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This was JUST brought to my attention by a reader here: CBC News reported in Sept 2010on a story that in all likelihood has something to do with the resignation of the Pope: some of the Vatican Bank's funds have been siezed by Italian authorities in a money-laundering investigation:

Vatican bank assets seized in Rome


  1. So the now expope left office while the getting good before another Vatican Bank crisis how intersting now what follows.the crash of the Church?

  2. Robert Barricklow

    A lot of spin control going on –
    at many levels.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to decieve.

    Now try to decifer these vatican tea leaves
    moving in & out of the shadows.

  3. The ‘Free Racketeers’, no doubt, drool over the Vatican loot. As I’ve said before, the market can not speculate on a system of ‘social services’? The Wall Street Casino owners quiver with lust, day and night, over how to deal with such dilemmas.

    We should keep an eye out for any evident links to Deep State, Cocaine Importers of American usage of the mental-tipped psychological cattle prod in helping select the next ‘can-do’ Pope.

    By the way, wasn’t it Gotti Tedeschi that exposed the current underground carousel of funny money alchemy, published in a kiss-n-tell? Even so, Tedeschi too may be a tool in the hands of even darker forces; Tedeschi’s imbroglio being utilized to fan the flames of discontent to pry open the lid.

    Old news, but fits in –

    Vatican Banker Running Scared: Gotti Tedeschi Could Turn Whistle-Blower:

  4. There is an item being reported in the Italian press. It states that the pontis will be meeting with the president of Italy next week. The article says that the Pontus is attempting to secure immunity from prosecution. The articles attributed to sources placed in the Italian government.

  5. Frankie Calcutta

    conspiracy theory number 4: the Vatican is about to get plundered. It’s being set up to be maligned by the bankster media as a money laundering operation and the sharks will soon swoop in for the plunder under the guise of a Vatican Bank scandal. This would make sense as it is the nature of the banksters to plunder anything fat with cash and the Vatican is one of the last fat cats in the west standing on a pile of loot including no doubt gold. Possibly why restrictions have been placed on the Vatican bank to ensure no money can escape to sympathetic banks or nations wiling to hide Vatican money from bankster sharks. Living up to his name, the Rat is fleeing the sinking ship so the financial destruction dealt to the Vatican won’t be attached directly to his Papacy? Or maybe he helped engineer it and his job is done? And what better way to facilitate the plundering than by putting a guileless third world rube from Africa at the helm who is too inexperienced and powerless to stop it? Stealing a page from the 2008 financial plunder playbook no doubt when the witless teleprompter reading Obamma was put in charge to safeguard the nation as the banksters looted the US.

    The film Trading Places comes to mind with the two wealthy brothers making the dollar wager that they can turn an African-American street bum into a gentleman and successful trader all the while plotting to use him as a witless proxy in a grand financial scam. In real life the Rothschilds or Rockefellers have used Obamma like the Eddie Murphy character. I imagine the double or nothing bet is to see if they can have a black President audaciously repeal the second amendment from the gun loving whites. And bet number two– install an African Pope and rob the Vatican clean. The double or nothing wager– move the Vatican to Jerusalem and have the Cardinals answerable to the Sanhedrin or the chief rabbi of Israel.

    1. Barry Chamish always believed the Vatican wanted to end up in Jerusalem…

      Whatever, it does look as though we’d better all bunker down for awhile…
      We live in interesting times.

    2. Your first sentence caused me to think of Philip Le Bel’s plunder of the Templars in early 14th century. The modern masonic movement is often held to have been established by Templar survivors and their descendants.

      1. Frankie Calcutta


        Now that’s an interesting idea– the modern day templars are plotting to get even with the Vatican for that 14th century plunder.

        I think in the end we are going to find out if the Vatican is a bunch of depraved occultists and the chief conspirators plotting to enthrone lucifer over a global government, or are they, for the most part, a bunch of bumbling, naive virgins trying to preserve this giant organization from the bankster onslaught? A good case to be made for the former, but I tend to lean toward the latter.

        In my estimation at the top of the conspiracies sits either talmudists or nazis or both– the two most cunning and ruthless among us. All else– papists, freemasons, jesuits, communists, neo-cons, etc are just pawns. It would make a good board game or computer game– Jews versus Nazis: the family fun conspiracy game to control the world. You gain points by plundering and destroying nations, buying media, building underground bunkers, setting up a single global surveillance state, poisoning the populace, starting wars, and most importantly amassing gold. Extensions to the game could add outer space as a battleground. You could also add the Chinese as a third conspirator or even aliens or possibly the KGB.

        1. “I think in the end we are going to find out if the Vatican is a bunch of depraved occultists and the chief conspirators plotting to enthrone lucifer over a global government”

          I doubt that “Lucifer” has anything to do with it. There is nothing supernatural (good or bad) about Christianity at all.

          If you want to find out where Christianity came from, get the book CAESAR’S MESSIAH by Joseph Atwill. There is also a DVD which is now available at Amazon, which is fairly good, but the book is much, much more detailed. In a nutshell, the Flavian emperors created Christianity out of whole cloth to try and steer the rebellious Jews into more of a “turn the other cheek” kind of religion (“Christianity”). The evidence Atwill presents is impressive: I have not seen a refutation of it (yet).

          I recommend this book here from time to time because it is a real game-changer (in a way that very, very few books are). If you have not read this book your picture of the wold will be lacking in some important respects . . .

          1. Frankie Calcutta


            I did get that book on your or somebody else here’s recommendation. Very fascinating. Thank you. He does make a compelling case. The bottom line– the Flavians had much experience creating religions and it would be an ingenious way to pacify and divide the the rebellious jews. I would like to here Dr. Farrell’s opinion (I suspect refutation) of the theory.

            I’m not much for the lucifer theories myself, but I’m not well studied in them either.

            “There is nothing supernatural (good or bad) about Christianity at all.”

            The consecration of the Eucharist is supernatural and good if done by a holy, celibate, practiced and God devoted Priest with access to much pranic shakti (force).

            Christianity as the sole path to God is bad and probably a supernatural or demonic construct.

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