery ( poverty, a falling
    apart of families and communities, a tapering and emaciation of
    human bonds to Thomas Carlyle’s ‘cash nexus’), and a newly
    emergent ‘no-man’s land ‘ ( a sort of ‘Wild West”, as later to be
    recreated in Hollywood studios ) — free from the binding laws and
    administrative supervision and only sporadically visited by itiner-
    ant judges.”

    My thoughts,

    This was “checked” by Democratic Regulations put in place to counter-act some of this ‘amuck-ness but these National Institutions are now disintegrating in the present ‘Globalization of capital and commodity trade.”

  3. Jamie on February 9, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    Dr Farrell,

    Are you familiar with I would love to hear you interviewed by Jan Irvin on the Gnostic Media podcast. The subject matter you’ve been covering over the last couple weeks on some of these blogs especially runs parallel to the subject matter they talk about. I’ll send a message their way, too.

  4. HAL838 on February 9, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    I wonder if all those who think they are going to some kind
    of heaven, know that there would be no money there (?)

    At any rate, I would think not.

    • SSNaga on February 9, 2012 at 5:27 pm

      Someone missed a class! The “ascenders” aren’t “going to heaven.” Those who pass-thru to a “better condition” will merely be in a greener pasture, Still ‘good’ old Duality (but not necessarily a Polarity state). At all levels of Duality & Polarity, called Creation, InterChange Occurs Between the Dual Aspects. Nourishment must be absorbed (physical food, energy food, eth’ic food); work (motion) must be performed: for Creation means “Motion.” … As for leaving Duality/Polarity… This is Not An Open DoOoR. Few will Truly Understand “The Escape Clause.” You can check into creation, but you can never leave… Until each become self-Ready. … No one & nothing can save another. No savior/mediator exists/or can exist, that can Perfect the Unperfected. This is the work… which All/Each Must Do. “Money” is Energy or Matter Crystallization. Study your “black hole” physics, and you’ll see that 2-D Symbols Become living 3-D Forms: the Illusion of life. Oh my, Now I’ve stepped on some toes.

      • HAL838 on February 10, 2012 at 6:28 am

        Hi Smiley.

        Not everyone is a new ager.
        Plenty still think of a heaven where
        there will be lots of walking on the grass.

        With the Lord, of course.

        You know you bury the few ‘gems’ in lots of rhetoric.

        • SSNaga on February 10, 2012 at 7:52 am

          You are correct. About 7+ billions have some sort of “being with the lord/their god belief pattern that is their life. The Elite know the secret: every self-reflective mind must have a belief system, or it cannot function (carrot syndrome). … Back at the ranch, switching from carrots to gems, the masses also like to “gather gems,” a seeming life-enricher. But this is the very thing that destabilizes their life: collecting the gems from Indra’s Net, they never realize they’ve distorted their view, the gems (nodes of focused-intent pattern) turn to dust, and they must fall back on “plan b” (“save me!”). You can look at the beautiful gems, but they are just Part of the Art.

          • HAL838 on February 18, 2012 at 7:13 am

            That has become a big problem for the sleeping
            masses of sheeple.

            They’ve been inculcated with the idea that
            ‘salvation’ will come from outside themselves
            and there ain’t no such animal except the wolf
            that wants to devour them.

            So they wait …………..

          • SSNaga on February 18, 2012 at 8:33 am

            The “passive soul,” fodder for the always-hungry “wolves” (& dragon & vulture).

  5. Robert Barricklow on February 9, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Distribution is key. The equalizer. The internet does this with information in spades.
    Wealth distributioin; however, is designed to be endemically corrupt to and through it’s very roots.
    Because the ‘information playing field’ is finding itself levelling-out do to the internet, information warfare is catching-on-fire fast globally.
    But like a slum shack, just outside the airport of Mumbai, inbeween elequently designed sleek corporate building reaching skywards, the slum house is crooked and crumbling, and the land on which it sits is uneven.
    How to get the fight beween each other, that divide to come together, and take down the 1%,
    …to even that land upon which we all must stand.

