cosmic war


September 29, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Sometimes you just can't make it up, folks, and this one is off the charts and into the whopper-doozie category. Ms. K.F. shared it with me just now in an email, and when I read it, I just had to blog about it tout suite, as my French grandmother used to say.  For those who've been following Richard C. Hoagland's "ritual" hypothesis of the planning (and naming) of space missions, or, for that matter, who've been following my own hypothesis that space was collateralized in a hidden system of finance shortly after World War Two, you're going to love this one:

Who Owns the Moon?

Now, this one brings together some very significant "memes" that have been discussed in the alternative research community:

  1. the post-war creation of a hidden system of finance, and its very early collateralization of space, which, I hypothesized in various writings about the Japanese Bearer Bond scandal, was the "message" of the "billion dollar Kennedy bearer bonds;"
  2. the ritualization of space missions in its various aspects, a consistent theme of the research of Richard C. Hoagland, and evident in the naming of an asteroid as "Bennu," after the "bennu-bird" of Egyptian mythology;
  3. further corroboration of that ritual aspect of things in the naming of the mission to retrieve that asteroid as the "Osiris-Rex" mission; and finally,
  4. the confirmation of the collateralization of space with the coming debates over property rights on our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon!

For our purposes, the fact that such legal discussions are already under way means that the powers that be have concluded (or are already doing acts) that space property and resources must now become subject to human law and jurisprudence, far beyond the existing measures of international jurisprudence and treaty obligations.  This, to my mind, signals the fact that the "space race" of the 1950s and 60s was mere prologue.

Now the real question, for those who've been following the UFO problem, is this: what if there are "prior claims" on those celestial bodies, and what if the claimants show up to press them?

Cosmic War, anyone?

See you on the flip side.