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May 25, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

A little over a year ago, the world watched in disbelief as a tragedy struck the people of Japan, who suffered not only a devastating tsunami and earthquake, but then faced the reality of the "China Syndrome" and the meltdown of a nuclear fission reactor, spreading radiation throughout Japan and the world.

The news media at first covered the story, and then, like the BP oil spill, it simply disappeared, while the disaster remains. The radiation continues to spill, as this article alludes:

Radioactive contamination from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has risen sharply in Tokyo Bay over the past several months rather than decline, according to a new study.

The byline says it all: the radiation rises, the crisis continues, the people of Japan are staring the disaster in the face. What disturbs me are two things, one external, and one an internal one. The external one first: When reading the article, I noted what appears to me to be the creation of a new "meme":

"In a related development, researchers from MIT say that low, but elevated levels of radiation are not responsible for any significant genetic damage to humans.

"The same amount of exposure found in previous studies to produce DNA damage if given all at once now seems to have no effect if spread out over a long period of time."

And there's this:

“'Now, it's believed that all radiation is bad for you, and any time you get a little bit of radiation, it adds up and your risk of cancer goes up,' says Doug Boreham, a professor of medical physics and applied radiation sciences at McMaster University, who was not involved in this study. 'There's now evidence building that that is not the case.' DNA damage is known to occur spontaneously even at background radiation levels, conservatively at a rate of about 10,000 changes per cell per day.

"Most of that damage is patched up by DNA repair systems within each cell."

The new meme being implied here? "Radiation leaks, such as at Fukushima, are ok if they're spread out over don't panic, there's no real crisis here. Nothing to look at here...move along..."

(But there's a different take on all this here:

New look at prolonged radiation exposure: Study suggests that at low dose-rate, radiation poses little risk to DNA)

Well, regardless of how one interprets all this, what concerns me is this: the media long ago moved along, just as it did with the BP Gulf oil "spill".  And we moved along with it... I find myself writing this article with more than a bit of sadness, for I realize, that I had "moved along" too, until a friend with whom I was having a private discussion asked the question, Why is no one talking about Fukushima any more? I confess, I sat here, stunned. It was not as if I had stopped thinking about it, or even praying about it. But as I examined my own spirit, I realized that what was missing was the continued empathy for fellow human beings, who, through no fault of their own, were suffering in the wake of a disaster.

Upon reflection, what had happened to me was, I suspect, what had happened to so many others: we were all allowed our momentary moment of media-driven empathy, then the story disappeared...and our, my, empathy with it. It is, I suspect, an important lesson we need to be reminded itself from time to time, namely, that like it or not, we all, from time to time, need to check ourselves to see how much, indeed, we in the alternative or independent research community are driven by the very matrix we seek to call into question, to subject to critical analysis. I think in our process of unplugging from the bankster-driven media matrix, we must constantly remind ourselves that that matrix has conditioned us to think in terms of the crisis and empathy of the moment, rather than to take the long view, and the view that we are all interconnected. That we must guard and preserve those emotions of empathy as a permanent, rather than a fleeting, feature of our interior spiritual landscape. If we do not, we become the de-humanized monsters pontificating about global warming and the need for population reduction that we see the empty shells of human beings - we all know their names - that we see on their own media empire organs.

The people of Japan still need our support, empathy, our humanity. Fukushima continues, the radiation continues... and the "meme-ing" of the disaster also continue.

See you on the flip side.