cosmic war


August 6, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

No sooner than NASA announced it had discovered life on Mars than the Curiosity landing site began to be the gathering place of an angry group of Martians, after their leader made an impromptu and unscheduled visit to the site:

According to their spokesman, Marvin, the Martians are pissed off about the landings. "We're very concerned here on Mars. No matter where the USA goes, in spite of the fact that they say 'we come in peace' they end up installing dictators and instigating 'spontaneous uprisings.' We've been monitoring your broadcasts and there's just no way that Mars is taking any loans from the IMF," Marvin said.

Contacted at a clothing store where she was being fitted for barrel hoops, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the USA would continue to monitor the situation, and that the UN should consider imposing sanctions on the truculent Martians. Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao stated that any attempt by the USA or its allies to impose unipolar solutions on Mars without consulting China and Russia first would result in the exercise of their veto at the UN Security Council.ย  Russia and China have both sent special teams to Mars to negotiate directly with Marvin's Mars for the Martians Movement (MMM).