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June 28, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

By now you've probably heard that the US Supreme Court has upheld Obama care including the controversial mandate - that's the part where the government can now order you to buy something, a very dangerous precedent. Now I've never been a supporter of Dummycrookery, nor of this President, so, bear that in mind as I comment on my reaction.

As I write this, I am listening to a relatively popular "conservative" talk show host rant about the fact that the Court was led by Chief (In)justice John Roberts, a Bush appointee; Roberts will in fact write the majority opinion. The host is acting like he's surprised. Frankly, when I heard that the court was going to hear the case, I yawned. To expect sanity and rationality from the US Supreme Court, to expect morality from a institution that once declared Black people to be only "3/5 of a person," from a Court which has given us Roe vs. Wade and tens of millions of abortions in the name of reproductive "rights", is to expect the impossible.

I am not, frankly, surprised at this decision. The talk show host rants and raves against Chief (In)justice Roberts - a Bush appointee - for betraying "the conservative cause", but really, should one expect political or moral consistency from anyone connected to the Bush family? They are, after all, committed globalists.

No....we should not be surprised at the decision. Obama care had to be "ushered" through Congress by midnight votes behind closed doors by a very hypocritical speakatrix of the House. A manifestly corrupt Court has upheld it. And the decision would have been equally corrupt had it gone the other way, after all, Supreme Court justices are merely political appointees and vetted, not for their understanding of law, but for how they are likely to vote in terms of the false "left-right" dialectic that is the Hegelian bellweather of American politics. Add to this that the "opposition" party is running a candidate whose state health care plan formed part of the inspiration for Obama "care", and many conservative think tanks just a few years ago were also pushing the idea of an individual mandate, and you get the idea.

If anything, the Court's decision merely underscores the fact that a great segment of the American people, and not a very few states themselves, now are disenfranchised of any representation whatsoever. The Empire and its oligarchy march on. We can be thankful perhaps - though it is little consolation - that the Court has reminded us once again of how broken and corrupt our system under the Dummycrooks and Republithugs really is. This is just another victory for the oligarchs and plutocriminals that really run the country behind the veneer of the institutions of a republic. And, just like Venice, we now have our own Council of Ten -call it the Heimatsicherheitdienst mean, Department of Homeland Security - to monitor everyone's thoughts.