October 17, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's an alchemical wedding taking place that you may be interested in, because rest assured, you're going to get an invitation and basically be compelled to attend the wedding feast, where you'll be served Mon(ster)santo GMO crudola and a variety of other ill-tested "foods". The wedding is between agribusiness giant Mon(ster)santo and big pharma:

Monsanto enters pharmaceutical business, acquires key 'gene silencing' technology for use in humans Learn more:

Here's why Mon(ster)santo wants the technology:

"In a nutshell, Alnylam specializes in a technology known as RNA interference (RNAi) that involves deliberately silencing the expression of genes throughout the body for the purpose of preventing the production of proteins that some scientists believe are responsible for causing disease. By artificially blocking production of these proteins, RNAi technology is believed to have the potential to effectively block the development of disease, which is why many major drug companies have also signed on as strategic partners with Alnylam.

"But Monsanto is an agricultural company, not a pharmaceutical company, which begs the obvious question as to why this multinational company has suddenly decided to shell out nearly $30 million with promises of perpetual royalty payments to gain access to this emerging technology. As it turns out, Monsanto has plans to roll out all sorts of new genetically-modified (GM) crops, crop pesticides and herbicides, and various other technologies with built-in RNAi modifications, which could turn future GM food crops into 'drugs.'"

Before we go any further, it is easy to predict what one possible consequence of such tinkering - all for the sake of Mon(ster)santo's bottom line - will lead to. Let us imagine genetically modified "crops" that are engineered as drugs to suppress every possible disease. In the end, consumption of such "food" will lead to the atrophy of the body's natural immune system. One may think of HIV, on steroids. There will possibly be no ability left to suppress germs. "Use it, or lose it," the old saying goes, and I suspect it is particularly true of the bio-defensive architectures built into all life.

If that sounds fanciful, then consider this statement form the article:

"But such experimental gene-tampering is already taking place elsewhere, and it is proving to be a complete failure. In Australia, for instance, field trials of a novel variety of GM wheat with RNAi alterations have been disastrous, as the modified gene expressions in the wheat are also modifying human genes in the liver. Researchers are now warning that human children who eat this GM wheat could actually die before reaching the age of five. ("

Die before the age of five? maybe, just maybe, that's the real agenda: feed all of us the genetically modified crudola, while TPTB eat the real food, made from real seeds, carefully nurtured through argonomic practice over thousands of years. (See also ‘Biofarms’ to Integrate Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals into GMO ‘Biopharmaceutical’ Crops Read more:

And there's this:

"Researchers from Nanjing University in China recently conducted an unrelated study that found gene-altering properties in regular, non-GMO rice. It turns out that certain plant-based foods, or perhaps all of them, contain unique properties that naturally turn genes on or off throughout the body when ingested, depending on these foods' various nutritive functions. (

"Synthetically altering these functions in the form of RNAi-modified GM crops, in other words, could result in disastrous consequences as the entire human genome is thrown off balance. As Ari Levaux from The Atlantic puts it, the discovery of food's natural gene-altering capacities illustrates how GM foods, and particularly those that have been RNAi-modified, 'could influence human health in previously unanticipated ways.'

"In other words, Monsanto's latest endeavors involve tampering with plants at their most elemental level, which will in turn tamper with humans at their most elemental level as well."

And that's the rub. To get around these inconvenient inhibitions to their greed, "agribusiness" giants that I have called Duponzanto will resort to their tried and trusted methods: (1) buying off Dummycrook and Republithug political sock puppets, who will in turn appoint Duponzanto-friendly people to the Food and Drudge Mis-Administration, (2) intimidating small farmers into buying their "products, and (3) mis-informing the public via their compliant lame-stream media by outright suppression of any real news, science, or stories concerning them.

And of course, we won't hear one question being asked of either presidential (s)election candidate concerning the topic of GMOs either, and if we do, we'll hear a stilted, one-sided, carefully scripted "answer." The old adage was, what's good for Detroit is good for Amerika. The new adage might be, what's good for St. Louis is not necessarily good for humanity. As for Mon(ster)santo, it is what we knew it to be all along: an anti-human monster.

See you on the flip side.