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Well DARPA is at it again folks (not that they ever quit), this time, trying to find out how stories and narratives influence human behavior:

DARPA Seeks to Understand Storytelling; Weaponized Dr. Seuss Imminent

Well, as you can tell from the comments to this article, there is some question as to its genuineness. but let's assume it's true for the sake of argument.

Given that caveat, I hope you caught that first quoted paragraph from the DARPA project cited in the article. Here it is once again:

"Stories exert a powerful influence on human thoughts and behavior. They consolidate memory, shape emotions, cue heuristics and biases in judgment, influence in-group/out- group distinctions, and may affect the fundamental contents of personal identity. It comes as no surprise that these influences make stories highly relevant to vexing security challenges such as radicalization, violent social mobilization, insurgency and terrorism, and conflict prevention and resolution. Therefore, understanding the role stories play in a security context is a matter of great import and some urgency."(Emphasis added)

What we have here is nothing less than a kind of "Manhattan Project" designed to understand the influence of narratives on the formation of aggregate (and individual) human response, and more importantly, forming memory and the general "Heuristic cues" we all use to search for, and interpret information.

For most of us, those heuristic cues are closely related to the way most humans think, that is to say, analogically, from known contexts to the unknown, via perceptions of common forms or content across contexts. A bit of this search for a formally explicit way to analyze these processes is hinted at in the last of the three series of questions DARPA posed its participants:

"3. To survey the state of the art in narrative analysis and decomposition tools. How can we take stories and make them quantitatively analyzable in a rigorous, transparent and repeatable fashion? What analytic approaches or tools best establish a framework for the scientific study of the psychological and neurobiological impact of stories on people? Are particular approaches or tools better than others for understanding how stories propagate in a system so as to influence behavior?"(Emphasis added)

In my opinion, at least part of what DARPA is after might indeed be seen as stemming all the way back to Leibniz, and his quest for a kind of "universal calculus." Of course, in Leibniz's day, the effect of such a language on biology or neurophysiological processes was only loosely guessed at, but here DARPA is making it explicit.

If all this gives you pause,it should, for we have seen in the last century the enormous power of directed history narratives through the mass market media and the narrow group of interests that they represented. We are familiar with the vast increase in the knowledge of propaganda techniques and tools developed by all combatants during World War Two... so imagine all that, with a truly explicit formal understanding...

...or, as the article's headline states it, a kind of soft propaganda, a "weaponized Dr. Seuss."

As for the story's genuineness, apparently at least The New Yorker is climbing on board with the story:

Why Is the U.S. Government Interested in Storytelling? Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2011/03/why-is-the-us-government-interested-in-storytelling.html#ixzz1wtJ24L76

See you on the flip side.





  1. Well folks, as you have seen another Nazi white supremacist bites the dust.

    By all means, have a look at the ‘Out of Africa’ thread and see how pseudoscience crumbles in the face of facts.

    If deconstructing silly racial purity rubbish is lies and misrepresentation-count me in 🙂

    Good bye ‘Concerned’. Enjoy your shrinking master race.

    1. Do you work for mossad, and sophism do you study it?

      I dont think concerned is a nazi, which is a jewish prince, and why were the germans calling themselfs jewish princes anyways and having jewish human sacrifice rituals aka holocause.

        1. halocaust is a old testament human sacrifice ritual, you know when Abram was going to sacrifice his son he became a ham. Abraham.

          I wonder if this burnt offering stuff and other genocide thinking has anything to do with the cannibalistic appetites of the neanderthals.

          1. “Enjoy your shrinking master race.”

            your one of those that advocate the genocide of the ayran race!

            all that psedo science you were spouting makes sense.

          2. Jedi, are you a crack smoker? It sure sounds like it mate.

            Boy O boy the good Doctor’s board is attracting some quacks.

          3. Nah I am not a crack smoker, I laugh at the garbarge coming out of your crack. You may want too research the crap you are regurgitating though.

            concerned humiliated you, and you think you won….are you really that stupid or just more sophistry nonsense?

