September 9, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I've been arguing for a long time that one of the world's "closet" nuclear powers is Germany, and my case has always consisted of the argument that Germany has all the infrastructure to build nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, and to do so rather quickly.

Now there's this report from Iran's PressTV:

Germany to keep and upgrade US nuclear bombs: Report

The fact that Iran's English language news service is reporting this story is, of course a message, and the message is: why all this concern about us, when the Germans are modifying anupgrading U.S. nukes?

Upgrading nuclear weapons implies the facilities to make them, and indeed I have reported elsewhere on this site of Germany's  role in helping build France's latest submarine-launched ICBM.

The reality is, Germany has probably been a closet nuclear power since the US VELA satellites detected what was apparently a South African nuclear test during the Carter Administration. As I have stated before, no self-respecting German government would allow that nation to be sandwiched in between the two nuclear superpowers without its own nuclear deterrent...it was the same rational behind General De Gaulle nuclear force de frappe, and the United Kingdom's own thermonuclear arsenal.

See you on the flip side.