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March 7, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's one for those of you concerned about the safety of modern vaccines. Before that, let me be clear, I am not a luddite nor opposed to vaccines philosophically, but... given the crud that they've been putting into them, plus the unreliability of government agencies tasked with oversight of drugs that affect our health; we need only think of the American FDA and its complete absence with the GMO food issue, as foreign governments and scientific studies pile up ever more data against them. If you trust these people, then you probably also believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, that there was no government malfeasance or criminality at Ruby Ridge or Waco, and you probably also believe burning jet fuel brought down the WTC twin towers, that the government is here to help us and never become tyrannical or untrustworthy.

For those of you who don't believe these things, here's an interesting report from Natural News:

HPV, tetanus vaccines causes deadly new autoimmune disease known as antiphospholipid syndrome Learn more:

While I find the whole article and the implications frightening, a couple of paragraphs stood out, the first being this one:

"As far as the tetanus vaccine is concerned, injections containing OMVs and recombinant (genetically-modified) DNA are being shown to cause blindness, cardiovascular disease, headaches and migraines, miscarriages, skin disorders, ulcers, necrosis, and neurological disorders. And as an increasing amount of vaccines are quietly converted to OMV-based adjuvant blends, the prevalence of APS is also expected to continue rising, as it already has been for quite some time."

As I read that I was reminded of those pharmaceutical commercials one sees on TV: "Have your doctor see if you qualify to take Protovaxalamaphil," (he said inventing the name of a drug by Murck Pharmaceutical). Then, at the end of the commercial, the obligatory bow is made to "dutifully warn the public" (which means to defend from future lawsuits), as an announcer, with a stockyard auctioner's run-on speech, announces that it may "in a limited number of patients cause an autoimmune reaction that can eat away your eyes, heart, brain, cause headaches, migraines, ulcers, or eat away any other part of your body or cause kidney stones or terminal flatulence."

But hey, other than that slight risk in less than one percent of the population, it's a great drug.

Ok, there are some out there that would say I'm being an alarmist. After all, I had vaccines when I was a kid, probably so did many of you, and as I've said many times here before, my parents, seeing the dangers of the Salk vs Sabin polio vaccines, gave me the latter. Maybe they were alarmists too.

Then there was this:

"Cervarix, the HPV vaccine rival to Merck & Co.'s Gardasil, contains OMVs, as do some flu vaccines -- and many more common vaccines are being reformulated with OMVs at this very moment. What this means is that we can expect an increasing number of vaccinated individuals to develop autoimmune symptoms as we move forward into the future. And such symptoms are likely to be systemic, as APS can target virtually all areas of the body.

"'People with APS are suffering from phospholipid antibodies that are erroneously destroying parts of the eye, cardiovascular system, brain, nerves, skin, reproductive system -- in short, any part of the body,' adds Stevenson about the horrific nature of this relatively new condition. 'This self-destruction is induced by vaccine technologies.'"

Uhm... eyes, heart, lungs, brain, nerves, skin, reproductive organs...any part of the body? Now, the last time I looked, the old-fashioned tetanus vaccine worked alright... and this is an improvement?

MORAL OF THE STORY: the next time you step on a rusty nail and may have to have a tetanus shot, make sure it's not one of the new and improved kind... you may end up being eaten alive. But other than that, it's a great vaccine.

See you on the flip side. (Our thanks to Mr. A.N. for showing us this!)