Babylon's Bankers


October 24, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's a very unusual story from Zero Hedge that appeared the day I am scheduling and writing this past week's blogs (i.e., Friday, Oct 18, 2013).  It seems that American's premier financial news organ, The Wall Street Journal, has complied with an injunction in a British court not to publish an article naming the names of the banks, and individuals, connected with manipulating the LIBOR rates:

UK Orders WSJ To Withold Names Of Implicated LIBOR Manipulators After Story Already Hits Wires

I've been suggesting in recent blogs that while we could be looking at staged events, all part of one comprehensively thought-out master plan of the Western financial elites, it is more likely that we're looking at signs or indicators of something else, namely, deep fissures and factional infighting within that oligarchy, and more specifically, between the European wing and the North American one, represented or symbolized by the names of those two famous banking dynasties whose surnames begin with "R", one quintessentially European, and the other, quintessentially "American."  It's all fine and dandy to be a "globalist," but globalism's end game melts away under the bright heat of who will emerge at the top of the heap. For years, beginning on my friend George Ann Hughes' The Byte Show, I've been saying that what I'm seeing are more and more signs that the globalist power structure is far from being unified. It is, in fact, fracturing deeply along the fault lines of standard financial and geopolitical interests, as well as along the fault lines of Huntington's Clash of Civilizations.

I doubt that we're simply looking at "sheer statist stupidity" on the part of British courts or interests here. You don't create and hold together a gigantic empire from Elizabeth I to Edward VII by being stupid. Something else might be in play here, and I suggest that perhaps what is really being staved off is where those connections or threads that emanate from the UK might lead. The United Kingdom's actions here thus have about them the feel of an "ongoing operation in progress," which the articles cited in the Zero Hedge piece certainly hint at. One doesn't trumpet an intelligence operation until it is concluded.

Could it be that the authorities in the UK, both inside and outside the City of London, suspect that there may have been even deeper players in the LIBOR manipulation scandals than the major British institutions and companies already implicated? Could this be the ultimate reason behind the gag order on the WSJ in Britain? If so, where might the trail lead?

Well, in the spirit of our high octane speculation, I suggest, in the light of the noise coming out of the IMF, World Bank, and even from whistleblowers such as Ms. Karen Hudes, whom I blogged about yesterday, that some of those trails, if indeed there are any, that lead from LIBOR to "even deeper players" would lead to Switzerland, and the major pillars of western international finance located there....

...such as the BIS. To manipulate the LIBOR rates in the manner suggested by the scandal, implies an institution or institutions with access to vast computational power....

And that implication leads to but a few places.

See you on the flip side.