June 23, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

The alchemical transhumanist scrapbook seems to be becoming a full-fledged junkyard, so much so, that it's beginning to be difficult to keep up with it all. In fact, so many of you sent so many intriguing articles this past week, that, in reviewing them, I decided the best course of action would simply be to share them.

First up, it now seems that genetically modified salmon are able, now, to interbreed with brown trout:

Study Finds GE Salmon Able to Cross-Breed with Brown Trout

Now, once again, there is evidence from this study that the ever-so-non-vigilant federal agencies have completely dropped the ball on the environmental impact of releasing genetically engineered animals into the human food chain, for these chimeras seem able to outproduce their natural counterparts:

"As a result of this study, the authors “…suggest that interspecific hybridization be explicitly considered when assessing the environmental consequences should transgenic animals escape to nature.”

"The study not only found that GE salmon can cross-breed with brown trout, but also that their GE hybrid offspring could outgrow wild salmon, non-GE hybrid offspring, and even GE salmon. The GE hybrids also out-competed wild salmon and GE salmon in simulated stream environments, further stunting the growth of other fish. According to Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of Center for Food Safety, “This study highlights yet another ecological risk of these hazardous genetically engineered fish. The FDA’s [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] attempt to approve these gene altered fish without even analyzing these irreversible impacts on our native salmon and trout populations is unlawful and a gross abuse of their regulatory duties.”
Additionally, for whatever reason, the new chimerical salmon appear to be more prone to a kind of "fish flu" that their naturally occurring counterparts are less susceptible to:
"AquaBounty claims that the company’s process for raising GE fish is safer than traditional aquaculture, yet documents released by the Canadian government show that a new strain of infectious salmon anemia, a deadly fish flu that has been devastating fish stocks around the world, contaminated their Canadian production site. This information was not included in the FDA’s review."
Gee, and just when you thought GMO foods were safe too!
But then there's a bit of even more interesting information coming from Russia Today (RT), this time concerning a chemical used by Mon(ster)santo being found in the urine of Europeans:
Now, file that one away for a moment, while you contemplate the further evidence that GMO feed is altering the physiology of livestock (in this case pigs):
And let's not forget the new (and mutually profitable) connection between "big GMO" and "big pharma" with the new flu vaccines containing a bit of your favorite bugs:
Now, why am I bothering you with this catalog of chimerical transhumanist "witchdoctory"?
This is why:
Regular readers here and regular viewers of my News and Views from the Nefarium will be aware that, for some time, I have maintained there will be an inevitable global backlash against GMOs, and the companies and corrupt "science" of the government agencies and policies in the USA promoting them. And I have been predicting that the BRICSA nations alignment will spearhead that backlash.
In my opinion, this study of organic foods and farming and its supporting statistics can only have ultimately originated from the Russian government. And with that, you may be looking at the first hints and shots in my predicted scenario, that agriculture and non-GMO seeds will become the spearhead of the "agribusiness offensive" that I've been predicting. We won't see this happen suddenly; it will in my opinion occur gradually, with each step calculated to ratchet up the pressure on the West, and particularly its mercantilist policies in favor of big agribusiness giants like "Duponzanto."
This is one to watch, folks.
See you on the flip side.