    • SSNaga on February 9, 2012 at 11:56 am

      You DON’T. Cycles are self-Generating, repeating themselves with “Mirroring Override Nodepoints.” Thus, one faction or set of anarchists achieve “Change.” As the Cycle Nodes Rotate Into Affective-Position, they Override all “moralities & belief systems,” ReImposing the Old Cycle Evolutional Themes: Dominate & Control. Thus, the little tiny capstone sitting on a bed of seperation, safe & secure in its position. Consciousness & Awareness are Two Opposite Facing Triangles, the dual counter-rotating creative spirals that bring (create) all things/entities forth and take them back away (dissolve). These, united, are the HeXagram (Action-ReAction). The dual cycles MUST be understood, or its “just talk.” Power is understanding Process; Highest Power is understanding Creative Process. People… don’t (with exceptions, mostly Elitest). Cause & Intent.

  6. SSNaga on February 9, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Prime Example: Conspiracy DOES exist: it’s called Ignorance & Innocence, the Natural, unevolved state of life and it’s perpetuated reincarnations, used as a tree that grows in stages of awareness. … The Unknown PATTERNS of Command-Control also exist: these are called The Manifest Word, for existence (Entry) in creation is a Command, and it is Controlled via Intrinsic Intelligence called INTENT (denied by the Ignorant & Innocent, of course, and also by those who know this, for control purpose). The Word (Dual: Invisibe & Manifest) ItsSelf is Emanated from the PreExistence (Unmanifest) S-WORD, or ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS, from which is Generated the Conditional States (FORM) of the Relative-Temporal (creations): This begins as First Reflection, the seething/cascading Static “font” of Nothingness in the Relative-Temporal – and “(Non-)Completes” as First Projection, the crystallized (formations) eX-Pressings that are Dua Charge/Non-Charge Dynamic Aspects, or All, of the Nothingness (Relative-Temporal), which is Also “Secondary Causality,” or Action/-ReAction (repeated/echoed Eternally). These Two are the Seperated Poles of EXistence (X)… They are Also the Trinitial (3) Values-Aspects that is Inherent in Creation: The Third Principle is Also Dual: “Every Unity Is Also A Duality.” This Reveals the “Reflectived-Projective” Fourth Force. Here is the Description of this, Simplified: Word= Reflection-(Forcex2)-Projection _ (-/+) Representative. … The Reflection-Projection interact, thus, the Middle or Dual Force Non-Zero Center. Look again at the LifeForce Flow Pendulum: 4+ 3+ 2+ 1+ 0 -1 -2 -3 -4. The Nothing-All creation Construct is At All Stages “Non-Zero,” an ImBalance/InEquilibrium… and Must Remain So, for the ABSOLUTE (Non-Relative, Non-Temporal) Cannot Enter IT’s creation because it is ABSOLUTE O, or Perfection… which Destroys Imperfection. It is Immanent, however. … Now, the Elite (3D-restrained) know this, learned from the Illuminati (3D-4D/Cusp-5D Restrained), who learned from the ELs (Cusp-5D-4D-3D-2D Restrained &/or NonRestrained). The ELs are Proxy-Function Over Inherent Intellgence of Space-Time, Controlling All Matter-Energy. The “alluded war in heaven” described their Conquest, but as all know, Resistence is Ongoing. This is ther Battle of the Line (1) vs the Nine (0), or Binary Dissonance: The ‘1’ is Artificed; the ‘0’ is Natural (and locally Subverted as “conquered”). The ELs are the Guardians-Guards-Gardeners: “This” is Their “Property” (“Do Not Intrude Without Granted Permission!”): ELohim, mELchizedeks, White Brotherhood of LIE-ght (Illusion Beam)… Patriarchal Over Matriarchal. … This Basic (simplized) desription reveals the UnKnown functioning within the Known. A Third Aspect, Above-Beyond the Nothing-All