          4. Actually I did win, and royally. You see Jedi, quoting one youtube clip doesn’t cut it sunshine.

  2. Will wrote: ‘Yikes. . .Their comments purport an agenda that’s just saturated in hateful drool.’
    Explain how trying to stop genocide of the white race is hateful. And how is it hateful to expose lies about history, to uncover academic fraud, and to warn people of false flag attacks?
    Will, your final statement –‘I feel compelled to go on, but I better stop here before tossing any more grisly bones to these trolls’– is a cop-out, and it is also emotive rather than logical, and you also use ad hominem.

    @MattB: I have provided many sources about race and the founders of civilizations, particularly on the ‘Out of Africa’ thread (two threads before this one, for those not yet following the debate–June 20, 2012). MattB, your writing comes across as arrogant, because you assume that opposing opinions are ignorant, that they have a particular worldview, and you claim that I have not provided evidence and that I have not challenged your writing point by point.

    For those interested, if you look up the ‘Out of Africa’ thread, you will notice that I have confronted the arguments of MattB, either by providing a relevant source or breaking down MattB’s arguments point by point.

    RE: Gould’s academic fraud (see below in this thread): MattB wrote: ‘I would hardly call Gould’s work an attempt to cover up secret genetic knowledge using a meme. If you have look through these threads you will see others more prominent who have been found guilty of such things.’

    As I said, it is significant, because Gould’s “The Mismeasure of Man” is one of the most prominent anti-racist works in academic literature. It has been tremendously influential. Thus it is a big deal that even the New York Times has conceded that his research was inaccurate:

    Ralph L. Holloway, ‘an expert on human evolution at Columbia’, sums it up well:
    “I just didn’t trust Gould. . .I had the feeling that his ideological stance was supreme. When the 1996 version of ‘The Mismeasure of Man’ came and he never even bothered to mention Michael’s study, I just felt he was a charlatan.”

    MattB wrote: ‘Claiming (or implying) that one ‘race’ or another is more advanced (via biology, religion or linguistics) is pure racism, unscientific and unwanted’.

    As I have shown, claiming that there are no differences in civilization creating abilities is to ignore the evidence. If one were to be as objective/scientific as possible–as an a priori, it would be highly unlikely if races DIDN’T differ from one another in terms of capabilities, tendencies, etc. After all, diversity is the rule in nature, not the exception.

    It is also obvious that there is natural diversity between peoples. I have provided much evidence that the white race is superior to other races at creating civilizations (see the ‘Out of Africa’ thread).

    Furthermore, if racial differences do not exist, then why would Gould falsify skull sizes of various races? The answer is, that Gould HAD to falsify data. Firstly, because he was a committed ideologue, and secondly, because racial differences are REAL. The only recourse for an ideologue is to try to ignore evidence, use ad hominem, or obfuscation. Gould used all three.

    1. “As I have shown, claiming that there are no differences in civilization creating abilities is to ignore the evidence. If one were to be as objective/scientific as possible–as an a priori, it would be highly unlikely if races DIDN’T differ from one another in terms of capabilities, tendencies, etc. After all, diversity is the rule in nature, not the exception.”

      Circular argument.

      Thank you for proving me right. If the white ‘race’ is superior then it has to be exceptional-BY YOUR OWN RACIAL ARGUMENT! So which is it? Diversity (as proven by me time and time again and now accepted by), or exception which you do and do believe in at the same time?



      All you have done is jump up and down claiming that certain mummies in western China equate to an aryan super civilisation-which I have just destroyed for you, and ranted about Lefkowitz without giving any counter augments to Bernal-because you can’t.

      You still have not demonstrated how Gould’s work illustrates a giant Jewish plot to annihilate whites via immigration or fraudulent analysis.

      All we are hearing is ‘I’m a white supremacist who doesn’t understand genetics, history, archaeology or linguistics.”

      Goodluck convincing people who visit this board that you are right-most of them are readers of Dr.Farrell’s work and share his disgust for pseudo nonsense that you keep spouting.

      1. MattB, your logic is flawed and you are ranting. That there is diversity in nature and that the white race is superior at creating civilizations is not in itself contradictory.

        Furthermore, I have provided plentiful evidence that the white race has been the originator of the most ancient and important technologies and civilizations, including citing some of the leading scholars in the world. I have also shown that the premier anti-racist scholar –Stephen Jay Gould– was involved in academic fraud, in order to cover up racial differences.

