cosmic war


June 18, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's one that sort of "snuck under the radar", and it raises all sorts of interesting speculations and questions:

US satellite spy agency donates telescopes to NASA

Now, when I read this, I thought, "Whoa....!" For one thing, the use of high resolution spy satellites has an obvious purpose, to spy on other nations, on their bases, constructions, activities, and, one would assume, with the advent of Radar Tomography, what they're doing to a certain depth beneath the ground as well. Now, in the past, we've been told by various internet sources, that these satellites would not have much use for space purposes, say, in photographing...well, the Moon for example, or Mars, etc. Now, granted, the telescopes are on the ground, and the article states there are no cameras, and so on. Sure...the NRO always launches telescopes to peer into other people's business, but, woops, forgets to put a camera on board, or broadcast equipment to send pictures to the earth.

Maybe that's true, and maybe it isn't, but the donation of these satellites to NASA suggests that the NRO may have been surveilling more than Moscow or Beijing, and that indeed, the NRO may have been snooping on other things altogether. A secret space program, so to speak.

Now what also caught my eye was that the NRO no longer "needed" these spy satellites with their implied "space" capabilities, and that NASA doesn't have the money to launch them. As for the first implication, perhaps it indicates that something else has been put into place, and that the NRO may be busily engaging in taking pictures of our nearby neighbors.

In any case, it is an interesting tidbit of information, and one, yet again, that suggests strongly that there is more going on in space than meets the eye, and that someone, at least, is watching it closely.

See you on the flip side.