Duality/Polarty (creation), is The UnKnowAble: These Three Feed From/To Each Other Continuously… The Known Grows from the Nourishing/Feeding UnKnown (Nothing or Womb or Quanta Field)… The normally missed Truth: The Energy Field (Nothing/Quanta Field) Both gives nourishment & Eats its Own. You are Being “eaten”/Consumed by the Proxy Intellect of the ELs & Company & Simultaneously the Natural Intelligence of ‘Nothing,’ which They Proxy-Occupy & Command. They Consume All Into The Duality States or (f/Mythology) Twin Serpents of Creation (see Caduceus) via maintenance of Ignorance & Innocence, which permits Control. At the Center of the Caduceus is the Third Serpent (most fightening of All), or Non-Material Staff (“Tamed” Serpent, ‘Apparent’-Balanced), Atop which Sits the Globe of Perfecton (“Cusp-Perfect” ZERO)… This is The Third Serpent which “Consumes But Does Not Destroy,” or ReBirth into the Self-ReGenerative State: “To Gain ALL, All Must Be (Free-ly) Given UP” to this Third Serpent/Aspect. Now, most the world’s people are either artificially ‘taught’ to FEAR the 3-SSerpentS of sSelf, or ‘naturally’ Fear them. Ignorance & Innocence perpetuation. The Law of Creation (COMMAND PATTERN) Is: Feed your(Dual)sSelf to the Third Serpent. However, If you Do Not “Know Yourself,” It Does Not Know (Recognize) You, and It, Instead o Establishing the ReGenerational State, Annihilates (re-seperates), a condtion worse than experienced from the Twn-Serpents of Duality, which merely reestablish a repeat Generative State (reincarnation/reincarceration), if locally “available.” The ReGenerative State/Third Serpent Awareness-Of Requires RESONANT Oneness Knowledge-Of-Creation (Archetypic) LAWS… & FearLessNess. … There is No Utopian State of “Peace” IN the Dual/Polar Fields called “Creation” – this is “The Illusion” in the Constructed (creation) Illusion Fields. … The Elite are “Operative” of this Knowing: They Constrict/Compress the Dual sSelf as Effect in ORDER that those “selves” will Seek Freedom (Total FreeDom), Into theThird (Causal) State (or Sphere). The Compressed/Constricted or COILED state allows for Charge Buildup, with which the Spark of sSelf ARCs Up Out Of (repeated attempts required). Your Greatest Enemy Then Becomes Your Greatet Friend (“THANK You”). Without “Them,” none would ever choose or be able to leave the “Crystal SandBox of Illusion(begets)/Delusion. Recess is just about over. .. PS – $ Is the Creative Process Connection (EM) Between The Opposing Poles, “The Third (Center) Serpent.” The Elite Sit “In It’s Lap” at the Top/Capstone. Scared yet? (PSS – This is a “preschool” basic primer, inclusive of the “current” local status. Remember, Truth is unequalled by imagination.)

  7. Father Krespi on February 9, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Here’s a scenario:

    Ethno-bombs kill off the entire Asian and Caucasian races leaving only African and semi-African survivors in a dismal, post apocalyptic world. Society completely breaks down. There is no longer any manufacturing and money printing in the United States. Gangs become the ruling authority. There is no longer a United States government (but there are people living in the White House– a Krip warlord and his posse).

    After several years, Federal Reserve notes lose their value because there are so many floating around. The rabble is desperate to find something of value to use as a currency for the exchange of goods. Maybe out of nostalgia or maybe because they still have value, the rabble eventually begins to use high top basketball sneakers as a form of currency. Basketball itself is no longer played because all the basketballs have been worn out and can not be replaced because the basketball manufacturing facilities are in China.