        MattB, you are using CAPS LOCK a lot of the time now, because you can’t handle the arguments that I am bringing. That is why you make emotive appeals, such as:

        1. Nope, logic is sound.

          However if we examine what you are say we see a different story:

          1. You claim that looking at a skeleton will provide a ‘white aryan super man’ who civilised the world-even though genetics reaches a totally different conclusion

          2. You claim a group of people to be aryans when genetics shows them not to be, and provide NO evidence of a global aryan super culture (even though i have demonstrated where your ideas originate)

          3. You claim that aryans are better at building civilisations-yet you forget that almost all the great civilisations in antiquity are neither white or founded by whites.

          4. You claim that names are not important when classifying societies

          5. You claim that the issues with Gould’s work represent some kind of global conspiracy to eradicate the white man.

          6. You use one source for all your arguments, scholars credibility requires more.

          7. You maintain a philosophical approach to race and origins that was promoted by Nazis and has been shown to be fallacious pseudoscience

          8. You provide no arguments except to reference one man’s universally unaccepted documentary.

          9. You target the use of cap lock-what does that have to do with the debate?

          10. You refuse to acknowledge the owner of this forum’s work which is in total opposition to your own

          I would call that irrational and illogical.

          I would call that illogical and irrational

          1. I don’t have time for this debate any more. In most posts MattB writes a snowblower of lies and misrepresentations (reminds me a bit of Stephen Jay Gould). 😉

            As a parting suggestion to others reading this, I suggest reading through this thread and the ‘Out of Africa’ thread, and to look up the many links I have provided, and also sources from excellent scholars.

            All the best on your search, folks!
            Concerned Citizen

  3. Yikes. I’m in awe that Skyoracle and Concerned could be so brazenly myopic and inverted. Talk about story-telling and propaganda. Their comments purport an agenda that’s just saturated in hateful drool. I feel compelled to go on, but I better stop here before tossing any more grisly bones to these trolls.

    1. The boys in the bright white sports car, waving there arms in the air, just who do they think they are….and where did they get that car

      Car?…why yes, the model T haplogroup.


      3 blind mice…c how there corrupted programming runs.
      They all run after the widows knife…
      see how it runs…


      1. who corrupted there dna with a vice….3 blind mice

        on a bright sun shiny note 15 corrupted banks are being declared insolvent as of today 666 22. Now just what will the dumb deaf and blind do without the money tree?

        slam, gate shut….black jack….over 21 ham and cheese bouys game over.

        its only just begun….

    2. Myopic….? I was thinking more along the lines of panoramic.

      The rock throwing is usually the first response, if what this article suggest is proving to be effective.

  4. Ahhh the good old ‘bait and switch’ hey ‘Concerned’. You still have not argued a position using facts. I would hardly call Gould’s work an attempt to cover up secret genetic knowledge using a meme. If you have look through these threads you will see others more prominent who have been found guilty of such things.

    You might want to check that ‘Out of Africa’ thread again ‘Concerned’, your whole case just fell apart. Please don’t tell me that these aryans spread culture all over the world using Runes…..Ohhh heard this idea before-Rudolf John Gorsleben (1883-1930). Please tell me you don’t read copies of ‘Monatsschift fur arische Gottes- und Welterkenntnis’ or better known as ‘Arische Freiheit’? Please tell me you don’t believe ‘Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit’?

    I would call the phrase ‘arrogantly’ a tad ‘ad hominem’ by your own definition. You are now hurling Elephants because you have provided NO ARGUMENT!

  5. MattB, rubbish! You complain about others excluded from debate, but on a recent thread (on the Russian study, which critiqued the “Out of Africa” hypothesis) you asked who had allowed me onto the forum…

    As I wrote on that thread, Bernal is not a Classicist; Lefkowitz is, and a very distinguished one. Bernal is an Afrocentric ideologue; Lefkowitz is realistic, and not “eurocentric”.

    Bernal’s 2001 book was baseless, and “History Lesson”, written by Lefkowitz in 2008, reveals how the Afrocentrists use absurd arguments and coat them in meaningless postmodernist language, and that they use intimidation and ad hominem. I know what she means…

    1. PS: From the recent thread about the “Out of Africa” hypothesis:

      MattB says:
      June 21, 2012 at 5:28 am
      Who let the KKK guy onto the forum?

      legioXIV says:
      June 21, 2012 at 2:38 pm

      Nicely done Matt. nicely done. I fully agree.

