May 18, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

This article caught my attention for a very personal reason, but more of that in a moment:

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This article hit close to home, for two reasons. Many of you know that I have raised concerns about GMO foods in various blogs on this website, and concerns as well about the corruption of the scientific process by the corporations involved in their promotion. But there is a second, more personal reason that this hits close to home....

We've all heard of Morgellons' disease, the disease that the medical community officially says does not exist. I say this is complete fraud... the disease exists, for I know someone exposed to it and who suffers from it...I have seen the open sores, and I seen photos of plastic fibers literally being synthesized form his body and the pain he suffers from this "disease that does not exist".  His suffering is real, the sores are real, the fibers are real. He has told me - and I believe him - that these fibers are responsive to electromagnetic pollution; when the EM is particularly strong, so are his sufferings, almost as if the fibers that grow in these sores are responsive to certain frequencies, like tuned antennae.

Now I hope you caught the important point in this article:

"Prior to its reporting, the condition was dismissed as a hoax, but upon further investigation, the evidence pointed out that the disease was real and may be related to genetically modified food.

"Despite this link being established, the CDC declared Morgellon's disease of unknown origin. Worse, the medical community could not offer any information to the public regarding a cause for the symptoms.

"When a research study was conducted on fiber samples taken from Morgellons patients, it was discovered that the fiber samples of all the patients looked remarkable similar. And yet, it did not seem to match any common environmental fiber. When the fiber was broken down, and it's DNA extracted, it was discovered to belong to a fungus. Even more surprising was the finding that the fibers contained Agrobacterium, a genus gram-negative bacteria with the capacity of transforming plant, animal and even human cells.

"Morgellon's disease is not the only condition associated with genetically modified foods. A growing body of evidence has shown that it may cause allergies, immune reactions, liver problems, sterility and even death. Moreover, based on the only human feeding experiment conducted on genetically modified food, it was established that genetic material in genetically modified food product can transfer into the DNA of intestinal bacteria and still continue to thrive."(Emphasis added)


Well, there you have it... yet another little tidbit that indicates that the corporate elite is intent, by whatever means, to poison, sterilize, and otherwise incapacitate people. At worst, it is intentional, at best, they simply want to ignore the evidence. I am far from suggesting that Morgellons is solely explainable  by GMOs, but Natural News is to be congratulated for reminding us that there is a body of evidence to suggest a connection... This will come as little comfort to my friend and all those who suffer from this disease, but it is perhaps some comfort to know where we may begin to look to fasten responsibility...and let us remember what the mediaeval jurists understood about the corporate person: the doctrine arose as a consideration of the idea of collective, corporate, guilt... Meanwhile, the Bozos at DuPonzanto will probably continue buying off the courts, suing farmers, and buying congressmen and senators and FDA directors so they can continue poisoning us.