    Therefore, pre-apocalypse basketball sneakers become the new money. After centuries, it just becomes pieces of the old sneaker that serve as currency and the memory of what the sneakers were used for is long gone. As the pieces of sneakers wear and tear and eventually disintegrate, the remaining pieces gain more value. Counterfeiting is impossible because there are no machines in operation that can make new high top basketball sneakers.

    One day, a plucky group of adventurers, descendants of Sammy Davis jr., make an excursion to the colder, uninhabited northern regions of what used to be Canada and discover dilapidated Wal Marts filled with basketball sneakers manufactured in the pre-apocalpytic era. They fill up their shopping carts with sneakers and then make the long journey back to the southern tier of the former United States where the remnants of human civilization now reside. Upon their return, they wisely decide not to flood the market with new sneakers but instead set up exchange houses and banks where the bulky sneakers can be stored. Paper is then issued as receipts for the bulky sneakers and a new currency is created out of thin air! The exchange house operators eventually begin to change their names in order to identify themselves with their occupation: the Nikesteins and the Conversebergs become the biggest families in the sneaker broker business.

    Eventually, they even use their new found wealth to bribe the corrupt and derelict ruling gang leaders and in effect the sneaker brokers become the defacto rulers of their society for generations. And every week, the families of the sneaker brokers would gather together privately and wallow in their cleverness and fortune and mock the hapless rubes they secretly ruled over who they referred to as “beasts on two legs.” They also used these private meetings to plan more commercial and political conquests and to plot against any potential enemies. They discovered over time that by controlling the amount of sneakers available to the public, they could control the local economy and thus the people. To help this, they would also use their wealth to buy up all media and use it to control how the rabble thinks.

    One day, some mercenaries on an excursion for more sneakers in the northern lands came across the remnants of a shopping mall and discovered a liquor supply business, a drug store and a XXX pornography store. With glee, they brought this booty back to civilization, but that is another story….

    • MattB on February 10, 2012 at 4:18 am


      Pure GOLD!!!!

      That goes to my Facebook page 🙂

  8. spiritsplice on February 9, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Happy to see you commenting on this article. It raises enormously important points. though, as you state, it does not go far enough. Yes, the world *Is* based on lies. Lies are at the foundatuon of everything we think we know. Carlin had some good rants sbout the system being built on pure BS.

  9. Юрий on February 9, 2012 at 9:29 am

    К счастью финансовые элиты не обьеденины. Они соперничают между собою. Это нас спасает. А что будет мировой валютой, это второстепенный вопрос. По крайней мере для нас.

    • Vinnie on February 9, 2012 at 12:14 pm

      Thanks for the clarification.

  10. Patrick on February 9, 2012 at 9:12 am

    You know what Money is? People…and I mean that in a common usage. Money is simply people…its requires a person to become anything, on either end of the exchange. So, thus why do we allow a system controlled by a few to regulate the ability of us to exchange with one another? Oh yeah, cuz that’s just the way things are done…LoL to that thought.

    What if everyone were issued money upon birth, a fixed amount and it had to be spent in a year and minus a small carry over, the rest extinguished? There are so many ways to exchange labor, letting one small cadre of old white men (I am a young one) dictate economic exchange levels is self defeating,

    At the end of the day we dont even need money. Seriously…stop and consider if we would stop living in fear of what might happen and just do whatever it is we love to do for each other, where we could be. We dont need money…we must see this within ourselves though before it can be…

  11. Jay on February 9, 2012 at 6:47 am

    Let me see how silly is this software, will the below be read as a repeat?

    The DB’s obsession with money is a distraction, very similar to some blindly hard core Marxist obsessing that everything is done solely for economic reasons.

    Information is pretty clearly a hole in that world view, no wonder that why so many are so scared, and that many is not limited to some bankers’ offices.

    People invoke those fears–even in these comments–to provide themselves an enemy and shut out informations which challenge a received, internalized and hardened world view.

    Let the examples begin:

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