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September 7, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well a week has gone by since the "festivities" announcing the coronation of Barmitt Obromneyack at the Republithug National Conventicle in the unfortunate city of Tampa, Florida. My heart, and condolences, goes out to all Floridians. Fortunately, I missed viewing the whole event, since I can barely stomach American television news on See BS, See No News, or Faux News (which, I am sure, was all aflutter, heart palpitating, eyes batting) as the sock puppe... er...candidate strode on to the platform to accept his coronation. Frankly, even the thought of watching it made me nauseous, but I am reliably informed that the festivities included a famous Hollyweird producer and actor talking to empty chairs while empty heads looked on and cheered.

Now the downside of all of this is, we get to do it all over again at the Dummycrook National Cabal - always a circus treat for those of us who like clowns and gymnastics - when once again Barmitt Obromneyack will be accept the coronation of his cabal for the presidency of the USSA. Perhaps we will be treated to more famous Hollyweird producers and actors addressing empty chairs(or maybe a supreme court chief injustice? how's that for an idea?), to be adoringly cheered on by empty heads. Ido have a modest suggestion to make to the Dummycrooks here. Could you please take a page from Nancy Pelosi's playbook, and do it all in executive session in the middle of the night when no one is looking?(Note to the current incumbent, Mr. Obromneyack: Good one, sir, scheduling that tropical storm and stealing the thunder - pun intended - from your opponent, Mr. Obromneyack.)

Now, all seriousness aside, we have this analysis from our friends atThe Daily Bell over in the U.K., a kind of pre-conventicle analysis, which I share here, long after the conventicle has met, agreed upon its agenda, and retired so its other half can again nominate Mr. Obromneyack at the Dummycrook cabal in a few weeks:

The Deception at the Heart of the Upcoming US Presidential Election

What interests me here, and it should interest you, is not so much the point-by-point detailed analysis the Bell offers, nor the misgivings that it registers over Mr. Rybidenan as the Republithug (or was that the Dummycrook) nominee(...they're so hard to tell apart any more!). What interests me  is rather a foreign perception of the US presidential process as being something of a bit of theater:

" accept Ryan's role, you have to accept the larger nonsense about this being a "generational" election – one defining America's aggregate "soul." To believe this, of course, one has to believe that modern US presidential elections actually bring change. This is hard to fathom. What's the difference between George W. Bush and Barack Obama? Not much, we'd suggest.

"Even Ronald Reagan, probably the most libertarian president of the late 20th century, was more of a rhetorical change-maker than a budget cutter. He talked a good "small government" approach and seemed sincere in his sentiments but the reality was that fedgov swelled under his stewardship, especially military and Intel budgets.

"Nonetheless, the power elite that wants to run the world is trying again to portray the US presidential election as some sort of important event. It is important to this elite because they seek an "electoral" buy-in. They want to give the impression of choice."

And this:

"Ultimately, this philosophy is globalist and has little or nothing to do with the GOP or even presidential elections generally. US presidents are merely caretakers at this point.

"The animating force of nation-state politics these days has to do with ways of transferring power and authority to internationalist bodies like the IMF, World Bank and especially the UN. Whoever is elected in the US – Romney or current President Barack Obama – will merely continue this trend."

And that is true: neither the Dummycrook incumbent, Mr. Barmitt Obromneyack, nor his Republithug opponent, former Taxachusetts Governor Barmitt Obromneyack, will do anything substantive to arrest the erosion of civil liberties, restore sound money or fiscal policy, or, most importantly, arrest the drive for militarism or imperialism under the guise of "globalism."  But I cannot agree with this conclusion:

"Conclusion: There is a real process of change occurring, and people are making up their minds about how they want to live and work. But it is not taking place at the ballot box."

For my two cents' worth, I suggest, rather, that what is happening is that an increasing number of people, realizing the endemic and systematic rot and corruption at the heart of the American political system, are voting... they are voting "no confidence" in either party, no confidence in their "leaders," no confidence in the corporate conmen and militarists and spooks and agents provocateur driving the empire, no confidence in ever expanding wars, no confidence in the erosion of civil liberties, no confidence in a government that does nothing but expand and intrude into personal and private life. "No confidence" is not yet, like the Tea Party, or the Occupy movement, a movement in its own right. It is only a perception, a kind of vague, inchoate awareness that something is deeply wrong, and that previous attempts to address and fix it have failed, because they were coopted. When "no confidence" ceases being an awareness, and starts to organize, that is when the danger is at its greatest, for it is then that it is open to radicalization, to cooption by elites, but it is also when the elites, realizing they are increasingly viewed as the source of the problem, are also at their most vulnerable. In short, the Republithug and Dummycrook National Conventicles this year are once again bringing home, with some cogency and force, that this is one of those periodic five hundred year cycles of change. What the no confidence group needs to remember, is that it is most effective when it remains an awareness, that is to say, a part of the deep culture, a consistent force on the landscape impossible to control precisely because it is unorganized. Imagine the shock it would send to the oligarchy if, the day after this current political theater of an election was over, the pollsters and statisticians discovered that the military vote had fallen even only 25%... not fallen from this, or that, candidate, but simply walked away. Imagine the shock if similar numbers crunched showed in almost all demographic categories, a similar thing had happened?

What do you think would happen? And no, that is not a rhetorical question...

See you on the flip side.