June 27, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I well remember laughing quietly to myself the first time I saw Michael Fox and Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future. At the end of the movie, Lloyd shows up in a modified DeLorian....modified with a "Mr. Fusion" sort of coffee-maker looking apparatus stuck to the engine, into which he puts a bunch of garbage: banana peels, food, old paper, and so on, and off the DeLorian goes. In those years, of course, Pons and Fleischmann were being laughed out of the US - and pretty much out of the world of mainstream science - for their claims of having observed nuclear reactions at temperatures far below those the standard model accepts. As I noted a couple of weeks ago, and as I also noted in my book The Nazi International, Dr. Ronald Richter made such claims decades ago, in the early 1950s, and claimed that he had actually observed similar phenomena and performed experiments on it in Nazi Germany, as early as 1936. He too was roundly denounced by the scientific establishment of his day, and faded into obscurity in Argentina...but not before the US Air Force conducted a series of secret interviews with the "fraudulent" scientist(a few years after Peron inadvertently spilled the cold fusion beans at a press conference in 1951).

Now, all this is background to the following story, which by the time this blog is posted, will be even older, but it's worth noting anyway:

Rossi Provides More Information on High Temperature E-Cat Testing

If Rossi's equipment is indeed eventually proven - beyond all shadows of skeptical doubt and the usual scientific scrutiny - then this is a significant  culture-and-society-transforming milestone, for such long duration testing is, as the article avers, necessary to prove the reliability of the concept for the actual practical production of power. Now, if anyone is doubting Rossi's bona fides, it is worth noting that he was in attendance at the 2011 MIT Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reaction Colloquium (Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction is the technical jargon for "cold fusion"). (For Rossi's attendance, see The 2011 Cold Fusion/Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions Colloquium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Part 1). That such a colloquium occurs at all indicates the degree to which cold fusion has come, from the days of Richter and Pons and Fleischmann, when it was derided almost exclusively by academics and universities, to being, if not yet mainstream, at least "on the radar screen."

So back to Rossi: that his equipment has been constantly operating for this amount of time and putting out steam consistently - if born out by further tests and acceptance - will be a game-changer. Think about it for a moment: delivering electrical power without coal, without natural gas, without oil... and by relatively simple means. Miniaturize that technology and one could drive cars, trucks, trains... perhaps airplanes... Bad news for the current power elites (who, you can be sure, are meeting secretly and quietly to try to figure out how to monopolize the new technology while their controlled lamestream media continue to ignore the news, and while their political sock puppet candidates Bland Mittney and Baruch Oblahma continue to blather stupidly about alternative forms of energy, ethanol, hybrid cars, tax breaks...well, you get the idea)....

While our politicians fret and fume about oil, while the western elites push their memes of peak oil and peak civilization(not to mention the Rockefailure myth that all that petroleum comes from dead dinosaurs and plants), and declining energy reserves, the world is changing in an extraordinary way...  If Mr. Rossi's experiments do eventually prove to be not only valid but viable to everyone's satisfaction, and his invitation to MIT's Colloquium certainly indicate at least a quiet confidence in certain circles, then his discovery will not only go down as a scientific revolution, but a cultural one,  for it will be one more concussing shock to the "matrix" civilization those elites have carefully built up over the last century. If so, those self-appointed "masters of the universe" will go down  as some of the most colossally stupid and narcissistic people in human history.

But if the Richer scenario as I outlined it in The Nazi International is true, then there is another lesson here too, and that is, those elites also have known about all this for a very long time. It isn't the phenomenon itself that is new, it is that it can no longer be successfully suppressed...

See you on the flip side.