June 5, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one was sent to me by a regular reader here, Mr. P.T., who titled his email to me "Soylent Green," but after I read the article and decided to share it here, it's even worse than the 1970s movie, if that were possible, for it seems that the first completely artificially cultured "meat burger" is coming on line soon, to a ridiculously expensive fast food restaurant chain near you:

First Human-Engineered ‘Meat Burger’ To Be Consumed In London

Now, in case you missed it, let's run the salient features by once again. This burger comes in at a tidy $250,000 for five ounces of pure, cultured beef, grown in a vat of special cattle feotus serum (come on, admit it, your mouth is already watering right?):

"A recent article by Henry fountain describes the painstaking research and the amount of funding that has been placed into the project. While the financial backer wishes to remain secret, the 5 ounce burger comes at a cost of about $325,000.

"Henry Fountain wrote, “But the meat is produced with materials — including fetal calf serum, used as a medium in which to grow the cells — that eventually would have to be replaced by similar materials of non-animal origin. The burger was created at phenomenal cost — 250,000 euros, or about $325,000, provided by a donor who so far has remained anonymous."

And what better place to roll out this wondrous new product than merry ole' England, home of Mad Cow Disease? And I'm being entirely serious too: what better way for globaloneyists to accomplish their genocidal desires than to roll out a tasty new burger loaded with all sorts of extra goodies: adaptations to make the population compliant or incapable of critical thought? And at a mere $325,000 too.

The insane logic of the scientismist is revealed in the last two paragraphs:

"Cultured meat would have some inherent cost advantages over conventional meat, said Hanna Tuomisto, whose research while at the University of Oxford in England was the basis for the Environmental Science and Technology study. 'It’s really about the conversion of feed to meat,' he said. 'In cultured meat production it’s much more efficient; only the meat is produced, and not all the other parts.'

"As of now the meat that will be served up in this first 5 ounce burger is made of fetal calf and animal tissue."

There you have it: in the long run, it's much easier simply to grow meat in a petrie dish, than to go to all the expense of real cattle grazing on real land, that could be converted into growing GMO crops. After all, so much wasted space is taken up in cattle with things like organs, when all we're really interested in is the meat and milk. Cattle is obsolete. An irrelevance. Not needed. Cost effectiveness is the key, and cows aren't cost effective.

We can predict, too, what the "science" of this new "meat" will tell us: a couple of years of "studies" will be done by the various corporations behind it, who will invest millions in the political campaigns of this or that candidate, who in turn will appoint the very same corporate scientists who conducted the "studies" to the government regulatory agencies, which will then reassure everyone that the new food "material" is completely safe, has undergone "extensive testing," and there's absolutely no reason to listen to those few independent scientists raising questions about all of it.

See you on the flip side.