      MattB, in the same post you also assumed that I wasn’t familiar with Bernal’s work, and you implied that I was a moron. I.e. ad hominem.

      1. PPS: Anyway, I now have other things to do. If others reading these posts are interested in races and the origins of civilizations then I recommend to do one’s own research, to look at research from various viewpoints and make up one’s own mind. All the best, Concerned Citizen.

        1. ‘Concerned’,

          You have provided NO arguments for your position-NONE AT ALL.

          You obviously don’t know what Eurocentrism is, or for that fact the foundation thesis for Classicism is either. If you did you would realise very quickly that Lefkowitz and her husband are RENOWNED Eurocentrists.

          If you believe the Greeks and their ‘ideas’ are Aryan, and by default European-you are Eurocentric in your philosophical approach to ancient texts, mythologies and language.

          Also, the concept of ‘race’ has been severely critiques over the last twenty years, so delineating cultures in this way is highly problematic.

          Claiming (or implying) that one ‘race’ or another is more advanced (via biology, religion or linguistics) is pure racism, unscientific and unwanted

          Why the hell would you come here with your racial ideas?

          I suggest you go and read ‘The Occult Roots of Nazism:Secret Aryan cults & their influence on Nazi Ideology’ by Dr. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. Have a look at how abhorrent your philosophical position really is.

          1. MattB, you arrogantly assume that I am ignorant of the literature; you use ad hominem; you try to intimidate; and you don’t respect freedom of speech or open debate.

            Race is not just a social construct, and it is a legitimate avenue of research. Even the New York Times had to concede that Steven J. Gould, one of the premier anti-racist anthropologists (e.g. “The Mismeasure of Man”, 1981), was inaccurate.


            Read the article CAREFULLY. This shows just the tip of the iceberg of falsified anti-racist claims. The article quotes Ralph L. Holloway, ‘an expert on human evolution at Columbia’:

            “I just didn’t trust Gould,” he said. “I had the feeling that his ideological stance was supreme. When the 1996 version of ‘The Mismeasure of Man’ came and he never even bothered to mention Michael’s study, I just felt he was a charlatan.”

            Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a systematic campaign to falsify history and a systematic campaign to destroy evidence from prehistory.

            For my defense of Lefkowitz against MattB’s ad hominem, it is in the ‘Out of Africa’ thread. If people want to do further research into these topics, then I wish you all the best with that.

            Now I don’t have time for any more debating. All I can say is, do your own research and don’t take MattB’s or legio’s word for it.

          2. “All I can say is, do your own research and don’t take MattB’s or legio’s word for it.”

            And by that same token don’t take the word of “concerned” for it either.
            By all means do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

            “In most posts MattB writes a snowblower of lies and misrepresentations”

            Does this not constitute an example of the ad hominem attacks that you preach against when it comes to quality research “concerned” ?
            Is this not a case of the kettle calling the pot black?

        2. you are doing a fine job concerned, and a excellent debater who would be quite welcome in the “grove” The humiliation and anger of the feeble minded you continual expose of the babbling shills is quite humorous.

  6. ‘Concerned’,

    Do some research please. Lefkowitz’ ‘coalition’ was highly unethical and disallowed Bernal a response in their ‘peer’ reviewed journals.

    Bernal’s latest work (Black Athena Writes back 2001) absolutely destroyed Lefkowitz and her allies one at a time-showing the ridiculous amount of, as you incorrectly use, ‘ad hominem’. I have read all his work in depth and his arguments are very sound. Much of what has been said of Bernal is absolute garbage concocted by anti-black, pro Eurocentric individuals who don’t want their precious ‘aryan’ ideals challenged.

    You might want to have a closer look at his credentials:
    1957 Matriculated King’s College, Cambridge.
    1958 1st class Honours in the Preliminary Examination to the Oriental Tripos. Elected to the John Price Minor scholarship.
    1960 Diploma of Chinese language, Peking University. Distinction in Oral Chinese, Cambridge.
    1961 1st class Honours, Oriental Tripos, pt. II.
    Elected to the Augustus Austin Leigh Studentship.
    1962 Harkness Commonwealth Fellowship.
    1963 Graduate Student at the University of California (Berkeley) invited to join PSA.
    1964 Graduate Student at Harvard.
    1965 Prize Fellow of King’s College Cambridge University.
    1966 Ph.D. Oriental Studies at Cambridge University.
    1972 Associate Professor in the Department of Government, Cornell University. 1984 Adjunct Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University.
    1987 Mellon ‘Folding Chair.’ for Interdisciplinary Teaching at Cornell University.
    1988 Full Professor in the Department of Government, Cornell University.
    2001 Retired, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University.

