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  1. Furthermore:
    China is NOT enslaving its people.
    [the US is the champion of that !]

    The Chinese ‘elites’ are trying to do what they have been trying
    to do for millennia, with the Great Wall, now with another wall;


  2. ABOUT 22,000 unmarried military personnel will lose their annual free flights home because of Budget cuts while Prime Minister Julia Gillard get a pay rise of an extra $80,000, bringing her salary to more than $450,000, (a larger earning than US president Barack Obama ($US400,000) and British prime minister David Cameron).

    Julia can fly anywhere any time and gets a pay increase . Yet an Australian soldier who is risking life and limb cannot come home and visit his or her family.
    Something stinks in Canberra !

  3. As an Australian, former Army Officer, now Teacher and son of a Banker who lives near an Airforce base and has spent the last 20 years living in both heart lands of East Coast Coal exports-I think I can comment here.

    The Australian military will NEVER support a pro-Chinese doctrine. We show the flag in China, as in other countries, but we all now down here that the ‘hypothetical’ enemy is China. We purchased the F-111 in the 1960’s so we had a nuclear option to hit China. Our current hardware is a mix of American and European.

    The Australian military is small compared to other powers, but has a VERY BIG BITE. We are very highly trained-we actually train the Americans, Malaysians and host of others. The worst kept secret is our nuclear and biological warfare programmes-both denied but very advanced. Yes we had a nuclear programme with the British in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Far more advanced than the South Africa programmes.

    We have PINE GAP, NURRUNGAR, NORTH WEST CAPE and a host of top secret facilities that may be ‘Area 51’ style bases-no one knows though Pine Gap has been suspected of being some Tesla weapon system.

    The present Government is a disastrous minority rule Green/Left who has just ripped the guts out of Defense and other sectors in order to deliver a ‘make-believe’ surplus budget. They won’t last long I suspect.

    Our mining industry is filthy rich and making money off, not only China, but JAPAN AND INDIA. They need us to support their energy needs.

    Our banks are very wealthy and have very little debt compared to the world. In fact the National Australia Bank (one of the 4 ‘pillar’ banks in Australia) is funded by Chase Manhattan.

    Australia has played a clever game balancing cash from China and Defense from the U.S. The game will get to a climax soon I think.

    1. Pine Gap is in cooperation with the US
      at least on its face.

      The World Elte, of course [!] are behind everything
      condusive to its testosterone driven goals and agenda

    2. G’day Matt,
      You are spot on mate, Australia has already made its choice many years ago. “All the way with LBJ”.
      As for the China trade, Australia has resources that everyone wants, there will always be buyers for what we have.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    The two apparent scenarios are in my mind’s eye as well.
    That is is another “divide, conquer, & profit” – of the exclusive elite’s patented modus operandi is a fear I hold below the surface. What I’d like to think is that China is a peoples’ revolution and that the sheer numbers prevent an elitist lording it mightily over the masses. This “peoples’ revolution” I’am speaking of is the GIANT.
    Of course, what Giant Napoleon was speaking of when he said of China, Beware the Dragon when it awakes.” ?

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