August 6, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

There is method to my madness, though sometimes it's not apparent, (especially to me). Over the past three days, I've blogged about apparently different and disconnected things:

  1. the Anglosphere's retrenchment into North America, signalled by (a) its sudden rapid development of indigenous energy resources, (b) its vast expansion of electronic eavesdropping and surveillance capability, which I submit is also a financial instrument, and (c) its push to rapidly introduce 3-d printing;
  2. the attempts to make US Apollo Moon landing sites national historical parks by legislative act of Congress, and the hidden corporate agendas, and agendas of archaeology and "artifact" protection(a rather intriguing "backdoor" statement with implications of its own);
  3. and finally, the cost effectiveness of 3-d printing.

In the past in various blogs I have suggested that there is a space aspect to this attempt to introduce 3-d printing into North America. Now, just as a reminder, though we have covered it before,  it's "official":

3-D printed rocket engines could make space travel cheaper

Cheaper rockets, in other words. But, as I've said before on this site, if you think rockets are the real goal here, I suspect that you're mistaken. Rockets would be cheaper, yes, but so would flying saucers.

Now, what this means is something else, namely, if indeed there is an attempt to retrench into North America underway by the Anglosphere oligarchs, and if indeed part of this effort is connected to covert agendas in space and other technologies that have not been revealed, and if 3-d printing is to be the mechanism driving manufacture of technologies coordinated by some government and-0r private center, then there will be a huge need for engineers.

And that, indeed, is what we see:

Engineers Get Rich as Talent War Heats Up

And lest you think all this 3-d printing stuff is hype, consider also the fact that patents on such devices are set to expire next year:

Get Ready: 3D Printing Will Explode Next Year, When Key Patents ExpireGet Ready: 3D Printing Will Explode Next Year, When Key Patents Expire

The context here? Well, as you're pondering all this, ponder also those attempts to make the Apollo landing sites historical parks, and ponder those billion-dollar Kennedy Bearer Bonds, with the Moon on the reverse, the shuttle, and the Lunar Excursion Module, and the collateralization of space...

See you on the flip side...