1. I do apologize to all and esp to Joseph for getting carried off in an unbefitting way.
    Thank you Joseph for deleting the posts.

    D B

  2. question, Dr. Farrell: who/what was the source of your filmed interview included in the Russian TV documentary?- please inform- I’d like to listen to/view the whole interview- wow, your work has obviously opened some important eyes in Russia-

    stay well!- regards-

    Larry in Germany

  3. Khorosho, tovarisch! (Or as our Clockwork friends would phrase it: “Horror show”)

    Very cool!

    Nice to see the topic treated with interest and respect.

  4. Dear Dr. Farrell,
    I am reading right now with extraordinary interest your book, “Babylon’s Banksters”, the first of your books I read; I have bought all of them (not the religion subjects) just these days. First, I would like to express my belief that you and your works belong to a class of its own, the deep-level reasearch into such topics, compared to other books which I had read for 20 years, now, regarding these subjects: There are two categories of it, the circumstantial conjectural supposition books, reasoned as much as they would be, but still, suppositions, and the well researched and documented assumptions other category. Yours, in my opinion, falls in the second. Congratulations, and with due respect.
    With your permission, I would like to make a few comments.
    – Re the presence of the Bank web in the Foundation for Cycles by the Mitsubishi representative, is a little pushed up to my mind, meaning, why is there only one bank represented, when the fruits of the cycles science are so rich and rewarding? One would expect more of the same bank octopus tentacles there, though they are able to use it to their benefit even not being there.
    – The, with capital letter, reason for the suppression of the advanced and off- science is, how surprising, MONEY, isn’t it? Because, reckon, why would they use Tesla and others brains’ fruits, when there is so much money to be made from the good (g)old fossil residues in all of their forms – gas, oil, shale, etc..? So this is The, and immediate reason for all their activities, no matter what the other reasons are, if they are there, and it very much seems that they are there.
    – Which puts in a totally different perspective the activity of all the elite groups and the enslaved humans, us. There is the upper level activity mentioned in all the revisionist books about politics, history and science conducted by these elite groups, and there is the day-to-day human(ly)activity meant to ensure the survival of the human race which does not imagine to itself, even, what is befalling it and what is the source of it. It is like a SciFi story I read once: Scientists had constructed an artificial world with humans and all in a big cage in the laboratory, surveying and researching it, when, one day, accidentally, one of the researchers had sneezed in the open cage, causing a storm in there. Imagine the people in the cage. They are us, the enslaved ones by the elite enslaving groups.
    – I can’t understand the ‘depopulation’ goal of the Bilderberd Gr. (q.v. your Babylon’s book). If we, the many, would be extinct, who will serve them in so many areas? Robots? I don’t think that this is a reasonable answer, and so, the subject is superficially raised. And who will buy the products artificially made and pushed to us by them in order to enrich them?
    – Compared to what they are doing to us all here, on this piece of cosmos, based on everything that they know and capable of manipulating, we are in a pathetic state of crawling ants in the dark thinking that they are able to remove the boot crashing their nest with equally pathetic acts of revolutions, protests, activism, and you name it whatever humanly innocent and goodwilling actions we may do. It is a hopeless sisyphic struggle, especially when you take into account the cycles inevitable result of inability to change anything in our life, no matter what we do, as you mention in the chapter about it in the Banksters.
    Finally, respectfully, if you have some interest in spirituality and meditation, I would like to suggest to you my book, “Spirituality and Meditation – The Quest for The Divine in Us”.
    With immense appreciation,
    Dan Barkye, ISRAEL.

      1. Correction for the Fascist New American Antisemite: If you knew a little arithmetics, you would know better. But when the satan David Icke is brainwashing you, adding to it your innate hatred for the Jews, that’s the result. Your obsession with Jews excluding any other plight in the world, like Darfur, Syria, Cehchenia, etc., etc., etc., tells it all. Don’t start now with “I hate Zionists, but I am in deep love with Jews”, b/c it doesn’t hold water and brains.

        1. Go play with your pile of shit, you’ll enjoy it more and it suits you more, and stop screwing our brains with this excrement.

          1. While I readily understand your frustration with incognito’s highly offensive comment, which I noticed a few minutes ago and have now removed, please try to keep your own discourse limited to some polite language.

        2. incognito, your diatribes based on race say more about you than the subject matter you seem to be addressing. Please understand that as soon as you start hurling abuse you’ve lost the argument. I’d like to think I speak for others on this site when I say – please keep to a civil discourse. And dbjes is just saying he lives in Israel! You seem to be assuming he’s Jewish just because he lives in Israel? Methinks you assume too much. Have you heard the expression – you’ll catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar?

          1. Thank you, Tim … Well said, your gentle admonishment, and politely expressed. The old proverb holds true.

          2. Hi Tim:

            Why do we have all this discourse?

            We all come here to discuss alternative subjects peaceably and with respect to others, some of the topics are sensitive, but they do not entertain this type of behavour.

            Love the expression, but I like this one better………..

            You’ll get more with a cube of sugar than you will with a whip.

            More love guys, and there’s plenty to go round.

        3. Incognito, that’s it. I expect a modicum of civil discourse here, and I have just now noticed this comment. It is extremely offensive, and you’re banned.

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