December 1, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you are now tracking the growing resistance to GMO crops, and this one was sent to me by a regular reader of this site, Mr. D.W. in the United Kingdom, and this one is worth looking at closely:

Mexico GMO Corn Plantings Postponed as 7,000 Years of Agriculture Hangs in the Balance

Now let's put this into a bit of context: the Mexican drug cartels run rampant in the northern states of that country, and more recently, with the US government clearly implicated in running guns to the same cartels, one can hardly blame Mexicans for wanting to call a halt, even if only temporary, to the planting of genetically engineered crud, especially since, as the article points out, Mexico's corn reflects "impressive corn biodiversity and purity," and, as the article's headline avers, one that came about as the result of centuries of agronomical practice, something quite different from the shotgun genetic engineering approach favored by Duponzanto and the ravenous agribusiness giants of corporate America that my Transhumanism co-author and I covered in that book.

What I thought was interesting was thetiming of the announcement: Nov 22, 2012: the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, and, of course, this year, the day of the American holiday Thanksgiving. The reasons behind this clear message-sending would seem to be detailed by the article's indications of growing human damage from the ingestion of this junk, though it does not cite any Mexican scientific studies of their population to this effect, but we can imagine that there, as here, such studies would be shelved, sidelined, or otherwise suppressed, since Duponzanto & Co are actively lobbying for permission to proceed with the planting/pollution of Mexican fields.

There, like everywhere else, it's an uphill battle with a new government coming into power, with a president-elect that favors GMOs... but at least Mexicans can be confident that they are not alone in opposition to this "science" and the corporate bottom line that has bought it.

You're not alone, Mexico...

See you on the flip side.