August 22, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I received this article on Alex Jones' Infowars website from about five different people, and I wanted to share it here, because it raises all of the issues I discussed in yesterday's blog concerning transhumanism:

Pentagon Developing Autonomous Humanoid Robots To “Perform Evacuation Operations”

This, I submit, is that "dark" side of transhumanism that so profoundly disturbed Dr. de Hart and I as we were researching and writing the transhumanism book (and more often than not, discussing things that we discovered, rather than researching and writing!).

Here the dark prospects are fairly clear: imagine such a robotic technology not in the hands of Will Smith in the movie adaptation of Isaac Asimov's "I, Robot", but, say, in the hands of a Nikita Khrushchev, commissar in the Ukraine under Josef Stalin, and responsible for rounding up and deporting millions of Russian kulaks from their farmland and deporting them to the gulags.  Or imagine such a heartless, programmable technology in the hands of an Adolf Hitler or Heinrich Himmler, programmed to collect DNA samples from random populations, to analyze said samples on the spot (and after all, our robotic space probes already do this type of on-the-spot analysis) to determine if it contains any "typically Jewish genetic markers", and, if so, to round up the "offenders" and pack them into cattle cars to be sent off to the Konzentrationslagern.

Opposition to such robots could only be in the form of actual resistance, for in the current state of programming, any argumentation with such a machine in the performance of its programmed task would be more or less futile.

Or imagine such machines showing up on your doorstep, requiring you, and everyone else in your neighborhood, to evacuate immediately, because a politician somewhere has exercised eminent domain for some project, and needs your, and your neighbor's, land. Again, in such a circumstance, argument would be futile.

Or, on a much lighter plane, imagine such a technology in the hands of your local friendly law enfarcement agency, laying speed traps for the unwary driver drifting 0.7 mph over the posted speed limit. No argument, no human ability to reason or judge according to the situation, just a ticket, a fine, and (possibly) a robot judge in a robot court with a robot stenographer. "Please enter your PIN now. Please key in, or say, your plea now, followed by the pound sign. Please pay your fine now. Please select credit or debit."

Of course, such society is  draconian, and probably will not be tolerated simply because too many people - even among the elite - would find it irritating at best and inhuman at worst. But again, like it or not, the technology is coming, and it will change our world. The computers we now use as a matter of course in our daily lives were a mere 20 years ago, for most of us, still a dream, a toy, a technological fascination, perhaps even a boon to the performance of some task in our lives. Now, they are an essential component of modern life.

So too, the robot... it will begin, as did computers, being the plaything and preserve of the military and corporations (which already have them), but it will end with robots being a part of our lives, for good, and ill.

See you on the flip side.