cosmic war


March 3, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Years ago, while watching one of my favorite series of videos - Leonard Bernstein's The Unanswered Question: Six Talks at Harvard - I heard him use a phrase that has stuck with me ever since, and indeed informed much of my writing. That phrase was "the Tower of Babel Moment of History."  I have written about this meme in many books, most recently in The Grid of the Gods and in Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas with Dr Scott de Hart.

On any view, if one looks at the progress of modern science and technology, it would appear that the ancient legends are being fulfilled, or, if one takes the view that those legends contain a decayed but real truth, then it would appear that modern science is revivifying those legends, that we have arrived at the same point in history that we were at aeons ago. On either view however the ancient myths are coming to life.

The basic outline of that myth, with respect to the Fall of Man or The Tower of Babel Moment of history, is that mankind was in his primordial state in a state of union, though that union is variously portrayed by various ancient legends and stories. The one most familiar to us in the west of course is the Old Testament, where mankind is in a socio-cultural and linguistic unity, speaking one language. In other versions, mankind is in a sexual unity, an androgyny. But in almost all cases, in this state, mankind is a threat to God or the gods, and for that reason, that unity - whatever its basis - is broken up, in Mayan mythology (and even, if you really know your rabbinical and patristic traditions, in the Jewish and Christian traditions) the androgyny is broken and the sexes are created. In the biblical version, God scrambles the tongues.

Then there are all those cosmic war traditions: Marduk's invisibility or stealth suit, with which he wages war on Tiamat and finally destroyers her, but only after she has deployed (apparently), weather weapons and chimerical genetic creations: manimals, they are called by modern proponents. Well, we are well on the way to recreating weather weapons (if we haven't already, and I think we have), and by now most of you who are regular readers here know that we have already gone a great distance down the road of creating "manimals" and other chimerical creations. We are, in short, re-creating, or giving technological life to, the ancient Mesopotamian stories.

Added to this, genetics has been able to use complex computer algorithms to reconstruct a basic outline of the rise of various haplogroups - the human races - and to reconstruct how they all came to be where they are now, and approximately when the groups arose.  In a way, "genetic history" has been "reverse engineering" how the human race was dispersed; it has been reverse engineering the Tower of Babel Moment.

So it stands to reason that, sooner or later, someone would apply the same or similar techniques to reconstruct ancient human languages:

Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program

Look at these paragraphs more closely:

"Over thousands of years, tiny variations in the way that we produce sounds have meant that early languages have morphed into many different descendents.

"Dr Klein explains: "These sound changes are almost always regular, with similar words changing in similar ways, so patterns are left that a human or a computer can find.

"'The trick is to identify these patterns of change and then to 'reverse' them, basically evolving words backwards in time.'

"The scientists demonstrated their system by looking at a group of Austronesian languages that are currently spoken in southeast Asia, parts of continental Asia and the Pacific."

As most of you know, I have long entertained the suspicion that some genetic research may be looking for that "Annunaki genome," and, if discovered, to trace it down to modern times and to determine which group, if any, carries it. Rest assured, if this is a goal, we won't be told about it, much less be told of the results of the search. And there is a massive moral caveat emptor here: this precise belief informed Nazism, and ultimately underwrote their genocide. But there is also a genetic caveat lector for any such modern-day racist: it is now the opinion of most geneticists that all of us have some genetic connection to Africa.

Now, as this article implies, "they" are reverse engineering the linguistic Tower of Babel Moment, for it takes little imagination to see that the method can be expanded, to a database of words from all known human languages, and to an algorithm that, like the genetic code, will trace the development of the African languages, the Oriental, the Indo-European, all the way back to that moment that mankind, according to the biblical version of the Tower of Babel Moment, was of one tongue. Indeed, it might be found that there never was but one tongue. But if there was, and it's outlines were reconstructable to a reasonable degree of margins of error, it might be very revealing.

And that might fuel even more transhumanist agendas: suppose that primordial unified language were found; and then taught to everyone, or, perhaps, accessed by your nifty cyber-implant, a kind of cybernetic Rosetta Stone program, all tied neatly together via a global internet brain... Then, once again, mankind might decide to build something that embodies the heavens, or it might gain a unique intuition and insight into the one already at Giza... and the whole thing might, indeed, begin all over again.

See you on the flip side.