April 22, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few years ago, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (U.S. Army, Ret.) wrote a series of books outlining what he called "scalar physics," and was of course almost immediately and roundly denounced by everyone in the physics community (with one very notable exception, but we'll save her, perhaps, for another blog).  Then Col. Bearden suffered a heart attack, and made no secret that he thought it had been induced by "the powers that be" by using his computer monitor to send a signal... it was the ultimate in a bizarre conspiracy theory, and of course, the whole idea was also denounced as preposterous.

At about the same time, the the internet was awash with conspiracy theories that televisions and computer monitors were all being manipulated to send subliminal messages to control people's minds and emotions, and the "meme" even made it into a strange television sci-fi "movie" called "The Phantom", about a boy who discovers his "true identity" as the leader of a secret scientifically advanced brotherhood located on a remote jungle island in the Pacific dedicated to fighting evil by means of advanced technology. Well, you guessed it, there is an "evil brotherhood" (called the "Singh brotherhood") dedicated to spreading evil by advanced technology which (you guessed it once again) includes an advanced mind control program sent by signals through televisions, getting people to do things they'd never normally do (like baking rat poison in brownies). more thing, this evil brotherhood is based in Switzerland and holds "board meetings" around a corporate board room table.

Well, if you're thinking this whole mind control from televisions and monitors thing is a bit X Files(they did an episode on that show with the same meme), here's one sent from a Mr. P.J. and thought I'd pass it along:

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

The claims of this wonderful invention - Patent number 6,506,148, apparently - are breathtaking in and of themselves.

Now, when I attempted to search for this patent by utilizing the site's online search engine (which is conveniently less than helpful incidentally), I could not find any such patent. Surely my friend was fooled? Well, maybe, but I doubt it. We are looking at a mind control obsession on the part of some people, and as I have detailed elsewhere (Babylon's Banksters) there may have been a simple technology even in ancient times in play for the electromagnetic manipulation of the mind. And given the now well-known fact that even as early as the 1970s there was being discussed in the open literature mind control projects for the remote electromagnetic manipulation of the mind, and similar technologies under development in the Soviet Union(incidentally using subliminal signals in TV signals), there is no doubt in my mind that some technology like this probably exists.

See you on the flip side.