    Also, prove that I or Legio engaged in ad hominem.

    You must prove that Aryans are ‘civilisation creators par excellence’. Please enlighten us.

      1. Incorrect. His scholarship was very high class-most of the challenges were unfounded ad hominem and have been answered.

  7. ISRAEL did 911, attacked USS Liberty, and controls politics in DC with the Israel Lobby.
    Also look up Jim Stone’s website, on what the Israeli “security” at FUKUSHIMA were doing when there was the “meltdown”.
    Now the Israelis are in control of “security” at the London Olympics (RT had an article on it). We have to stop another false flag attack!

  8. Isn’t this an example of why the Zionist own or control ALL of the western media. Its obviuos they have known about this structure for a long time.

    Bravo…Concerned Citizen….It is blatently obvious as to the Aryan race being the main target by these means since the end of world war 2.

    Some elites were drastically concerned as to how close their little party was almost destroyed and set out to make sure that certain truths were not to be spread to the rest of the world. IMO!

    1. Thanks for your input, Skyoracle.

      The parasites want to make it illegal to speak out against the genocide of Aryans, and for that matter all the parasites’ crimes. Ironic that the Internet (originally a DARPA project) is now destroying their lies.

  9. Also, MattB, “legio”, etc. use ad hominem and praise PSEUDO-scholarship, such as Martin Bernal’s book “Black Athena — The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization”. Mary Lefkowitz (an actual scholar) provides an excellent demolition of Bernal’s propaganda.

    The ARYAN race has proven itself to be the civilization creators par excellence. And now the existence of Aryans is in danger, through mass-non-white immigration and miscegenation.

    Those responsible for this genocide are parasites such as Goldman, Rothschild, and Ben Shalom Bernanke.

  10. Another manipulative “story” is that all people are inherently equal. That there is diversity of people, and widely varying capabilities and tendencies, is patently obvious.

    1. actually the phrase is (before corruption) “all people are equal before the law”….in civilized countries that is.

  11. Absolutely do stories influence human behavior.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.

    We have seen that today with the classic example of the 911 myth. Not only do most people still buy that monumental claptrap, they still accept the premise that our rights must be stripped to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This story has had a major impact on the way people perceive the world and how they must react to it.

    This is seen throughout history, from the bible stories to influence how we behave in living our lives, to the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae to introduce the concept of the glorious defeat and duty at all costs, to the events of 911.

    Stories have always had a major influence on the mental and emotional development of the human species over the ages. In the hands of manipulative people they are just another form of control.

    1. That’s why you should understand the context of quotes before posting them “legio”.

      1. That depends on your definition of what a story is. Stories can be lies too. Deliberate lies put out by people for whatever reason.

  12. What? Darpa is a few thousand years late to the party. This was mastered by “Scripture” writers long ago. Perhaps they should just go to Bible study and spare us a few tax dollars.

  13. Do others see how absolutely ludicrous this world is?
    That alone should prove out the idea that it serves some [strange] purpose.

    1. wisest thing i have read in a while hal838 (profound) what would you expect from free will?thanks

      1. THEY realy did not like my reply concerning their only true creation,
        that of an all out and total Extinction Level Event that
        without change, we are in the middle of…………….
        TOTALLY MAN-MADE and not from space more easilty preventable
        than their successful efforts to “BRING IT ON”

        trying a shorter one

  14. Robert Barricklow

    Because of the way the “system” has been structured, it is endemically corrupted from within. To try & correct within this framework is a battle against the grain.
    The root is ancient, the organization constructs/to die 4 – literally.
    Thus story telling is a possible way around the construct. Today many story tellers have been commercialized, either knowingly or completely oblivious.
    An example would be 9/11. Some still write thrillers with the official version as gospel. That’s a fairy tale.

    Indeed REAL story telling is an art.
    And truth is a revolutionary act.

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