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August 11, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one I just have to talk about, because, if true (skeptics, please note my use of the subjunctive here!), then it promises to throw yet anotehr king-sized monkey wrench into academic reconstructions of early human history:

Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa

Now, the key question here is how this area was dated, and I draw your attention to their own article on this subject, here:

Dating the site:

Now, it is evident that the authors of these articles have constructed a complex structure of contextual argumentation to date there discovery, and it should be noted that Michael Tellinger(author of Slave Species of God) is an enthusiast for the theories of Zechariah Sitchen, who, of course, maintained that mankind was engineered into existence by the "Anunaki" for the purposes of being a slave to mine gold precisely in this region of Africa. So, we see in the articles a bit of an agenda perhaps at work: the need to "prove Sitchen true."

Readers of this site and my books will know my difficulties with Sitchen: the whole problem of the physics implications of his Nibiru-carreening through the solar system every 3,600 years, the whole ludicrous idea that the Anunnaki traveled in rocket ships (this in the age of the UFO and public writing on flying saucers and anti-gravity), and of course his translation difficulties. But it cannot be gainsaid that Sitchen did talk about mankind coming out of Africa, he did talk about massive gold mining (and even indicated this general region), and all of this, of course, requires some sort of civilization, evidence for which, if Tellinger and Heine are correct, has possibly now been found.

I must be honest; this has my antennae pulsing with suspicion and has my suspicion meter registering in the red zone, for a number of reasons. I have long regarded the fact that the late Mr. Sitchen maintained offices in Rockefeller Center with a great deal of suspicion, and have, I must be frank, also entertained his sudden popularity and publications has perhaps being deliberately promoted by a financial elite, a kind of disinformation operation, and as any disinformation specialist will acknowledge, to be effective, the operation must contain elements of truth. Perhaps, with the "discovery" and convenient redating of this city, we are looking at those "Elements." Thus, the rest of Mr. Sitchen's scenario - Nibiru, rockets, etc - wild and dubious though it is, gains credence.Succinctly put: was someone behind Sitchen? Did someone set him upon the path of investigations he undertook, or supply him with information? It is a question, I think, that frankly must be asked.

Passing beyond Sitchen however, we come to the general implications of this discovery, for of course, it sets yet another fox among the out-of-Africa-hypothesis chickens, for in that standard academic theory, recently propped up by various genetic studies (though, as I wrote earlier on this site, recently challenged by Russian genetic studies), humanity is thought to have originated precisely from Africa ca. 150,000-200,000 years ago. The presence of such a widespread area of some proto-civilization would seem at once both to confirm that hypothesis, and yet, to challenge it as well, for the challenge comes from the extent of the "discovery" itself, for the extent implies a rather large population, something that would not seem to be possible in such a short time frame.

In the end, we must wait and see, but if this discovery is true, then the implications I have outlined above would seem to me to be among those in play...

See you on the flip side.