1. duncan mckean

    teachers? or union representatives? who’s social engineering agenda is behind the political correct mindset? who decided to discontinued the glass steagall?are conservatives (NEO) conservatives? are conservatives really obstructionists? are liberals open minded? how about zero tolerance for intolerance?are the media telling us what we (really) think?are we all just another one of them?who are the thought police?just food for thought from another simpleton?

  2. I’m a bit like Dr Farrell. I don’t always agree with Mr Hedges. But I do admire him for standing up and attempting to bring back America’s intellect, honour and integrity.

  3. marcos toledo

    Welcome to the world of Robson’s Universal Robots except they are biological self reproducing instead of manufactured and made. Zombie world is around the corner the only catch is if they dream they can rule the world they are already in slumber land. Bit lets face it these marching morons have always been the smash and grab types for millennias.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Superbly written.

    Media conglomerates are moving into education as potential cash cows for text books and especially digital material. Robert Murdoch’s News Corporation hired former New York City schools chancellor Joe Klein to run Amplify, its for profit education subsidiary. The entry of conglomerates into education shows an even greater entry into commercialism and commercial values.
    A public trough for Giants to battle over.
    – “The Classroom is a cash Cow”/NYTimes

  5. As someone who spent about ten years in corporatist Amerika, I can say that the reports of teachers sounds eerily familiar. I recall hearing that “our employees are our most important resource” while they are planning on laying off 10% per year – some animals are more equal than others.

    The fundamental problem I see is that business people think that if they drag their corporatist practices into the classroom they will create measurable success. The hammer is the only tool they know. They use fear to motivate, praise to massage, and measurement to control. Is it not interesting that the largest software.company in the world is German, and that it sells corporate command and control software, SAP… I guess next we will see SAP for teachers.

    And the world is corporatized, software release by software release, one feature at a time. In the end the core problem goes beyond the self into materialism itself.

  6. And the new pope, Francis, World’s Wickedest Wicca, can declare as he did this week that the Church must denounce this “Cult of Money” that tyrannizes the world’s poor, and thus be seen by its sheep as “miraculous.” …Or, perhaps he is serious and a great conversion to God and truth has occurred!

    May God have Mercy on us; let it be quick.

    Thank you again, Dr. Farrell. Agree with him or not, Hedges is always, as are you, a treasure.

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