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Hi folks. I just wanted everyone to know I received my complimentary copies of Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas today, which means that the book will probably hit the distributors in about two weeks and amazon and the stores about a month after that... hope you all enjoy it.


  1. Dear Dr Farrell,
    My congratulations go to you and Dr De Hart for the release of your new book, I am sure that it will be very interesting indeed. I can’t wait to get my little hands on it. Good luck to both of you for your future work.

  2. Milton Zentmyer


    Is anyone here following Atwill’s release of a documentary regarding the book Caesar’s Messiah? Joseph?

  3. Great news.

    Question: no big deal (no worse than a 6 year old who is told he has to wait until Jan 25 to open his Christmas presents 🙂 ), just curious: why is Amazon a month later than everyone else?

    If anything, I would have guessed that Amazon would be ahead of everyone else. It just seems like in this modern age, there is no rational reason why Amazon should be a month later . . . . .(coming from someone who preorders from Amazon).

  4. I would be more interested in a book on actual lab alchemy, rather than this type of Skull Duggery, and sympathetic ceremonial magic, that happens in these elite so called “occultcircles.” For example, DuPont has actually hired alchemists, and I don’t think they had “Transhumanism” in mind. I think they are interested in making gold. I love all your books though.

    1. Turns out bacteria have mastered alchemy. Immune to the usual associated toxic metals, these species break the gold down into nanoparticles and then redeposit it as a thin biofilm.

      Thus a whole new spin on the term “gold bug.” Problem is they’re Australian, so then upside down. Worse, per the Coriolis effect, their uh, “spin” is the wrong way, 😉


  5. congratulations 🙂 i know it feels good to finish a piece of writing. really looking forward to reading this one!

  6. terminally skeptical

    Joseph, stop it ! Paraphrasing a quote from Richard Hoagland, ” You’re writing faster than I can read”. haha.

    1. Also paraphrasing Mr. Hoagland:

      “Everytime a new book comes out, it feels like Christmas!”

      And yes it does feel like a huge present that you cannot wait to get your hands on every single time! 😀

      Congratulations on finishing another book Dr. Farrell!! 🙂

  7. Congratulations! Regardless of the elitism and distance from actual life exhibited by many academics, their techniques for solid research and cogent writing are worth emulating. You must have tremendous discipline to do all the writing you do– books, site, replies.

    At first glance, I read the “flash” headline as good news to the effect that transhumanism had become passe. I don’t want to consider what fresh horror might be the next IN thing.

    Nor, as an actual transgendered person, do I want to consider another possible interpretation: that we’ve been discontinued, our tenuous claim to human status cancelled. ;- p

    1. RaPhi — I ‘get” just HOW human your transgendered journey is, has been, and will be.

      I find myself resisting — more and more — genetic “redux” via the Pharma-corp et al.

      Please continue to contribute. I find that YOUR posts are THE most interesting, and insightful and thoughtful, of all the many posts to GizaDeathStar.com

      Please do not for a second think that your message is not being heard. I read ALL the comments but, frankly, a LOT of these people are either out in the ozone or trokks — not sure which.

      But YOU, I am certain, are HUMAN….and ELOQUENTLY so! 🙂

      Thanks for all you contribute.

      S ^i^

  8. Robert Barricklow

    That, Babylon’s Banksters sequel, and Covert Wars(among orhers) are on my MUST READ list.

    Can’t wait…

  9. You bet, it’s going to be a “bellringer”, sorry about the pun.

    Also awaiting the sequel to Babylon Banksters, and considering the state that the world economies are in at the moment, there is no doubt the good doctor will be informing us as to how bad IT REALLY IS. I’ll also bet there is a HUGE section on gold, you just cant get away from it no matter which way one slices it.

    Start up the printing press………….WHOOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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